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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Akagami no Shirayukihime - Chapter 20

Before I begin, I see advertisements of the release of Seishun Kouryakuhon volume 2! w00t!

I just realized that if you exclude Obi in the list of dudes having a crush on Shirayuki, she's in the middle of a love triangle. And both of them are even of royal status!
Though of course, because this ain't your typical shoujo series, it's not your usual love triangle either: she's in a canon relationship with one of them, and the other is actually trying to avoid her because he's very obedient to his promise to the official boyfriend. And ironically, in this chapter, she's currently spending time with the one who's quite scared to be seen together with her. And no, she's not flirting around. Haha, phew.

The red-haired beauty leaves Clarines.
Haruka came along with the departees, to do a crash course on etiquette.
Before leaving, Shirayuki takes something from Zen with a promise to return it.
The three had set off for Tanburn.

The first prince warns the second prince of the lady's change when she returns.
The second prince's escorts worry if things might become troublesome later.

The travel to the capital took days.
When they finally arrived at the castle, Prince Raji greeted them with a smile.
But he finally revealed how he really felt when they were left alone.

He invited her as his way of thanking her.
However he doesn't know if he has any right to spend more time with her because of the incident.
But Shirayuki gave him a second chance.

Prince Zen makes himself busy on investigating about the boy.
While the boy.... decides to go to Tanburn.

Raji may have been such an idiotic jerk in the first chapter, but his recent appearances had made him soooooooooooooooooooooooo lovable.

Some things to appreciate/compliement/like/love about Raji (at least to me):
1. HE IS FUNNY (part 1)
There's something wrong if Raji is acting like a refined and behaved Prince. LOLz
2. HE IS FUNNY (part 2)
Like Zen, he is rich in amusing expressions in different emotions. LOLz
3. HE IS FUNNY (part 3)
He's the comedic type of tsundere. He so wants her to come but he's in despair when she did. Yeah, tsunderes are complicated.
4. HE IS ABUSABLE (part 1)
It's fun to make him appear like an idiot or troubled. His servant is doing a good job.
5. HE IS ABUSABLE (part 2)
His servant speaks up for him. For some reason, it makes Raji look shameful, and it's funny.
And his mole's sexy. 'nuff said. Fufu.
He swore, and never broke it until Zen and Shirayuki themselves let him do so.
He invited an "ordinary" girl to an exclusive party just to thank her for the medical treatment.
For certain he wouldn't be able to relax at all if the official boyfriend's around. Fufu.
It's not as obvious as Zen, but still obvious. For certain it's not only because of her rarity anymore. Any guy who likes Shirayuki has taste. Hehe.


I really doubt he'll do any harm to Shirayuki this time. He's now more respectful towards her.... and is even slightly scared of her, haha! So if something bad happens during Shirayuki's stay, I doubt it'll be Raji's fault.

Mitsuhide's hinting the possibility of something weird to happen in the future though. I think if something does happen, whether bad or not, the mysterious boy might have something to do with it:

He's going to return to Tanburn! I'm curious on what will happen when he and Shirayuki finally meet ^^ Please don't stay mysterious for too long! It's killing me xD

Oh yeah, the other person that Mitsuhide's concerned about is Obi:

It's giving us a hint that Obi might also be in love with Shirayuki. Well, with his look upon seeing his present still on Shirayuki's hair, it could be interpreted as such (even if it wasn't a blush). My guess is that it's new to him for someone to use treasure his present. He doesn't know though that Shirayuki's main reason for wearing it more often is because Zen said it looks nice on her. Ehehe.

But it honestly doesn't matter whether Obi has romantic feelings for Shirayuki or not, because as I've been fangurling about for so many times (I would love to mention it again): he's still more of a Zen x Shirayuki shipper than a Shirayuki suitor, haha!

- He didn't tell Shirayuki the reason why he was chosen to escort her. He respects if Zen doesn't want to tell her, or not tell her yet.
- He doesn't like forcing her to be by her side (He's hoping for her not to mind him accompanying her). He has no plans in doing so without Zen's permission either (I don't think it'll bother him at all if he lost in the duel)
- He tells her that Zen was the one who wants to accompany her the most. He emphasizes that Zen is still the one who values her the most.
- He doesn't say that he just wants to protect Shirayuki. He said that if Zen couldn't protect her, he'll do it in his place.
- He is disappointed when his master fails in following his love advices. I'm sorry Obi, Zen's an idiot. LOLz

Seriously, no matter how I look at it, he loves Zen and Shirayuki almost equally. He treats them like his best friends even (He calls his mistress cute very casually; and he scolds his master casually too, LOLz) but also their loyal servant (in everything~).

No, Mitsuhide. I don't think he's the type of guy to talk about his feelings. It might no longer be necessary because it's already too obvious in his actions. Teehee. But it'd still be nice to hear about it though (for confirmation). Hopefully that'll come soon~

Now about other characters in the chapter:

(squee~ brotherly moment~ Well, sort of)

:: IZANA :: He is the sadistic type of older brother because he finds pleasure in teasing Zen and also in seeing his miserable face. LOLz And about what he told to Zen.... it's so vague. He's knows something.... whatever it is... hopefully it gets revealed soon!!!! So many mystery on a fairy tale series, ahaha!
:: HARUKA :: It's amusing that the person who was once very against Shirayuki is now helping her out. Fortunately, he still spoils Zen and Zen could still handle him. Haha!
:: KIKI :: What she has been saying might really be foreshadowing. Though I'm very curious on what could possible halt Shirayuki's return.
:: MITSUHIDE :: Telling his master to rest... daaaw. Haha! And it looks like he has become pretty close to Obi~
:: MIHAYA :: What the hell happened to him?! =_= Hopefully he'll have a bigger role on the next chapter. This chapter seems to be more on Raji (among the non-main characters)

And of course......


