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Monday, December 28, 2009

Axis Powers Hetalia - Episode 49

It's actually a Kiku (Japan) episode about Japanese modernization with Alfred (America) and Francis (France) as the western influence representatives. But it felt more like an Alfred episode because his ending theme got featured!

And it was a huge surprise for me that his moment with his twin brother Matther (Canada) had been included in this episode! I'm so happy! YAY!


Matthew: Say, Kumajirou-san. Do you know why I never get noticed?
Kumajirou: Who?
Matthew: Matthew. You know, the guy who feeds you.

Poor darling. He's the one taking good care of his pet YET it still doesn't recognize him. It no doubt made him more frustrated . . . .
but his dear pet is also the one who cheers him up and provides him some bright ideas:

Kumajirou: You are Matthew. Find something to show you are Matthew.
Kumajirou's gestures had been so cute~
Matthew: That's it! So if my face isn't memorable, I'll jsut emphasize with something else!
I see the enthusiasm and liveliness in your face . . . . but your voice doesn't really match to it. Hahahaha! I really wonder how you manage to sound THAT SOFT dear Matthew

Anyway, he took his dear pet's advice and shows up to his brother:

Matthew: And that's why I painted this maple leaf on my forehead here!
THE AHOGE'S MOVING!!!!!!! Hahaha *suddenly got amused on moving ahoges because of Bakemonogatari*
Alfred: Oh, a maple leaf, huh?
Matthew: With this, I won't get confused for you any-

BAM! Alfred placed something on Matthew's forehead.

Matthew: Huh? Did something just happen?
Alfred: You just got awesome is all.

EVIL TWIN BROTHER!!!!!!!!!! *hugs both of them*

Hmm . . . their eyes look a little different on the parts with the twins. Well, it's also like that in the webmanga but . . . I didn't expect the anime to follow the webmanga version even in that style. Ehehe.

Alright, for the main part:

That's Kiku in Meiji milkman costume~ It's always so awesome when Hetalia characters wear their country's clothes~
Anyway, the main reference of this episode is during the Meiji era, when Japan is opening its doors to other countries. From what I've read and remembered, America had the most influences, so I don't get what France is doing there. But he's perfect for those jokes though. Haha!

Before it all began, Kiku had been a hikikomori for many many years!

I love how Hetalia presented that aspect of Japan. It's sooooo cute~

And I was laughing so hard on the part when the other guy told Kiku that Francis had brought a cute kitty~

He only opened the door on that. But he still doesn't want to go out, but he wants the kitty in. Hahahahahaha!

But anyway, Kiku's study on the new culture still continued.


Anyway, Kiku studies Francis' actions by imitating him:

Kiku's not able to imitate Francis perfectly but he does it soooo cutely~ I LOVE THE KISS PART!!!! KIKU!!!! YOU DID GREAT TOO!!!! FRANCIS JUST HAD THE ROSES WHILE YOURS HAS THE PINK HEARTS! BOTH ARE SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

Francis eventually noticed what he was doing though . . .

Francis: Boy, Francis-niisan is soooo cool~ He brings tears to me eyes~
Kiku: Boy, Francis-niisan is sooooo c- Ah!
I also do something like that to the person who loves to imitate my actions (she does that to annoy the hell out of me). I believe my blogmates xtine06 and ninjovee know who I'm referring to.

And oh, during that era, the ESP thing had been pretty popular (I have encountered Japanese stories/manga/novels with that stuff if the setting is around that time.)

Kiku was encouraged to join the trend. Some have been real, most have been fake. Kiku apparently seems to be a real clairvoyant:

Cartoonists have such horrible times in the past and even until now, huh? Himaruya-san, did you just draw your nightmare in that part of the strip? Haha!

The episode ended with the promise that it's Alfred's turn next time.

Why do they look so gorgeous in those scenes . . . . *melts*

Okay, since the airing of the next episode is on January 8 (I dunno if it's mobile or web), then episode 50 will be delayed for a week? Oh the wait sucks . . .

~ Translations are based on scanlations. Credit goes to original scanlators.


Anonymous said...

Hahahaha xDDD
I loved France-Kiku's scenes in this episode :'D

~~Carym~~ said...

Kiku's kiss made me squeal so hard!!!! He is now my favorite character aside from Arthur *kidnaps him* he will always be my favorite character!
I cant wait for the next episode!

Anonymous said...

France looks so damn hot with his hair like that!

Anonymous said...

Oh Kiku, you were just so MOE~ \:D/

Something really funny happened when I finally saw the Subbed version. During the kiss, there was a prevented pop-up, so the video paused at that scene! Thank you, pop-up!

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Anonymous
The idiot in me doesn't get the pop-up you're talking about x_x

robzgirl2206 said...

I love this so much and there better be a 3rd season xP. If there's not than Gabby will be sad :( And I really hope eppy 50 isn't delayed.

Anonymous said...

Hetalia is too gimicky.

All characters are either dumb or clumsy + Borderline yaoi = terribly bad anime or manga series

Hetalia the anime series became so bored after episode 10.

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ robzgirl2206
Sad that ep. 50 was delayed though. But at least there'll be season 3~

@ Latest Anonymous
Ah, difference in opinion. To each his own~

But hhhmm . . . I've never seen a comedy show/film without dumb character/s.

Anonymous said...

Nya~o!! Japan, you're so cute~!!!
Neko neko~ OVERLOAD!!!

Hetalia has cute characters! everyone's cute! But I really like Kiku..
And a comedy show doesn't bore me either.. I just hope there's Korea...

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