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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hetalia World Series - Episode 21

Himaruya-sensei has been updating his site with new character profiles *_* His art sure had improved a lot, and it's nice that he first brought attention to the micro nations (or at least the non-main characters until later). Monaco-tan seems prettier than the earlier sketches (heck, all female nation-tans are pretty anywayz~). And oh boy I love the guns + candies combo on Alfred =3

Chibi Arthur had the usual tea (ah, with biscuits this time), but also with a top hat and crane! I wish there'll be a strip where he wears the complete British gentleman costume during that time.... better if with a monocle!!!!

Anywayz, the recent episode had been Arthur centric this time, and he's trying to make friends. Of course he's too tsun tsun to make peace with his enemies (I'm not sure if he's enemies with Alfred during this time..... or is it because he's most tsun tsun to the boy even when they're not enemies?) so he tries with Ludwig first:

Demanding others to make friends with you..... oh you're such a sucker in maing friends Arthur, dear. And the slowers offering is absolutely awkward. So adorably idiotic~ Haha!
Unfortunately, Ludwig finds it troublesome to be in bad terms with Ivan-kun (whom Arthur loathes so much during that time) so he rejected Arthur.
(I wish Arthur had tried with Gilbo first instead of with Ludwig.... They're both Germany anywayz.... Yeah, I'm so desperate for an interaction between those two, I know.)

He thought of his other choices but dismissed them all as either enemies or problems. He still gave Kiku a try however, even though he was worried that their cultural differences might affect in their interaction. But as Arthur approaches Kiku's door, it was as if Kiku's already prepared for him:

It appears that Arthur's defense mechanism is to go "mean shouting tsun tsun" mode when shocked/surprised.... even though he approached the place with good intentions.

Fortunately for him, Kiku didn't think badly of him for doing that. And it had been such an incredible coincidence that Kiku has been looking for friends too. It had been like fate for these two island nations to have sought and fought each other. Daaw~ And their chibi versions are so cute:


However, Kiku's boss prefers to be friends with Ivan (Ivan, were you THAT fearsome during that time? Haha!). Not everyone in Kiku's place is in favor of Arthur so....

One of Arthur's men reports to him the news that Kiku might become an enemy. On the surface Arthur tries to act cool with it, but deep inside he is soooooo hurt.

The poor darling had so many troubled faces in this episode:

Some are amusing.... some are very sad. Baaww... makes me want to laugh at him and amke fun of him at the same time. Haha!

And hhhhmmmm..... about this scene:

The way he sits is really sexy I think it's obvious in that room that he lives in a huge house and even in ordinary clothing he's actually a boss of a soldier. He's like the type of character who is rich an powerful yet very alone and lonely. Baaaawwww....

And oh, speaking of the soldier:

Oh come on.... subordinates of other nation-tans have appeared but they don't look that similar to other nation-tans (aside from the one they're saving). So why is Arthur's..... I DON'T KNOW xD

Anywayz, I look forward to the second part of the Anglo-Japanese Alliace arc. Oh my gods I really love tsunderes~


hetaliastar said...


malgorbia said...

Ahh I can't find the new profiles on the site where are they located? beyoun....

Anonymous said...

In response to your last image/comments:!/photo.php?pid=30856178&fbid=1375085213724&op=1&o=global&view=global&subj=38366868290&id=1129643844


Thenes said...

Haha yes I laughed when I saw the infantry man to I think they are trying to bait the USUK fans out XD still amusing though. And I dont blame you I really want Arthur to meet P{russia too I think they would be an awesome duo cant wait for next episode. hehe keep it up your hetalia blogs always amuse me ^.^

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ hetaliastar
Same here~

@ malgorbia
Over here:

@ Anonymous
Fufufufufufufufufufufufufufu xD Love it~

@ Thenes
Hehe, thanks xD

Anonymous said...

L'anglais n'est pas mon fort... Mais essayons !
*mode fangirl on*
Iggy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Je veux t'épouser, même si tu es tsundere !! <333333
Yes, it's always sexy............

Ce que l'anglais peut être compliqué.......... Comment faites-vous? Je préfère mon cher français (qui est tout aussi chiant d'ailleurs...)

That English can be complicated .......... How do you do? I prefer my dear French (which is just as boring there ...)

Thanks Google translate <3 =D

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