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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fandom Blurbs 2011 #001

 Fandom Blurbs shall be my quick updates/fangurling of each of my main fandom. Ideally I would be able to do this every other day, but for now I shall just think of posting something like this when I feel like it.

Natsume Yuujinchou 3 (Episodes 5 & 6)
The fifth episode was very adorable. I'm not that pleased w/ the sixth one though (Natsume had been such a loser, ahaha) but I like it for Natori's appearance (posing infront of his own billboard, LOLz) and it was so amusing to watch Nyaanko hitting Natsume just to make the boy to not to get into trouble xD

Monstrumologist (Prologue to Chapter 2)
I saw its sequel on sale, but I haven't read this yet. So in order for me not to regret the second book, I thought of checking this out first but... hhhmm.. I find the prologue intriguing, but the few chapters after it got me bored x_x Hmm... maybe it will get interesting again later. There has to be a reason for its high reviews.

A Class of Kings (page 310 out of 708)
Theon got pwned by someone he tried to seduce so badly, I was so amused xD
Ooo... it appears that Mycrella had a crush on Robb? If she's as nice as she appeared, that would've been cute.
Tyrion's such a smartass~

Watashi ni XX Shinasai (Chapters 23 to 27)
Ugh, my guilty pleasure. Shigure's unbelievably oblivious about Mami's feelings; while Yukina's unbelievably ignorant about love. She still doesn't get it much even though she already somewhat has. Aaagghh!
Ah well, despite the torture, I love the recent events. Oh Shigure, so cuuute~

Kimi to Boku (Chapter 16)
Kaname's so lovable~ And LOLz to their bias to Shun xD

This is now my MOST anticipated movie this year *_* I knew that it deals with Greek mythology, but only recently I found out that a lot of the gods, goddesses, and mythological characters are gonna be involved *_* I want! I WANT!!!!

Hunger Games
I saw the pic of the Peeta actor in costume and.... ME NOT WANT =_=
Katniss and Gale looked great though. But why my favorite character is.... waaaaah!!!
Now I'm kinda worried about how Cinna's gonna look ;_;

Ouran High School Host Club (Episode 1)
Hmmm... the live action was really... weird. It didn't have much... errr... impact on me. No, I'm not the "animanga-version-is-always-better" type, but the execution in the live action drama is just... not as fantastic. It wasn't as crazy as the animanga adaptations seemed.... yeah, that might be it.
The Haruhi actress looks very Haruhi... but doesn't act that Haruhi to me. The actor for Hani is beyong adorable though... kyaaaaa~ (The rest of the cast looked weird for me o_O)
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