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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hetalia World Series - Episode 19 (Extra: A number of Quick Updates)

Whoa.... so many Hetalia related stuff recently. Awesome~

So many interesting stuff at the author's blog lately. This one's my favorite! I miss their gender-swap versions! I especially love female Ivan xD Daaaaw~

Now about the episode:

It mainly featured how most of the main characters have spent their Christmas. It was really funny when Arthur's plan on showing off a gigantic Christmas tree became a failure. Hehe.

This episode had also animated two of the strips that make shippers of the main duo very delightful. Like the underwear thing:

It was so cute and amusing.... teehee.

And they finally animated this part huh (too bad not extended like the drama track version)

The idea of Feliciano worrying that much over a poster amuses me. Hehe. And the meaning of the poster design.... hahahaha! Hetalia really makes fans think of.... things.... which really aren't if you think about it more carefully. Haha!

Episode ended with Alfred on a Santa suit:

You don't see characters pointing suits at people in Santa costumes often xD Haha! Not that I hate Santa... it's just really amusing. Not being able to recognize a Santa at that age... hahaha!

But the best thing in this episode is THIS:

I dunno how the hell Ludwig does that without gel (or maybe there was and we just didn't see it). Still it was so fast and suave and sexy xD Haha!
(Thanks to cappuholic for the hilarious animated image xD)

Alrighty, now some quick announcements on what's new in the Hetalia world:

(Antonio has been advertising about the third volume of the manga so much xD Haha! Speaking of Vol 3, Nekotalia was so WTFLOL.... xD Itabby! Caustria xD)
  • Hetalia Season 4 has been confirmed; it will be another 24 episode season.
  • Denmark and Norway will make an appearance in the anime. They will be voiced by Hiroshi Shimozaki and Masami Iwasaki, respectively.
  • Counting Sheep CD's fully announced (America's and Britain's is entitled Halloween Night. I HIGHLY look forward to them trying to scare the hell of each other until they sleep. LOLz)
  • On the Seiyuu event, they've sang the first ending song together live. Gilbert's seiyuu sang the theme song of the movie live as well.
  • Funimation licensed Hetalia World Series and Paint it, White! Film
  • Funimation will simulcast the Hetalia World Series with English subtitles starting this August
  • Season DVD 2 has been announced; its trailer featured; its release on October 12, 2010
  • There are now clip previewes featuring Sealand and Italy Romano (Peter's fits. But as for Lovino's.... I wish he sounded as young as he's supposed to be T_T Nonetheless, he was really hilarious! Made up for it somehow, hehe).


Anonymous said...

on youtube you can find the spain's song preview from the oyabun CD , I can't waaaaait T.T .
I wish a french studio license hetalia in france , because it would be so great if hetalia comes out in the country of love ^^.

Anonymous said...

*squeals loudly* oh ludwig that sexy sonova- OMG FUNIMATION LICENCED THE HETLALIA MOVIE, I FREAKING LOVE YOU FUNIMATION!!!!!!!! ok, i'm done.

DayDreamer95 said...

I missed those versions of the countries also. Hehe, you no longer have to worry about being smacked with a pipe, now you can be BEATEN by a SHOVEL.

I laughed to hard when England cried, or whatever that high pitched squee noise was XD.

Anonymous said...

I love female italy...She's cute. I want a girlfriend like her!

Btw I'm so happy because Norway will appear in the anime. He's great ^^

Oh yes, I'm a straight guy and love hetalia because I want to know more about history and looking for some humor XD

allison said...

can you link me to where you got the image from his blog because i cant find it C8;;

Brenana Nut Muffin said...

I think I might have to steal that amazing gif. Pretty much the most fabulous thing I have ever seen :|

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Anonymous 3
Happy to hear that there are still straight guys who enjoy the show ;D I don't actually like it when Hetalia's being dismissed as "homo" x_x

@ allison
I... lost it... ahahaha ^^; Just look somewhere at Himaruya-sense's blog

@ Brenana Nut Muffin
I think it's open for "stealing" LOLz... can't get enough of that sexy Ludwig scene~ Hahaha!

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