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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Akagami no Shirayukihime - Chapter 13

I actually saw this almost as soon as it was released but only managed to find the time to fangurl/blog about it today. Ehehehe.
But as usual, it was a very LOVELY chapter~

If it had been obvious to the readers that the vicount was plotting something not nice, our characters have seen that as well. Fortunately they aren't stupid shoujo cast members who can't detect cliches.
Anyway, Zen knows of course that the viscount is up to no good. He let them go, but he made Obi follow later to check up on them.
And when Obi finally reached his destination, the first thing he sees is Shirayuki jumping from the window xD LOLz They even had time to say each other's names before Shirayuki had fallen into the water. Haha!
So Shirayuki told them what happened and Obi and the guys searched for the bell.
At the tower, the guard must've been inspired by Shirayuki's guts that he finally does what he's supposed to do to the viscount for Zen's sake. You think Zen only trusted Shirayuki to do what's proper in that situation? This is the prince who loves and trusts his people. Thank goodness his guards are decent and are loyal to him. ALL HAIL PRINCE ZEN! *worships*

Meanwhile, only 2 minutes before the deadline and that's making people worried that the bird might come.
Ah well, of course we know the test will be successful. But it was awesome on how Zen broke the tension by having that serious look and raising his voice. Hehe.
And finally, Popo came! Just in time! Birdie's officially gonna be used for Clarines' Kingdom's means of communication!
The signatures have been complete. But there was a report together with it. There was one sentence there that got Zen on a bad mood and made him hurry to where the tower is: "The assistant is hurt." Ohohohoho~

When they've arrived, Kiharu goes to Shirayuki to ask if she's okay. While Shirayuki asks her if Popo made it. Zen would obviously want to greet her at once as well but he had to take care of the problem first. (I am sooooo happy that this is not the typical shoujo wherein when the leading guy learns that his crush is hurt then rushes over to her and ask in such panic mode if she's okay when she looks totally fine and only had a little scratch. It keeps on deviating from typical shoujo, I love it~)
I actually expected Zen to start scolding the viscount as soon as he sees the guy BUT HE WAS THE ONE SCOLDED INSTEAD xD Hahaha! I admire the viscount for asking Zen how he could leave Shirayuki like that, as if she's an ordinary girl. He acknowledges that Shirayuki's no ordinary girl. HOW does this series make the bastards from previous chapters become likeable in later chapters? It had been like that with Prince Raji too! It's like magic, so awesome~

The same goes to Izana, I believe. I think he was just playing around with Zen on pissing him off, and being mean to Shirayuki also just to tease Zen. Hahahaha!
In this chapter it appears that he sees that Zen wants to protect Shirayuki the most and is actually even confused on HOW MUCH she means to him. Izana doesn't look like he's seeing that as a problem. It seems more to me that he's pretty concerned of his brother's feelings . . . or to be specific his love life. LOLz~ I KNEW I COULD TRUST YOU IZANA!!!!

Of course, to a guy madly in love, any wound on his beloved, no matter how little, is BIG BUSINESS to him. He wasn't overreacting unfortunately. But funny that he's the one more in pain than her. Hahahahah!
The guard had reported to him what happened, and he remembers what Shirayuki said. He confirms that this woman is so awesome. Typical heroine will jsut go mushy with the leading guy as much as possible but when the time comes that the guy will encounter problems that have to do with their relationship, typical heroine would just call a break-up no matter how much it hurts her and run away and go emo. But Shirayuki? She won't let those problems come in the first place! Her eyes don't only see their love, but also the situation her guy is in. That's true love that also knows how to think. Oh how many times have I been praising Shirayuki already.
Anyway, since Shirayuki is so awesome, YOU THINK ZEN COULD HOLD IT ANY LONGER???? He is so obvious, might as well make it REALLY REALLY OBVIOUS TO HER ALREADY
so . . . .
HE KISSED HER!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ah well, he did it half consciously. He moves away and apologizes for what happened.
Shirayuki was blushing . . .and not moving from shock/surprise xD Hahaha . . .

Thank goodness Zen didn't do the "run away and pretend or say that nothing happened" kind of thing. He already did it, AND HE LIKES IT . . .AND HE WOULD DEFINITELY WANT ANOTHER ONE . . . but, he's not a rude prince. It's also time for them to leave already anyway. So he just tells her that he'll ask permission next time, and would want to know her answer.
Our dear girl is blushing like crazy and was speechless. I believe she knows she loves him, not the typical "I only saw him as a best friend until now" kind of crap. Okay, fine, that's still possible. But oh come on, she says she doesn't want to bring trouble to Zen dear, right? Their friendship is already causing him problems, what more as a couple?! So perhaps it didn't come across her though anymore because of that.

