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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mawaru Penguindrum - Episode 4

No Survival Strategy ritual this episode? YESSSSS!!!!!!!
Not that I don't wanna see Boshi-sama. Frequent repetitions usually annoy me... thankfully this series has no plans in repeating that sequence in every freakin' episode.

(Kanba dear, it's not good to make your fangirls angry, haha)

This episode seems generally ridiculous (mostly thanks to Ringo's delusions) but some REALLY serious stuff also happened.... I'm intrigued *_*

  • It's so cool that miss pretty blonde is not as nice as she seemed~ She says in full confidence to Ringo that the girl's no match for her, hehe. Her being an actress makes me more convinved that the personality she's showing right now isn't her real one.
  • I'm soooo curious of Tabuki's relation to the crow in the OP. It explains his bird craze, but does he command the birds... or is he one of them? Penguins are birds after all.... ooooooooo
  • Red-haired gal finally appeared... in the shadows. So she's anti-Kanba... thus a villain (haha). She seems to have a grudge particularly on Kanba, so she might've been one of his girlfriends? But she also seems to be aware of the Penguindrum. There are other characters looking for it, eh? Maybe, aside from Ringo and Himari, all the characters in the OP are looking for it.
  • I think the girl who died is the model mentioned in the previous episode. Her death is soooooo going to be a big issue. And I think Kanba's going to be involved... (miss black stockings might've thought of framing him for that crime)
  • At first it seemed that Ringo's diary could predict the future. Then the following episode shows that not everything written in it will really happen. But this time it seems that Ringo's diary are mixed with Ringo's wishes and what actual predictions. I assume that in the past... before Ringo started relying on her diary... when she realizes that the things written there really happened, she got convinced that if she writes her fantasies in it, they will come true as well.
  • She was so pleased on what's written in her diary that she won't easily accept for those things not to happen. She would do anything in her power to make the things written happen, and she's willing to twist her interpretation in order to stay firm on her belief in "her destiny".
  • She almost accepted that "her predicted first kiss" ain't gonna happen in this episode... but she would definitely forget about that since she thinks Tabuki was the one who saved her ^^;
  • I wonder why she was apologizing to her mom (when she was drowning). Perhaps her mom had something to do with her extreme belief in fate.
  • Ringo's fantasies had been very musing to watch. Some of them show what really happened in reality, but how exactly the caterpillar thing happened was left for the audience to inpterpret how that scene happened in reality.
  • Ringo may be extreme but... still... poor girl. She was so desperate.
I've noticed in the "Brothers' Meeting" that the two have treated their penguins as slaves xD #1 has a plate on its head (where Kanba has placed his coffee) while #2 had.. a candle!! Haha! I thought Shouma was the merciful one xD 

Before, I thought that the penguins are very similar to their masters. But maybe not exactly, they just had some traits of their masters to the extremes. Like the pervertedness of #1 (LOLz, the mirror. And it was stuck on the waitress's ass. WTF), the gluttony and cleaning obsession of #2 (I assume Shouma is the one who gets hungry more easily among the three *remembers the stomach rumbling thing in the previous episode* and I think he's the one who keeps the house as clean as possible). 

So the brothers got separated for the first time. Kanba pretends that it's because he has a date, but when in actuality he thinks someone who knows what they're doing wants to meet up with him. I think he didn't drag Shouma along this time, even if it might be Penguindrum related, because this is something beyond his control. True, tailing someone and breaking in are dangerous jobs... but it seems that Kanba is already used to it, so if something bad happens, he can think of an escape. But meeting someone he doesn't know is pretty risky.. especially if you don't know what your probable enemy would be capable of. 
But maybe that's just one of my brotherly love fantasies. 

*Ehem* I have a feeling that Kanba has gotten himself into BIG trouble... which might separate him from his siblings... or worse, become one of the villains (Oh please don't ;_;)

Oh they're very cute as usual xD I really love them when together~
Himari was so nice just to say that Shouma would make a good husband... while Kanba says it frankly that his brother's more like a housewife to him, haha.
Poor battered housewife, hahaha.
I always find it fun whenever Shouma has an annoyed look when looking at Kanba.
"Shouma glares" are so powerful that his predicetd punishments actually come true, ahaha.
Kanba... on his sitting position... and authoratative look... I totally won't be surprised if he turns out to be some gang leader as well, hehe.
Why so goodlooking xD
Shouma's so adorable~~~~
Okay... I actually don't like this pairing (it's too CREEPY; but I admit their interactions were fun to watch.... but I don't like the Shouma bullying T_T Bad RIngo!) but Shouma looks handsome on that scene *_*
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