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Monday, July 4, 2011

Ikoku Meiro no Croisée - Episode 1

Supposedly, I'll be following my "final" plan on which I'll choose from to blog but... but.... the one I really wanted to write about weekly finally aired and my internet connection happened to be decent tonight so... I can't help it xD
I am already aware of how ADORABLE it is thanks to manga background (only the first volume and a few chapters of the second though) but drats, THE ANIME IS MUCH BETTER!!!

The anime made a few changes, several removals, and some additions.... AND THOSE TOTALLY HELPED IN MAKING THE FIRST ANIME EPISODE MUCH BETTER THAN THE FIRST MANGA CHAPTER. What Yune had accidentally broken wasn't just some random object lying in the shop, and we already have this much background on Claude just with this episode. I'm also relieved that they changed the part on Yune's French knowledge (it's more believable if she knew French already before coming there, rather than just learning it after two days =_=). The part of losing the kimono was even made less dramatic (the scene of not showing the grandpa saying that she that's her only pretty kimono, and that she might not even go out anymore.... that made a big difference! The less emo, the better! Whoever decided on the changes are geniuses! Love 'em!)

Another awesome thing in the anime are those... GORGEOUS BACKGROUND ILLUSTRATIONS:

There were also such scenes in the manga of course, BUT NOT THIS MANY! xD Oh the details~ They're so beautiful~ Makes a nice tourist attraction. I wanna go to Paris, then time travel to that century, haha!

And oh, about the main setting of the series (Galerie du Roi)... I looked it up: It means: "The King's Gallery". and it seems that it's just a section of Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert. I don't get why RL articles say that it's in Brussels while the anime says it's in Paris. But I'm not that knowledgeable of European history, so maybe it used to be part of Paris before? Anywayz, I really don't understand this map... even if it should show the location of that place. It has a nice panoramic view of the place though. Oh, here's a comparison with the anime version:

Not sure if I compared it with the right picture... but still, it's pretty cool~

Now about the main characters, this series has a really unusual hero and heroine pair~ The leading guy may be the "mean but actually nice" type, but he's hell different compare to his stereotypes. He's also an artist in a different way, there's craftmanship in building those metallic signs~ And of course, he's cute:


He was also freakin' cute as a kid:

*squishes him to death*

Speaking of cute, the leading girl is so freakin' adorable that I could die from cuteness overload:

*dies happy*

Yeah, yeah, she's "moe", but I prefer this kind of moe rather than those that go "moe" by being hopelessly clumsy, annoyingly dumb, unbelievably naive, or for being junior whores.

This episode got me jealous amazed, nosebleed,charmed, go pedo go daaw, and.... laugh so hard:

Some might think of it as shallow comedy.... or only noticed the chibis (especially Yune)... but the joke of a French dude over-reacting on that kind of pose was really epic!!! xD I love culture shock jokes (That's why I also got hooked to a series pretty rich of them) xD

Lastly, about the music, the background tracks are really pleasant to the ears. The instrumentals on the opening and ending themes were very nice to listen to as well... but when the voice started singing, my ears began to hurt =_=

Ah well, that'll be easy to ignore. I'll just listen to the instrumental version when the OP and ED CDs are released~

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