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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fandom Blurbs 2011 #003 (Focus: Misoragumi Manga and Arakawa Drama)

Houou Gakuen Misoragumi (volume 1 to 3) by AKI Arata
My name is Kei, and I really love girls.
I attend an all-boys school, which doesn't have any girls.
Of course that's bad, especially since I'm actually a girl.
I had been interested to read this manga for a long time because of its popularity, but the "girl in an all-boys school" gender bender cliche is so overused that it didn't make me that motivated.
But last night I just thought of reading it because I was looking for a manga to try, in random.
So now I got hooked.... aaaaahhh!!!!
The heroine was very convincing as male... and that alone makes this series already so different from a lot of gender bender manga. The hero's sadistic to her though, but this is shoujo, so I won't be surprised if he actually likes her since back then... and they're so gonna be canon.
So yeah, though it's quite refreshing, it still follows some cliches... but I don't mind, this is freakin' entertaining anywayz. The masochist got me disturbed the most... but it also made me laugh so hard, haha!
This has been very enjoyable to read (Usassy is sexy!! BWAHAHAHHA!). I find Kousuke very adorable, but I guess my favorite is none other than that thespian/cosplaying dude... he's so... PRETTY... and wacky! Hahaha!

Arakawa Under the Bridge (Episode 4)
For the first time I didn't get annoyed on a Kappa recap.... his "swimming" was so hilarious xD Hahahaha!
Ric finally showed more of his arrogant side in this episode (he thinks that "Nino's treasure" has something to do with him).
Nino's fight against the fish was very amusing xD It was cool that the live action drama didn't exclude Nino's snot when she sleeps, haha!
This episode is more focused on Billy and Jacqueline though. They had waaaay more character development in the drama than their original adaptations *_* I'm pleased (do that for my favorite characters as well, please).
Oh, the drama decided to make Billy originally without the bird face... the animanga implied that he's already wearing it in his yakuza days x_xNow that's more believable.... I almost believed that the drama will be trying to make this realistic somehow until I saw Billy and Jacqueline transforming then flying as birds ^^; LOLz
NEXT EPISODE HAS SISTER x MARIA (possibly more Ric x Nino too) SQUEEEEE!!!! Next week is taking forever =_=

[ANIME - Mawaru Penguindrum]
There was no episode last week, so I was very sad ;_;
[NOVEL - A Clash of Kings {page 311 to 370 of 708}]
I'm gonna miss Renly... only because his Rainbow Knights idea was really amusing xD
[MOVIE - Adventures of Tintin: Secret fo the Unicorn] T
he "unicorn" thing was enough to make me highly interested in this, even though I'm not that familiar with the original adaptation, ahaha!

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