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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hetalia World Series - Episode 22

I'm still into novel reading recently. After I'm done with Shadow of the Wind (which is sooooo good so far. Zafon's my new idol~), I'm choosing between Vampirates and Hunter Games in reading next. Hmmm... But anywayz, without further ado, YAY! I'm not too late with the recent Hetalia episode xD

There's been so much Arthur and Kiku lately that it reminded me of an old AniMedia cover. These two are so close~

Continuing from the previous episode, Arthur thought that he's back to his isolation again. He's very very very depressed about it but as a tsundere, he would try his best not to show it, ehehe.

To his surprise, Kiku goes to his place in the middle of the night to clear out the misunderstanding.

Kiku's boss became friends with Ivan against his will. I wonder how divided Japan had been back then when it came to siding with Russia or England. But anywayz, the Pro-Britain ones seem to be really determined to be friends with England that the alliance has been formed.

Oh drats.... I'm having a wild imagination wherein I'm hallucinating Kiku as a female and Imagining a scene like:
Kiku ran to Arthur and cried "My father became friends with the enemy against my wishes! I will never betray you! In order to prove it, let's get married as soon as possible!"

I blame these delusions on that scene occuring in the middle of the night. Maybe also because of the novel I'm reading because characters from a flashback had a similar situation. Come to think of it, those two are also isolated individuals in a way. Aaaaahhh!!!

But of course, that's just my crazy imagination! Haha! Alliance = Friends in Hetalia.

Yeah, even when they're wearing such pleasant smiles while looking at each other.

No doubt about it.


Just when things were going nicely, Arthur just had to turn his tsundere mode on ^^;

Lucky for him, Kiku's not easily butthurt. Haha!

And now back to Arthur's place:

Sadly this might be the last time we'll see the "USxUK lovechild", LOLz I though Peter's the greatest Alfred + Arthur combo, but when it comes to looks, this guy's really the closest! Hahahaha!

Anywayz, he does his usual report related to Ivan but Arthur's in a different costume now:

Arthur should wear more black outfits.... he looks good on them. Hehe.

After the alliance, Arthur ceased exportation of coal (?) to European countries, making his enemies (especially his favorite rival) in a bad situation. Kiku, however, is being at such great advantages. Kiku seemed no match against Ivan at first but it looks like with Arthur's help, Kiku's progressing well.

Himaruya-sensei called Arthur a pirate gentleman. I believe it's because he's like a tough and merciless pirate to enemies; but a biased and generous gentleman to his friends. Haha!

For better relations with Arthur, Kiku thought of learning English. Arthur voluntarily taught him the language.

I realized that "This is a pen." is such a common sentence example when teaching a language. *has been reading several language books*
I didn't get the part when Arthur said that he doesn't use a pen though. Are there other writing materials during that time that is still more commonly used even with the invention of the pen? o_O

Back to the learning English scene, Kiku's been practicing the "be" form, and LOLz to the examples:

Perhaps it's easier to learn a language's insults. LOLz I'm totally not fluent in Chinese, but a cousin of mine who has no Chinese background at all knows more Chinese than I do because of the Chinese insults and swearing words he had memorized. LOLz. That bad boy ^^;
Back to Hetalia, I wonder if Kiku was in bad terms with Alfred during that time. Either that or Alfred's still doing better than him despite the fact that Kiku's now doing better than Ivan.
Nevertheless, what had striked me is that Arthur had that expression when he read those sentences xD I know that it could be because he was surprised that these are the first sentences that Kiku's trying to learn, but STILL! If the subject had been Francis or Ivan, most likely he'd be smirking about it, right? But seeing Alfred's name on such sentences actually bothered him xD What else could it mean? Fufufufufufuu....

Fine, it could be just my wishful imagination.

Or maybe I'm just missing Arthur and Alfred moments so much because I've seen this poster:

(Thanks to cat-chan for the scan)

EXTRA: Just heard the dub voices of Gilbo, Matthew, Kumajirou and Liet. They fit, but with Gilbo..... not as epic badass as Gilbo's SUPPOSED to be =_= He got the crazy side I guess but.... is that really (East) German accent?


Rikku said...

"I didn't get the part when Arthur said that he doesn't use a pen though."

I think what he meant was that he's never used the sentence 'this is a pen' in his life. (I know I haven't ever used that sentence in all my 18 years. xD)

Thanks for blogging this though. I look forward to it every week. :3 Arthur and Kiku are so adorable. x33

Anonymous said...

just a question! :3

but where did you find the dubs?! ive been searching everywhere for canada and prussia dubs but i obviously fail... -.-

Anonymous said...

hu , the dubs are blocked in my country T.T
arthur was so gorgeous in this episooooooooode , I was almost suffocating !!

Thenes said...

It was a brilliant episode gotta say I love these two but seriously where did you watch and find the dubbed vids of prussia and canada i've been itching to see them if you could give me a link I would love you forever

Cayla-sama said...

Hahahaha I loved that scene where Kiku runs to England (and damn, that smile of Arthur is soo sweet!!)
Awww I really am starting to like UKxJapan.

Anonymous said...

The smile of Arthur was just wonderful...
But I was a little bit pissed off because... well it all looked like they really were a couple. (I'm a USxUK fan.)
And anytime I see the english soldier (Or the USUK lovechild xDDD I could't sop laughing when I read this!) I can't believe that they made him like that... I mean, he really lokkes like fanart! xD
Amazing episode though...

Anonymous said...

I looked everywhere. Where did you see dubbed Prussia?

And when Japan said he needed to learn English, what language was England speaking then? Did he learn Japanese before that?

Chanler said...

Haha! Oh Arthur, you and your bishie smile XD
That sad Ivan chibi made me want to cry. He looked so upset ;A; As for the whole learning English thing... I laughed at those two guys Kiku saw talking on the street. It was just so interesting, but I think Arthur's seiyuu spoke English very well 8D

Anonymous said...

Yes, where/how did you hear Canada's voice?

xmintyx said...

I love your posts, it's like reading my own mind ^^ seriously, the fanservice in hetalia for US/UK is just one big massive tease! And daawwwww that poster. I really want a chibi America <3

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Rikku
Ahh.... that makes sense. So it's the sentence, haha!
You're welcome. It makes me happy when people enjoy reading what I've been posting xD Hehe.

@ Anonymous 1, Anonymous 2, Anonymous 4, Anonymou 5, Thenes
I think people in North America can see it at Funimation's blog.... for those who aren't (like me), they're at the Hetalia community. (I don't have permission to share the link ^^;)

And oops, I meant Liechtenstein, not Lithuania (typo on "Liet" ^^;)

@ Anonymous 3
I can't help seeing UK and Japan like in a soap opera in this episode xD Haha! But I'm also more into the US and UK pair.... the lovechild is difficult to... UNSEE xD Hahahaha!

@ Anonymous 4
I think the nation-tans are supposedly speaking some "nation language" that only their kind could understand. Since Hetalia's targeted to a Japanese audience, this "nation language" is presented as "japanese" ^^

@ Chanler
I giggled at the engrish of those two guys xD Haha! Fortunately Arthur's english was decent ^^

@ xmintyx
That's soooo cool xD (great minds think alike! LOLz) And happy that you enjoy them xD

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