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Thursday, August 4, 2011

[Novel Series Batch] Septimus Heap

A lot of fantasy series about a special boy with magical powers have been popping out more often after Harry Potter's popularity. Not all of them can be dismissed as "wannabes" though, some have turned out to be really good and enjoyable, and a new favorite I've discovered is the Septimus Heap series:
(Art by Mark Zug)
Septimus Heap (Series)
By Angie Sage
Silas Heap: Our seventh son was born.
Sarah Heap: Hello Septimus.
Silas Heap: During that night in the Forest, when I was on my way home I've come across a baby girl freezing in the snow. That poor child.... I thought of adopting her.
Marcia Overstrand: Tell no one you found her. She was born to you. Understand?
Silas Heap: So I arrived home with the baby girl.... while my own child's...
Midwife: DEAD! Septimus Heap is dead!

Medieval Fictional World.
Magyk. Darke. Army. Wizard. Princess. Forest.
Fantasy. Comedy.




4 Hearts ---> ADORATION

4 Hearts ---> ADORATION
Book #1: Magyk
The MAGYKal adventure begins here.
Quite predictable but overall impressive. The plot got me intrigued and I find the main character very fascinating. (More thoughts about the first book.)

4 Hearts ---> ADORATION
Book # 2: Flyte
Our main character is now a wizard-in-training.
He's very happy about his FLYTE charm.
But he has a problem... he's afraid of heights!
A protagonist turns into an antagonist on his own will and not out of stupidity. I find that pretty interesting.
It's also nice that our heroine is no damsel-in-distress either.

4 Hearts ---> ADORATION
Book # 3: Physik
Our young wizard has taken interest in the art of PHYSIK.
He has become a huge fan of the author who has written books related to the field.
He even became the author's apprentice.
Though the author actually lived... five hundred years ago!
I find it cool that Alchemy is considered as something a mix of magic, chemistry, physics, and even medicine. I find it nice that our main character has not limited himself to magic and military.
The time travel arrangement was impressive. It's so awesome how changes by people from the present had affected the recent events.

4 Hearts ---> ADORATION
Book # 4: Queste
Extraordinary Wizard Apprentices who pick the cursed stone from a pot have no choice but to go through a QUESTE... a journey where no Apprentice has ever returned.
Our main character has unfortunately picked up that particular stone.
Time travel aspects in this book is even more impressive than the previous one. It was very amazing how ALL those things got connected.
I'm also pleased that it's relating magic to history and Egyptian mythology~
The other parts felt rushed or lacking though. But still, very good.

4.5 Hearts ---> ADDICTION
Book # 5: Syren
Our main character and his friends are stranded in some isles.
Septimus meets a mysterious girl... who is possessed by a SYREN.
Septimus is no longer as "almost perfect or nice" as he had been in the previous books. He's been showing weaknesses, panic, etc. Of course he's still amazing but I love it when he doesn't get all the spotlight.
This book is felt much darker and more dangerous compare to the previous ones.

4 Hearts ---> ADORATION
Book # 6: Darke
Evil has lurked inside the Palace.
Our main character and his mentor must do their best to stop it.
In order to do so, they should enter the DARKE.
This is most serious compare to the previous books, not to mention more dangerous. I find it impressive that the protagonists are having such a hard time against an enemy whom they've underestimated a lot.

4 Hearts ---> ADORATION
Magykal Papers
Learn more about the Septimus Heap world.
It was interesting to know more about the Septimus Heap world's setting, history, culture, and so forth. We even get to know some secrets not revealed in the books.
This has been a helpful guide to understand the books better... but I think it would've been nicer if some information in it had been included in the book, so that one wouldn't need to rely much on this book to appreciate the series better.

  • Septimus's other brothers may have been featured in one of the books (finally) but they were still just there. Except for Sam perhaps, who had quite a significant role on that particular book. Fortunately their grandfather had a good role in the story as well.
  • Some books ended with the feeling that makes you exclaim: "... that's it?" They were such big events that wede developed for numerous pages but just ended a little too easily.
  • My biggest complain, however, is that the parents in this series are the trouble makers... IDIOTIC trouble makers, in fact. Both Silas and Sarah had done annoyingly stupid things that have caused problems to our main protagonists... it's very difficult to believe that Silas used to be an apprentice of a powerful wizard and Sarah ois losing my respect. Oh come on, why both the parents?

  • Hate: Silas (for being TOO stupid), Sarah (for almost being as stupid)
  • Like/Hate: Jenna (nice at first, cool at times, but also becomes more and more annoying as she grows), Merrin (so stupid but he also makes me laugh)
  • Like: Wolf Boy (best friend!), Matt & Marcus (they seem fun), Nicko (he's fun), Marcia (tsundere~), Lucy (strong woman!), Jake (Lucy fan, LOLz), Marcellus (LOLz), Foxy (nice guy~)
  • Love: Syrah (mysterious chicks me want), Beetle (amazing fellow), Spit Fyre (yay to dragons), Simon (me likes bad boyz), Septimus (love him best in military mode!)
  • Shipping: Simon x Lucy, Septimus x Syrah, Beetle to Jenna

  • Best Storytelling: (1) Queste (2) Physik
  • Best Characterization: (1) Syren (2) Physik
  • Best Fighting Scene: (1) Darke (2) Flyte
  • Most Hilarious: (1) Syren (2) Flyte
  • Top Favorite: (1) Syren (2) Magyk

Of course this series is highly recommended~ Yes, it may have some flaws here and there, but it's still very impressive and enjoyable overall! I love this series very much =3

This post shall be updated once I've read the last book... which isn't released yet. (The wait is torture...)
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