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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

[C] - Episode 9

I really love it when people point out more of the subtle awesomeness of this series even if it makes me feel stupid for not realizing that it's actually more awesome than I think it is, hahahaha!

Masakaki is the highlight of this episode for me, such a freakin' demon for having fun in watching humans make themselves miserable. Now that's what an actual demon is more like, not just some creature who has horns and resides in a place called "hell".

It's now clearer why Miday Money is evil; the more Midas Money printed, the more futures go bye bye. But Mikunin needed tons of money to save Japan, and the fastest way to achieve that is by sacrificing some years of his future..... affecting also other people's future. Come to think of it, he's also a powerful person in the real world. Chain effect also applies to him. No doubt Mikuni somewhat regrets what he did now.

I actually like the idea of someone as clever and as powerful as Mikuni to skrew up. He may be a freakin' talented and rich Entre, but he also has weaknesses. He doesn't really need to take up the villain role to commit mistakes. Now he's shattering little by little. We already know that he already has a comrade collaborating with Jennifer, now one of his comrades is starting to question him. His secretiveness is totally going to make things worse for him.

Can't really blame Mikuni for what he did. I don't think he anticipated the price to be THAT big. He's definitely more messed up with the outcome than anyone else in the series. Bad things happening because of your fault... that's so OUCH.

Mikuni did what he can, while Jennifer just watched and Kimimaro so far just criticized. Yeah, what Mikuni did sucked, but what else can be done to save Japan ASAP? He managed to save their asses, even temporarily. The consequences of his actions may be worse than disappearing from Earth, but at least there's still hope for things to get better while they're still alive; it would be too late when they're gone.

Mikuni has now done his part to extend their lives, and it's now upto Jennifer and Kimimaro to end things once and for all. Jennifer seems to have a plan already... though I wonder why she had to wait for Kimimaro to sign up to her team before implementing it. So it appears that it's only something Kimimaro could do. Ah well, that may be shounen cliche but.... I find it interesting if ordinary people become successful on something powerful people have failed in.

Kimimaro's gonna play hero soon, and it looks like he has already accepted that him and Mashu not ending up together. It's Mashu who couldn't accept it, and she makes an indirect love confession. But when Kimimaro makes it clear that they couldn't become lovers, her heart breaks.... but no further childish tantrums. I prefer this type of "Romeo and Juliet" situation, because if they had been the typical couple... most likely they would've been angsting and crying like crazy in this episode =_= It's tragic enough, no need for angst and other exagerrated drama. Thank you [C] for saving me from headaches in this episode.

I still wish that Kimimaro and Mashu would still end up together somehow. I don't really want [C] to imitate Angel Beat's ending, but I couldn't think of any other happy endings for this couple. Waaahh....

Kimimaro's dad had a similar Asset, but his ending hadn't been happy. I hope what exactly happened to Kimimaro's dad be revealed in last few episodes. How had he managed to lessen the effect on his family when he had gone bankrupt? Are the similarities between the Assets of father and son just because they aim for a similar future?

Waah, next episode is taking forever xD

(I really love this guy xD You don't need to be physically "cute" to be CUTE! Haha xD Yay, he's wearing heart designs this time)
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