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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mawaru Penguindrum - Episode 6

Yay! There's an episode this week! And it's great as usual!!!
Not enough fanservice for me though.... ;_; ... but it's okay!!! xD I'm not watching this just for the personal fanservice anyway, haha!

  • There had already been a fan speculation of Ringo having a sister around episode 3 or 4, seeing that it became official is so awesome! I feel stupid for not being that convinced of the possibility =_=
  • So it's actually Momoka who wrote the Diary, and what she has written (her romance with Tabuki) might have come true if only she didn't die. But those parts in her diary where her death won't have much of an effect still came true... so the one who's originally obsessed with fate and has the power to see what destiny has decided was her sister.
  • It looks like Tabuki's also influenced on Momoka's trust in fate.
  • Oooo...quantum physics term, cool~
  • I wonder if Momoka's death and the disappearance of the Takakura siblings' parent have anything to do with the Penguin Drum.
  • Knowing that Ringo is not really in love with Tabuki, and only did such crazy things for the sake of replacing her sister made me feel sorry for her... but also appreciate her more. Poor girl, she just wanted to have a happy family.
  • I suppose it's clear that the creators are making the viewer's perception on Ringo change on these recent developments. I think that this type of character would be relevant to the story (a "victim" of fate) and I believe it's rare for the "stalker" characters to have this much development.
  • When Ringo had lunch with her dad, I thought her father didn't care that much about her. But seeing the flashback in this episode shows that it was her father who didn't forget about her while her mother still can't get Momoka out of her mind.
  • The presentantation of the Ringo's parents fighting was amusing and cool at the same time~ It's fun when this series uses other ways to tell what happened (like with the musical thing in an earlier episode)
  • So not only the Takakura siblings has a penguin.... makes me more excited to see Natsume interact with any of the Takakura siblings (especially Kanba) already !!!
  • Ugh, I wish Natsume will do more than hurting Kanba's girls or hurting Kanba indirectly in a similar manner. She's too interesting to do limited tuff =_=
  • Another big mystery that this episode has shown to the fans: What the hell's Project M??
  • There's a theory of the "M" in Project M to be "Momoka". A dead character to have such influence on the recent events... cool~ Perhaps it was supposed to be Momoka who's involved in these crazy events (I think she'll be able to see the penguins, unlike Ringo) if only she didn't die.
  • The Blu-ray advertisement was amusing, haha

Natsume doesn't directly attack Kanba, but she makes him suffer by making his girls forget about him. Even made him see the "murders" himself. That must've definitely hurt Kanba... even if he's only playing around with his girls, I believe he genuinely cared for them (he even visited Asami when she got hospitalized). Poor abused Kanba... though it was really odd that he just watched when he noticed that the girls are being sniped by someone =_=

Kanba doesn't seem to be the type who'll just stand there and wait for his perpetrator to go directly at him. He has resources, and he still thinks that whoever sent him that message knows about the Penguin Drum. He'll definitely do something... but this series is difficult to predict. Have to wait for the next episode then... gaaah!

While his aniki is busy with other stuff, Shouma's stuck doing favors for Ringo in order to get hold of her diary. Of course he's only doing that for his sister's sake... but I can't imagine Kanba going this far for Himari's sake, or he'll use other methods at least. Poor Shouma, ahaha.

But these two are being together more often lately, and I wouldn't be surprised if Shouma falls in love with her eventually (but not that soon... ). Moreover, since RIngo's addicted to Tabuki mainly because of her sister, once she's free from her "fate" in "becoming her sister", and discovers her true self, I think she could end up realizing that it was Shouma whom she likes after all. Shouma was the one who rescued her (makes him her "knight in shining armor"), knows about her secrets/feelings ("the "first one who understands her"), and is always beside her (he's her slave/lackey for now, but soon beig without him would make her feel empty).

I can't believe it... in the previous episode, the idea of this pairing freaks me out... but now, I'm shipping them O_O It's the "opposites [yet the same somehow] attract" thing (Shouma's not into romance while Ringo's so "lovey-dovey", but since Ringo's "love" is not from herself... she might be as uninterested in romance as Shouma does)

There was no scene of the brothers together in this episode.... I'm so sad ;_;

Thankfully the Hoshino Lily illustration in the end had somehow made up for it:
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