Ah, anyway, there wasn't a cliffhanger but it still made me hunger for more *ah well, I always do that in every chapter*

Okay, that's it for the story . . . . now for some fun parts:

I'll start with my OTP:

Shirayuki's smile is honestly just simple and cute but that captivates Zen so much that he finally did this:

It didn't take too many chapters for it to finally happen! It wasn't an accidental kiss or an extremely forceful kiss. The kisser bows for apology but he didn't run away either.
Oh I was sooooooooooooo delighted when I saw this~

Okay, let me jump to other characters:


- His expression when he saw Shirayuki jump was so LOLz
- When Shirayuki him to leave the matter (about the viscount), he asks . . .WHERE? xD Wahahaha . . . he's so literal~
- You think only Zen got worried when he saw Shirayuki's wound? LIKE MASTER LIKE SERVANT!
- It was so funny that he was hoping his master won't get mad at him for letting Shirayuki search for the bell even when injured since she won't be listening to him anyway. I'm happy that he didn't waste time by scolding her since how she'll answer is lready so obvious/predictable anyway. Haha!
- I really love it when Obi is so happy to see his master when Zen arrived, and he had also been looking for his master when he didn't see Zen leaving with Mitsuhide and co.
- Obi is so observant when it comes to his master. He got pretty worried when he saw Zen's expression that is like Zen was about to cry. DAAAAAAAAAAAAAW to the two of you.


When Mitsuhide and Kiki talk about Zen and Shirayuki . . . . I don't see them as Zen's bodyguards . . . . more like Zen's parents or older siblings. Hahahahaha!!!! Zen is our dear baby~


Angry/Serious Zen is so handsome~

Zen that is so freakin' worried like he's about to cry is soooooooooo cute as well~

Oh whatever his expression is is cute~

I'm kinda amused on this part because he easily recovered after blushing on what he did to Shirayuki. Hahahaha!


I'm already spoiled~ Zen is gorgeous as ever~ Shirayuki does the most blushing this time~ Mitsuhide is so like Zen's big bro or best friend~ Obi seems to have a crush on Shirayuki (as in for real), but I think he knows he doesn't stand a chance~ Ryuu shows up a little~ Shirayuki cried~ Zen kneels~ THEY ARE CANON!

I can no longer count how many times I've browsed chapter 14 xD
I LOVE YOU K3 FOR THE EARLY CHRISTMAS PRESENT!!!!!! *hugs of undying love*
I'm so excited to see this scanlated *_*

Ah, before you even think about asking it . . . . I don't know if I'm allowed to redistribute the raw, so don't bother to ask anymore ^^; But well, it's gonna be scanlated anywayz. Get ready for Zen and Shirayuki overload~


namelissis said...


that chapter was so amazing...

I was like a faggot melting with that "OMFG, they finally kissed"

Obi seems to like Shirayuki >:3

Temptation~ I wanna see 14 too =3=

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ namelissis
"I was like a faggot melting with that "OMFG, they finally kissed""

Yeah, it really seems that Obi has a crush on Shirayuki. There's a previous chapter that he sort of became desperate to see her smile behind a mask. And he also thought of holding her hand in chapter 14 until Zen interrupted.

I'm excited to see chapter 14 scanlated xD Wheeee~

LunarWolf915 said...

Ah I was wondering when you would finally review this :3

I absolutely loved this chapter *_*

I may be oblivious since some people said they saw it coming but I did not xD
But oh man, when I saw that Zen kissed her I literally jumped out of my chair and yelled out "Oh my god! Zen, you finally did it!!!!! XD"

Hmm but I sense some foreshadowing trouble in the future though because of both Izana and Mitsuhide/Kiki's reactions. What he must do and he's gonna take her? Guh, why can't they just be happy together? Dx

And darn it. I was starting to forget my withdrawals for the 2 month wait for this. But no, you just had to give a small pic of the next chapter and make the next month wait so torturous! Dx Noooooo...... T.T That picture!! >_< I must know!!!!!

Lol well there's my rant. Now all of us shall suffer together in wait for the next chapter xP

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ LunarWolf915
No way I won't talk about my number one shoujo xD But delays are unavoidable ^^;

I did not see it coming either. At least not in this chapter ^^;

I wish they could just be happy together already ;_; But ah well, if that'll mean ending the series soon, I wouldn't want that. Haha!

Ah, I think you have seen chapter 14 by now. It's really glorious!~

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