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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mawaru Penguindrum - Episode 5

Not much "personal fanservice" for me though, but overall....

  • Fabulous max~
  • There are more variations on the alternative universe scene in this episode *_* Ringo got in, and she managed to pwn Boshi-sama. That was AWESOME! Who cares if she's a delusional stalker girl? SHE KICKS ASS!!!!
  • Even Ringo thinks that Himari was just creating illusions and acting out-of-character o_O It's odd that they fail to see the impossibility of such things to happen in a small household O_o
  • Boshi-sama has no bounderies on the cruel insults that she says. That was also awesome xD
  • It's cool that the trio aren't the only ones who know about the Penguins now... and the brothers aren't the only ones who know the importance of the Hat either.
  • It's cool that the series has no intention of keeping "The Secret" only to the main characters or the villains involved. I feared that Ringo won't know about it until the later half of the series, or she won't know about it at all.
  • The doctor could've been one of the characters who know about the penguindrum if only he believed Kanba. When he said "That's right.", it took me by surprise because I was very certain that he'll make fun of Shouma for it. That sentence made me doubt, but what happened afterwards made me realize I was right after all... sort of. He laughed at what Shouma said, but he praised Shouma for it. Oh even in these little things what happens in the episode is still different from what I expect. That was fantastic~
  • The angels that appeared during Ringo's date with her father seemed to have reflected what happened in her family. Looks like daddy left to marry another woman... and there was chaos after that happened.
  • How heartbroken Ringo must've felt to see her dad using a different cellphone strap. It's like his dad is just eating lunch with her just to show that he still cared for his daughter, not that he really missed her that much.
  • She's definitely more heartbroken when she saw her plans happening but instead of with her, it's with her love rival. There's no way she can twist her interpretation for this one anymore. But I doubt she'll start doubting about her "fate" that soon.
  • Surprisingly, the model girl is still alive even after that fall. Though I'm not sure if she was really killed this time because the penguin bullets might have other uses aside from killing.
  • So the new character's weapon was a slingshot (I thought it was a gun). I wonder why she'll go through the trouble of manipulating women if she could just attack Kanba herself. Oh yeah, Kanba's not an easy target... and evil bosses don't do all the dirty work, ahaha.
  • The person who Asami thoguht she saw... no confirmation if she's referring to Kanba. If ever it's Kanba, then he might be involved in the crime... but that would make him Natsume's accomplice too o_O Confusing... but the envelope that Kanba got would somehow make sense if they're into it together.

Yay to more family background!
So their parents aren't dead yet, and the trio's waiting for them to return.
Their uncle looks after them for now, but due to money problems, he would be forced to sell the house (already thought of it) and separate the trio.

I think Kanba just wants to maintain the house because that's the only place where the three of them can stay together, and he's no losing hope about their parents returning and they could be a complete family again. What's more important for him is for Himari to be taken care of. I don't think he would mind being separated from her, but he thinks only Shouma and him can truly take care of Himari in their parent's absence.

What the hell happened is still a mystery. But they seem to be such nice people that they're not the type that would leave their children behind (their kids aren't losing hope on them, so maybe they were indeed loving parents like how they've appeared in this episode.

Seeing the parents made me more convinced that the twins have really taken their parents' place and role... each twin is so similar to their respective parent. If the parents weren't around, it's so easy to imagine Shouma not giving up on the ambulance, while Kanba deciding to carry Himari to the hospital himself.

How much they care, and how far they would go for Himari, can also be seen in their childhood. Both of them love her dearly, and would do all they can for her. Shouma also wanted to go after his father to be with Himari. But even if he doesn't want to, he can be stopped. The one who can go on, and will go on no matter what, is Kanba.

It happened again in present time. Shouma ran after the hat, even in his socks, for Himari's sake. He didn't stop until his brother had managed to take over for him. But unlike his brother, Shouma wouldn't consider stealing a bicycle, since it's against his ethics (so he was "stopped" in that way). But Kanba would use any means, even things as bad as stealing (also stalking and trespassing in the previous episodes), for his beloved sister.

"Daddy" provides the income; while "Mommy" manages the household.
"Mommy" looks after the child, and will do his best to protect her; but if "Mommy" can't go on and has ran out of options, "Daddy" will do anything to keep his family safe.

Shet. Sometimes I wish these two aren't brothers, but are a married couple instead (with Shouma becoming female), hahahahaha!

Oh Shouma and his "playboy Kanba germs" rants, haha.
It was even cuter when Himari's imitating his pouting, haha!

Shouma finally gets to see the reason why he falls in a hole all of a sudden. Traitor penguin, haha!

Shouma doesn't seem to be as close as Kanba is to his penguin.

The chase scene was epic. It was so suspenseful, it drove me crazy wanting to know whether Kanba will be able to get it or not. Awesome~
Kanba's already so awesome for being able to hold on for that long (his face was on the road! It reminded me of Baccano! with people being murdered with their faces on the railtracks O_O so I almost feared that Kanba's face might've been badly injured, ahaha). and what made him more awesome is that while clinging to the hat, he was still able to rescue his penguin at the same time.

Kanba's in something dangerous, but he doesn't forget about his pet. What more if it's Shouma in trouble when doing something for Himari's sake?! He may go far for Himari's sake, but maybe not as far as leaving Shouma behind.

But it's still hard to tell. This show's anything but predictable, haha.



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