I thought Shirayuki would only be out for two weeks.... but if you count the travel time, it turns out that she'll take a month! So yes, unlike other boyfriends, Zen can survive without being super close to the leading lady for a month. And no, he'll be busy with something useful (going "workaholic" mode even) instead of going emo or sulking about being separated from her for quite some time. He even had a happy face when they parted, unlike what Izana had anticipated.

Why can't other shoujo bishies be like Zen? Hehehehhehe......

And the most romantic moment they had in this chapter is when Shirayuki asked for something that belongs to Zen. It's her way of promising that they'll definitely be seeing each other again. Zen's smile.... daaaawww~

*sniff* Yeah, I'm crying once again.... from too much happiness. No other shoujo manga had been this wonderful in every single chapter for me. Hehe.


Omari's Sister said...

Raji is definitely rocking the under-eye mole ;p

Aorii said...

Been waiting for this since I saw the new chapter xD

TBH I'm still not convince Obi's has that of a lover's crush. He feels more like a guardian than anything else; and yeah lol he IS a shipper himself~

and setting up the abused designated-comedic-relief char as the other side of the triangle, poor Raji xD but yeah, he's harmless; Izana hoping for Shirayuki to shed some determination is the one that's giving me a bad feeling Dx

rouzmary said...

even thou nothing well, mayor happened i still loved this chap, how could i not...???i so wanna know what will happen once Shirayuki meets that boy...^^

lol, but that part with Shirayuki, Obi and Haruka was priceless--->the assassin is now protecting his target and assassin's lord is now teaching that target...whahahha...i laughed so much when i saw that...^^

Luna said...

Yes, a new chapter to shine upon me while I drown in the already arrived pool of homework ^^

This was a bit of a slow chapter but it never fails to make me smile =D The watch bit seriously made me melt. Haha, and now that you guys have pointed it out, I am now a fan of Raji's cute mole xD Also, Zen needs to listen to Obi the shipper's love advice~

So many vague foreshadowing . . . I need the next chapter! >.<

just out of time said...

It is honestly hard to stay mad at any of Sorata's characters for long, no matter how mean or terrible they were before xD There's always something to love about them.

Especially Prince Raji's tsundere-ness <333!! I'm with you there! ;D So freaking adorable, love all of the emotions.

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Aorii
Teehee~ I fangurl on AnS as soon as I can xD

The earlier chapters had hints of the possibility of Obi having a crush on Shirayuki. But pfft, whether he does or not, he's really more like a guardian and a shipper. He's the number one Zen x Shirayuki shipper!!!! xD

"setting up the abused designated-comedic-relief char as the other side of the triangle, poor Raji xD"
=== I'm no longer sure if I should feel sad for Raji or be amused by it xD hahaha! I hope other love triangles could also be this entertaining... and complicated.... wahahaha

I'm happy the Raji's harmless. He's the one who's more of in danger, both to official characters and the fans, LOLz. He's so SQUISHABLE xD Haha!

Izana's sooooo..... difficult >_< I love it yet it makes me worried at the same time o_o;;;;

@ Omari's Sister

@ rouzmary
AnS has some magic that no matter what type of chapter it is (intense, filler, buildup, etc.).... it's still so amazing~

I hope Shirayuki and the boy meet on the next chapter already >_<

"the assassin is now protecting his target and assassin's lord is now teaching that target"
=== it was genius xD Haha!

@ Luna
Good chapters lessens our worries, teehee

"The watch bit seriously made me melt. "
=== it's so simple yet very romantic, right? ROMANCE DOESN'T HAVE TO BE MUSHY!!!! xD

"now that you guys have pointed it out, I am now a fan of Raji's cute mole xD "
=== Raji needs a fanclub.... emphasizing his sexy mole... LOLz

"Zen needs to listen to Obi the shipper's love advice~"
=== Sadly, Zen's an idiot xD Haha. But he's doing fine anywayz... he has the girl now after all. Haha!

@ just out of time
"It is honestly hard to stay mad at any of Sorata's characters for long, no matter how mean or terrible they were before xD There's always something to love about them."
=== SO TRUE!

"Especially Prince Raji's tsundere-ness <333!! I'm with you there! ;D So freaking adorable, love all of the emotions."
=== I'm happy that I'm not the only one who sees how adorably tsundere he is xD Teehee~

Bastiansmagic said...

A late post, but despite her relationship with Zen, and despite Obi's obvious feelings towards her, I see her with Izana, more. Even though they are not in as many scenes together as the other characters, when they are, they have the most appeal. And what adds to his appeal even more, is that he is the way he is...

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Bastiansmagic
Opinions differ~ And Shirayuki seems compatible with most of the bishies in this series, so I'm not surprised that you see her more with Izana ;D

Anonymous said...

Aaarrgh! This manga is too addicting... I was up for hours thinking up possible storylines. I did think of the possibility of Shirayuki leaving something behind but not taking it hehehe.

This manga is unpredictable in a BRILLIANT way.Some manga's are too random but this is definately one of the best.

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Anonymous
I absolutely agree with you~

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