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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Skydream Song - An Android Sings to Bring You The Sky

by KAZUMI Yuana
Mana: Can you sing for me?
Ciel: *sings and while doing so, images of the sky appear*
Mana: You're really one amazing robot, Ciel. Because of the war, people live underground now. But whenever you sing, I feel like I'm seeing the sky~
Ciel: Do you wish to see the real thing?
Mana: I dream about it! But that's impossible....
Ciel: Don't worry. I promise. I'll take you to the sky.

Sky. Song. Robot. War. Warrior. Freedom. Murder. Memory.
Sci-Fi. Drama.
Josei-ish Shoujo.

2.5 Hearts ---> NEUTRAL

This manga had a wonderful potential.... but the poor storytelling and characterization made it go down....

This manga had a very interesting premise. A war forced mankind to take refuge underground. Seeing the real sky has become impossible for them, but there are still those who dream of it. A certain android named Ciel has become the key in fulfilling that dream.

However, it never bothered to explain how that particular war made people go underground in the first place. Yeah, we saw androids battle in it... then what? Has it become inhabitable? Are there groups of people forcing them to live underground? Are they on Earth in the first place? What about the "sky" that they see right now? What exactly are they? How long have people been underground? Why can't they still go up until the manga's timeline? Why was the leading character the only android who could show the previous sky, when there's another android who had been with him when he was still above ground?

It lacks explanation and background on its setting and characters SO MUCH. Things just happen... and really quickly. A lot of things didn't make sense... and it didn't feel like much has happened at all. Reading the first 3 chapters of the series (which focuses on Ciel's story) was like reading nothing. I barely know the characters... especially the side characters, who just popped out of nowhere! Too bad, a couple of them seem way more fun compare to the main cast of Ciel's story combined.

R's story (last chapter of the manga), on the other hand, had been much better than the main story. The execution had not been excellent, but it's way more decent compare to the main story. The characters have more background and personality as well. Oh in other words, it had most of the things that the main story lacked, and did a much better job compare to the main story... even if it's the shorter one.

This manga's a big disappointment, something so promising had become crap because it was so poorly done. The attempt at comedy made it worse.... majority of them's just unbearably lame... or too forced.

Perhaps if R's story had been the main one, it could have been saved. (But it isn't, so... *sigh*)

On the bright side, it did have some interesting twists. Art's not that bad either. The characters have been pretty charming. There haven't been much cliches either.

So I suppose this isn't a bad read.... just don't expect it to be as good as it seems.
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