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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hetalia Wolrd Series - Episode 20 (Extra: New Official Previews)

Haha, this had been delayed because I got a little distracted by the first book of the Septimus Heap series xD I just finished the first book and I like Septimus (the character) way more than Harry (but Percy is still the more entertaining one for me. And of course I haven't forgotten about dear Artemis) and I plan to buy the sequels tomorrow xD
Oh no... my money ^^; Ahahaha... ah well, at least there's a 20% off sale, and Alfred has come to cheer me up:

He's as jolly as ever~ And I love the Otakon message of his English voice actor (Eric Vale). He soooo knows his character, teehee.

I believe he's the star of this episode. He went to Kiku's place to invite him to a Christmas party.

I loooooooooooove Kiku's culture shock moments. Haha! And there's seriously a pink cake that glows over there in the States? Haha!

Kiku couldn't imagine himself being able to eat the cake... and being around that kind of crows. Alfred does his act:


But of course, knowing Alfred:

Oh that reason why he needs Kiku's help with the party so badly. Hahaha! Oh he's such a jerk... but an adorable and amusing jerk so it's difficult to hate him... like the rest of the Hetalia characters xD Hehe.

And oh, another part of the episode is centered on our beloved main character. And....

Drats, seeing doubles together really make me so delighted xD And I miss you, Lovino!!! *huggles*
And no, they don't necessarily have to be in bed. My interests aren't... like that, ahahahaha!

Little brother told his onii-chan about his troubles and being such a good-for-nothing big brother, Lovino just made Feliciano's worries ever worse xD

Oh those darlings.

So Feliciano went out to Ludwig's place in the middle of the night. He's supposed to be still naked (Is it true that Italians sleep naked? o_o) but well, I'm happy this is PG. The sleeveless shirt is sexy enough, teehee.

It's so cute when Vash's and Francis' peaceful nights were ruined because of Feliciano's running xD Haha. This had been an interesting depiction of European territory... or at least you'd know what countries you'll be crossing in if you want to go from Italy to Germany, hehe.
We got a WW2 trivia from this too. In a way, neutral countries had been scarier, haha!

And finally the preview of the next episode:



Alrighty, some quick news:

  • Hetalia 1 is on Zinio E-Publication Reader so you can get a preview of the first volume of he manga before its release. The cover looks pretty plain, but I think I'm going to enjoy those translations. Arthur in a sexy carnival outfit... WTF xD Bwahahahahha!
  • Previews of Arthur's and Kiku's versions of the new ending them are already out (Arthur's sounds too similar to his MKC... Kiku's voice is so nice to listen to~)
  • Previews of the first three volumes of the Counting Sheep CD's are out. (My Italian brothers are so adorable *huggles* Oh Lovino *pokes cheeks* xD I'm so happy Gilbo followed Lovino's example...."ORE-SAMA SHALL AWESOMELY COUNT AWESOME SHEEP." Love ya Gilbo, forever and ever. But you epic fail in making people sleepy xD )


Anonymous said...

Don't enter Vash's territory! It's dangerous!

Btw I agree with you. Alfred's a jerk but he's adorable and amusing.

Thank you for making this ^^

kitakitsune said...

Alfred's just spoiled from his days as a colony. xD Arthur would give him everything over Matthew, after all~! Thus the manipulation skillz... Oo;;

[ This has confirmed my characterization of him (in my fic) is bang-on (in my opinion, at least...). *_*~ Excellent. xD ;; ]

It doesn't help that he has Finland's innocent face... x///x~

Anonymous said...

I wish I could listen to the previews of the Counting Sheep CDs, but I can't find them anywhere! ;_;
Links please anyone?

DayDreamer95 said...

Any cake can be fluorescent with the right injections....and black lighting~ xD

I would so eat that cake, especially if it were blue...then again, it would probably taste blue as well... if I ended up with some freaky disorder(completely unrelated of course) later on in life, I can just blame it on "that darn cake I let win me over!"

Thay just HAD to play that music as he did that D: face. I knew he was pulling at heartstrings then, and when he did that LOL U NO UR PAYING RITE? face, phhhhhht. No country can say no to your charms, you devil child you.

*cough*ofcourseeveryoneknowswhotherealdevilis*cough* Speaking of which, I.Need.That.Next.Episode.

beetho1113 said...

The next episode is already out though . . . I just watched it and watched this episode last week....

Anonymous said...

Well, I need to say that I'm italian and I don't sleep naked XD

Poots said...

I'm trying to read the message hidden underneath America's MUNCHs. Do I see "sway your hips provocatively" in there? o3o

I see "I want you to put on a sexy ____ and sway your hips provocatively at _____"

Chanler said...

YOU, MY DEAR, HAVE WONDERFUL TASTE IN BOOKS. I have only finished the first vol. of Septimus and the first two of Artemis. Harry potter wasn't very good to me and I still have to read Percy Jackson.

As for the ep... Alfred you crazy amusing jerk! XD But you can't hate him! He's just so... I don't know something!

As for Italy's little... night time jog... Vasch is just too amazing XD

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Anonymous 1
Someone who also sees Alfred as a lovable jerk xD Teehee~
And you're welcome~

@ kitakitsune
I agree that Arthur had spoiled him too much, hahaha! A manipulation skill effective on Arthur would be effective on everyone else! LOLz

@ Anonymous 2
If I remember correctly they're in nicosound.... somewhere ^^;

@ DayDreamer95
Cake that causes disorders... LOLz
The little devil had to learn those evil deeds from the orig devil, right? LOLz

@ beetho1113
Ah, I know. I just hadn't seen it when making this entry, ehehe.

@ Anonymous 3
The sleeping naked thing must've been a stereotype parody then, teehee

@ Poots
"I want you to put on a sexy carnival outfit and sway your hips provocatively at them"

@ Chanler

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