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Sunday, February 27, 2011

127 Hours, Coraline, & I Am Number Four (feat. Red Riding Hood)

I've been watching films from the past and also recent ones. I found it difficult to make a post for each, so I decided to do them in batches~ Each movie batch would have 3 quick movie reviews then 1 featured upcoming movie. Starting with this:
Red Riding Hood
I was so excited when I saw its trailer for the first time because I absolutely LOVE fairy tale adaptations~ This story having dark elements made me much happier~
I changed my mind when I learned that it has a love triangle (AGAIN!!! UGH) and there were freakin' loads of kissing scenes.... gawd.
But I changed my mind AGAIN when I realized that fairy tales originally have sexual elements/references in the first place. Besides, aside from the lustful scenes, it also seems to have a lot of horror and dangerous stuff Alright, bloodshed! w00t! which is just appropriate to a dark fantasy~ I really like it if Red Riding Hood isn't as innocent as she is popularly portrayed~

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen - Giving Up Love for the Sake of Peace

Peace At Any Price / Absolute Peace Strategy
By Ogura Akane
Johanne: I, a Prince of the North, want to marry the Southern Princess.
Yuda: Everyone, please let us be together. I love him soooo much.
People: We don't want our prince/princess to be sad. We'll stop fighting so the two of you could get married~
*when the couple's finally alone*
Johanne: They fell for it! Awesome~
Yuda: Let go of my hand already, idiot!
Johanne: What did you say, shortie?
Yuda: *kicks*

FAVORITISM: 4 Hearts ---> ADORATION (4.5 Hearts to Johanne xD)

Most shoujo manga that deal with royalties usually don't bother to bring focus to the political aspects when ruling a country... simple because its target audience will most likely find it complicated. Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen, on the other hand, provides you with the usual shoujo fluff... but it mixes its story with serious political issues... yet it remains a lighthearted story that even the young ones could relate and enjoy~

Monday, February 14, 2011

101 Oneshots Challenge: Batch 3 - Valentine Special (15 Romantic Short Stories)

Initially, I wanted to do A Recommendation List of Romantic Manga/Anime for a Valentines Special but... since I'm not really into stories that are centered on romance.... not enough titles came to mind ^^;

So I thought that I should go and search for new stories instead. Focusing on the romantic ones this time of course, for the sake of the event. But I only checked out oneshots since they're faster to finish, hehe.
Man, it was really difficult...  it's like: out of 100 plots I've read, only around 5 had seemed somehow interesting to me X_X Anyway, I took a break from hunting when I've reached my target number: 15.

So, for this special occasion, instead of the usual 5 oneshots per batch, I'll be featuring 15 oneshots for my manga challenge ;D I'll be posting my top favorite first, followed by 14 others (but in alphabetical order).

Important Note: This isn't a recommendation list, alright? I just listed the 15 recent romantic oneshots I've spotted recently.

by Komi Naoshi
  FAVORITISM: 4 Hearts
Well, I didn't like the stereotype of women not allowed to get involved in a man's fight. (Ugh, oh shounen) There's also this cliche of a weak leading guy being cool when it comes to facing the main boss... =_=
But at least his pathetic side was still shown even during his cool moments, haha xD And even if the girl's physically stronger than him, he ain't no pushover. Also, unlike many shounen romances, the girl didn't really need rescuing in this story (but since I like them, I wouldn't have minded, hehe).
Anyway, who cares about cliche if it turned out to be awesome overall? xD Hehe. Not to mention it's freakin' hilarious xD (Their subordinates being so obsessed with them was so amusing xD)
This has been like the shounen version of Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen (except that it's non-historical, more action-packed, and more violent, haha! Cool Royalties to the babes while Yakuza/Gangster Punks to the dudes! w00!) They also needed to pretend to be lovers for the sake of peace... but they actually don't get along (though deep inside they do like each other, teehee~ They're so amusingly complicated xD). They abuse each other... physically and verbally... their fights were funny xD I love their wacky lines of hatred like: "Good morning, my lovely darling who I want to punch as soon as I see". Bwahahaha xD Oh I love the pairing =3
It has been romantic too~ So cute so cute so cute xD But gaaaah!!! I don't get the ending... they're obviously canon so why take it back in the end???!! Ugh, it's driving me crazy @_@
Anywayz, I enjoyed this oneshot A LOT! Later I found out that the one who did this was the mangaka of Double Arts. No wonder it was so terrific. All hail to talented mangaka~

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Is This A Zombie? - Episode 5

It's the usual fanservice + plot combo... but at least we get to know some character development behind that fanservice... and this time we're introduced to a really evil character who is a tought match to our main characters~

