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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fandom Blurbs 2011 #004 (Focus: Arakawa Drama Ep5)

(Arakawa Under the Bridge Episode 5)
Happy to see a Sister and Maria moment! Well, it's kinda similar to the anime, except that in the anime, Maria hadn't been chasing Ric around Sister like kids and there was no scene of Sister being "protective" on the eggs that Maria gave to them o_O And instead of the nosebleeds in the anime, Sister just turned blue in the drama. Ah well, their encounter is still fun. The actress totally got Maria's laughs, haha.
I'm kinda disappointed on the Ric x Nino scene... Nino got mad at Ric for a pretty shallow reason =_= That's not the Nino I know!!! But ah well, at least they had been right on how Nino acts when annoyed. (Too bad it was just a tree, her AniManga version climbs an electric post, hehe)
I'm not happy on how weak Billy in the drama seems to be.. compare to the AniManga version, who was cool ALL the time. But ah well, at least he's not perfect... and more character development/screentime for him. Looks like something happens to him in the next episode... Ric's super worried.
Next episode seems to be rich in Ric x Nino moments. They used the anime pics for Ric's storyboard on his "planned perfect date" xD Hahahaha! OMG, can't wait (the "distancing" scene!!! Bwahahaha). They'll definitely have more romantic scenes compare to the anime (Ric carried her [his animanga version was epic fail in his attempt to carry her like a princess, haha!])

Magic Kaitou Special - I knew it that Kaito's mom is no ordinary woman! She's almost as hott as Shinichi's mom (Yukiko's still my favorite though, ahaha). Aaw man, why was Aoko unconscious the whole time... Kaito already had the idea of kissing her but... aaaagghhh.... I hate it with Aoyama-sensei teases me with my fave pairings in his series. Such torture.
Number Chapter 38 - Tekirai caring about Toneriko is soooooo obvious now. Oh the shippers are gonna be happy. Ah well, I'm more concerned about my Mizuto. He didn't appear much unfortunately =_=

Woman in Black News - Harry Potter's Daniel Radcliffe's gonna be in some suspense/horror thriller. Well, I'm not really a fan of that actor, but I can't get these types of story plots off my radar xD
Fright Night Spoils - Seeing the comparison between the vampire dude in this movie to Twilight's Edward made me more convinced that this vampire movie might be worth watching, haha.

Fabelheaven Chapter 1 - I tried the first chapter because the other books of the series were on sale. I wanted to check if it's the type I would want to collect. But so far it got me bored x_X
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