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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Peter Pan Syndrome - A Female Peter Pan in Japan... Sort Of

Peter Pan Shoukougun
By Sakai Mayu
Kohaku: I just moved to such a nice town. It had a very nice... aerial view.
Ryou: Kohaku, promise me that you will never reveal your secret to anyone.
Kohaku: I promise, dad!
* The next day, she rescues a classmate, Yuuro, from falling. *
Other classmates: You... fly?... Monster! *runs away*
Kohaku: If you want to go, I won't stop you. I'll be moving to another town anyway.
Yuuro: ... Your secret is safe with me. So don't go!

Contemporary. Japan. School. City.
Peter Pan. Flying. Growing Up. Black Cat. Secret. Research Clinic. Powers.
Fantasy. Romance.

2.5 Hearts ---> NEUTRAL

You don't need to be in Neverland.... to have the power to fly!

I read this for the Peter Pan references... and this turned out to be some typical shoujo the only things it used from J.M. Barrie's story is the flying ability, the name "Wendy", and the growing up thing.

The series has quite a number of cliches. The romance development was "meh", and it left some matters unexplained. I think this would've been better as one volume... the other chapters seemed so pointless.

On the bright side, it had some interesting twists (though poorly executed). Moreover, the heroine's not always the damsel-in-distress. It is aware that it doesn't need a stronger hero to be capable of protecting the heroine.

Its flaws are more of the characters rather than of the story, I suppose. The rival came out of nowhere; the hero's brother is just there. The heroine's the typical "I'm stupid but I have a sense of justice!" while the hero's the typical "I'm cold, especially towards the heroine, but I'm actually a nice guy".

This manga's nothing special and it has really bad plotholes; but overall, it wasn't so bad, and it wasn't painful to read either. The art's nice and some of the romance scenes are pretty sweet~

I don't really like it as a whole, but of course I do love the twins fanservice, haha:

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