Friday, February 11, 2011

Lying Mii-kun and Broken Maa-chan - Precious Lies: Psychos Just Around the Corner

Usotsuki Mi-kun to Kowareta Ma-chan Totteoki no Uso
By Iruma Hiruma and Satou Atsunori
Mii-kun: (Maa-chan and I were kidnapped 8 years ago.)
Maa-chan: Mii-kun! I'm so happy that we're together again~
Mii-kun: (We were tormented together... broken together... and driven insane together.)
Maa-chan: Let's live together, Mii-kun~
Mii-kun: Maa-chan, you kidnapped those kids?
Maa-chan: Yep~
Mii-kun: *to kidnapped children* I want you two to think of me as your kidnapper. The big sister over there has nothing to do with this. If you do that, I'll release you guys.
Kidnapped Children: Deal.
Mii-kun: ....(What I said was a lie.... I actually plan to kill these kids).


Victims of terrifying crimes are left with psychological scars that are difficult to cure. I love how this series portrayed the possible effects that could happen on different individuals. What's frightening is that those in bad states could be anyone... even if they seem normal on the outside.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

UnCassandra: Break the Predicted Disasters... the Kickass Way!

Ann Cassandra
By Hifumishi Gorou and Amaji Gumi
Banjou: I could predict upcoming disasters.
Bekku: There's nothing we could do about them.
Banjou: We can break these prophecies if we try.
Bekku: That's impossi- *sees Banjou stop an upcoming disaster* ...ble
Banjou: I win! Haha!
Bekku: Is this just some game to you?
Banjou: Sort of. If I destroy a prediction, I win. If otherwise, I lose.
Bekku: What would happen if you lose?
Banjou: If I fail in destroying any prediction, then it might be impossible to stop my last prediction.
Bekku: Which is?
Banjou: .... my death.


"Changing the future" is a popular theme when it comes to stories with clairvoyants, especially if the predictions are horrific ones. Uncassandra follows the same theme... but it's more than that.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Honey Bunny!: What Would You Do If Your Crush Was Possessed By An Alien?

Honey Bunny
By Ikuemi Ryou
Chiyo: I have a huuuuge crush on Tsubaki~ But he's mean to me, huhu.
Tsubaki: She gets on my nerves.
Chiyo: Then one day, on my way to school I spotted him with a girl. When she left, there was a light all of a sudden and then....
Tsubaki?: Hi! I'm an alien! My spaceship crashed and I'll be using this body. Nice to meet you~

It had the usual premise of a girl having a one-sided crush on the most popular guy in school. I wouldn't have bothered to check this out if it weren't for the alien possession part, haha! It got me intrigued~

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Is This A Zombie? - Episode 4

The beginning of the episode was really lame and the battle on the second occured like out of nowhere. Nevertheless, it still kept its usual episode formula: a mix of comedy and drama, ridiculous and serious. I liked this much better than the previous ones (they didn't think of wasting too much screentime for fanservice in this episode, yay!)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Rust Blaster: Devilish Bishies Before Kuroshitsuji

Rust Blaster
By Yana Toboso
Aldred: I'm different from other vampires 'coz I don't have my own family weapon.
Principal: That's the reason why you'll be the one who'll save the world!!!
Aldred: What the heck... you serious, pops?
Kei: We'll be working together. And for you to fulfill your destiny and save your friends, you must first do one thing.
Aldred: And that is...?
Kei: Bite me.
Aldred: o_O

RATING: C+ (NOT BAD! One of the few decent vampire manga~)
FAVORITISM: 3 Hearts ---> LIKE (3.5 Hearts to Rengokuin xD)

It may be too short but it was very enjoyable to read, especially if you're tired of those supernatural forbidden romances of a vampire and a human (not to mention the bonus emo crap!). If you find a vampire manga that focuses on the following elements: tragedy, blood, death, and evil; treasure it... they're freakin' rare.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Kimi ni XOXO: "Pretty Boy" Magically Transforms to "Gorgeous Ghey"... I mean "... Guy"

Hugs and Kisses For You
By Mizuno Tohko
Masamune: I have a crush on senpai.... but I look so girly... I'm sure she won't like me.
Echo: Then I'll transform you into a manly bishie!!!!
Masamune: Wah! The hamster is talking!
Echo: I'm not a hamster, you idiot! Now, let's get this started!

RATING: C- (SO-SO! Started good but kept getting worse)
FAVORITISM: 3 Hearts ---> LIKE (3.5 Hearts to the antagonists xD)

There had been a lot of fantasy series with girls magically transform into someone more powerful (and fancy). It's not common to see a male version of that ;D Kimi ni XOXO is one of those few~

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