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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mawaru Penguindrum - Episode 7

It was.... a really freaky episode.

  • Ringo on that cliffhanger episode end was so.... scary!!!! The Takakura brothers don't need to do anything for her Tabuki invasion anymore.
  • Ringo is freakier in this episode than before. Psycho stalkers are already creepy, but occultish psycho stalkers is on a different level. Haha.
  • Ringo's wild imaginations about Yuri's true colors, ahaha. Well, they might be true... or Yuri might be someone more evil than Ringo has imagined, haha!
  • I find Ringo's theatrical plays more entertaining than the actual thing. As for the song on the actual play, to be honest I find it as lame as Ringo's version. Not sure if it was intentional.
  • Tabuki x Yuri's finally canon~ I find it pretty romantic when famous people choose to retire to be someone "ordinary". Fabulous max~
  • Natsume might be evil enough to harm innocent girls and be so determined to crush Kanba... but she might not be that evil. Well... I just can't imagine someone evil to apologize, ahaha.
Kanba's getting cash from a dude who gives out penguin envelopes... and this episode shows that though he may be connected to them, he has nothing to do with what happened to his fangirls.

But I guess it's now safe to confirm that that person might be connected to Natsume. But this "Kanba crushing" and "Project M" don't seem to make sense. I mean, you can relate "Project M" to Ringo's connection to Momoka.... but what's Kanba got to do with it?! Hopefully this series will already explain how the hell Kanba got associated with that fellow in the first place... and why he's being paid?!

As for Shouma, poor boy... doing anything in his power, no matter how much he dislikes it, in order to please Ringo. Ringo's lucky that dear Shouma's too nice ^^; And for some reason the Princess of the Crystal is intentionally assigning only Shouma on Ringo.

I suppose only Shouma will be able to handle Ringo's delusions. Kanba may use dirty means, but I don't think he'll be the type to do cruel things to women (aside from stalking and invading her home while she's not around).

When they're almost out of options on how to please Ringo because of Tabuki's engagement, Kanba suggests to make Tabuki the one to make a move. Oh Kanba and his crazy and perverted ideas... it seems easier to make Ringo to do such plans... or perhaps he finds it difficult to manipulate her in that way... or maybe things are scarier that way, hahaha.

They're finally together ;_;
*sniff* *sniff*
Not enough scenes between the two tough =_=

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