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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Axis Powers Hetalia - Episode 48

Hetalia episodes are usually out around 4 pm in my timezone. I onl;y managed to get a computer with internet yesterday at around 9 in the evening . . . sadly the episode still wasn't out. So the next opportunity I got to see this lovely thing is the next day, after noon. Unfortunately I have this time limit, so I'll focus on one part for now:

You seriously think that this episode is only to delight US/UK fans? Hell no.
It was one big joke. Even non-fans may be amused with it. But even the fans would still like it.
I expected it, but oh yes the anime did that strip so well~ Their voice actors are so terrific in showing that emotion!
Anyway, aside from the scene with the popular Allied Forces duo, our main characters had their cute portions in it as well~ They had been so cute and hilarious~ Each had cultural/historical references even.
Moreover, you think Hetalia's nothing but gay? Please, just look at the obvious hetero pairing in this episode. They look so lovely~
Also, perhaps this is the last sort-of-Chibitalia-related episode? Because Chibitalia is Chibitalia no more. End of young Italy flashbacks? I love how the anime did this part. I think only the last part was in the manga while the rest is orginal. I LOVE ORIGINAL SCENES!!! I LOVE YOU HETALIA ANIME!!!!

Okay, a few minutes left. I want to have the other parts of the episode posted but . . . ah well, I have to prioritize top favorite character/duo:

Someone is in a VERY VERY VERY bad condition:

It's painful to look at him like that. *teary*

Someone RUNS to his side:

Alfred: Arthur! Is it true that you've been fatally wounded? Was it Ludwig?
Arthur: N-no... I made a new weapon, the panjandrum. But a drunk Scotsman...
Of all nation-tans that would RUSH to Arthur's side when something so fatal happened to him, it's ONLY Alfred who came. Come on, how could that not mean something? Ohohohoho~

Alfred: That's horrible! Please hang on! You can't die! You still have to pay the loans that...
Arthur: Alfred....
Alfred: Ah?
Yes, his reason for not wanting Arthur to die may be the Hetalia joke that he has loans to pay (if I remember correctly, England had a lot of loans to America during the World War . . . and even not paid until now?). But come on, THERE ARE TEARS. Alfred may be an idiot but he's not drama actor. He is VERY VERY SAD. Ohohohoho~

Arthur: I know we always fought but *tries to catch breathe* I never hated you...*tries to breathe* . . . Because . . .I . . . *death god closes his mouth*
Him having a hard time to speak like that . . . .IT WAS DIFFICULT TO WATCH!!!!
And this shinigami not letting him finish what he wanted to say . . . THAT WAS SO FRUSTRATING!!!! GAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!

Alfred: A-arthur...?
Just look at that face!!!!
His sad look is like a baby boy who lost something/someone so dear to him.

Ah well, Hetalia's not Hetalia without adding some joke. He was checking if Arthur really went bye bye. Yeah, drama moment ended.

Alfred: YAY! Arthur finally croaked!
A jerk is still a jerk. Hahahahah!!!!
But you know, if you're familiar with the strip about his birthday, he also did something similar. He pretended to be celebrating about something but in reality he was just joking.

Alfred: *pats death god* Let's drink and celebrate
Shinigami: *nods*
Arthur: Eeehhh?
Alfred: See? Told you that it would wake him up.
Shinigami: *nods*
The shinigami's WTF expression . . . bwahahahaha
Of course he's shocked that Alfred's suddenly so jolly after all that drama~
Of course it's shocking because IT CAN'T BE TRUE.
What Alfred said in the end implies that he only said that to revive Arthur.
He wants Arthur back asap. And since he's one of the people who know Arthur best, he knows how. But Hetalia being Hetalia, this was shown in a comedic way.
I knew you love your daddy, Alfred dearest~
Alfred's an actor when it comes to pretending to be happy. But I believe he's no actor when it comes to pretending to be sad.
Okay, that's it for my fangurling on my favorite duo. Oh I want to talk about those cute moments between Feliciano and Ludwig (oh Italians! And daaaw Germans~). I always fall in love with Roderich when he plays the piano~ And my goddess Elizaveta watching him play it make me not want to stop staring at them, for they look so incredibly lovely~ And that revelation of a grown teen in girl's clothes . . . bwahahahahaha! Oh Roderich was like a shocked father while Elizaveta had been like a proud mother. Hahahaha!!!
The cultural/historical references had been so interesting in this episode as well~ And I love Chopin music~ Yay!
I love this episode~ Damn, I can't rewatch it as much as I want until next week. *despair*


Anonymous said...


Thank you so much. I also have a new found hate for shinigami who won't let Arthur speak.

coop said...

lol of course america is an ass in the end but it was sweet while it lasted!

Anonymous said...

aww no fair!
in the manga strip they had Alfred holding Arthurs hand! *cries*
oh well, seeing Arthur all needy while trying to confess his feelings makes up for it XD

Anonymous said...

I have read the strip, but i still go into crazy otaku USxUK fangirl mode anyway, i just love those two, squee for Feliciano and Ludwig. i can wait to see the look on Roderich's face when he FINALLY realises that Italy is a dude *searches for the english subbed version*


fangzoffives said...

"Of all nation-tans that would RUSH to Arthur's side when something so fatal happened to him, it's ONLY Alfred who came. Come on, how could that not mean something?"
Either it means that Alfred really does care, or that nobody else does.

The anime adaptation of this strip was really good. Maybe it's because I do like this pairing or because Arthur's a favorite character, but even before the subs I could feel some hint of effect from the scene. That's called "Great acting and great animation"

Also I heard that the loans were finally paid off. Can't give you a date, but I saw an article about it dated '06.

Brenana Nut Muffin said...

Oh my god, when Italy's balls drop-er...I mean voice changed, I lol'd so hard. Especially at clueless father Roderich, way to go man. XD

Anonymous said...

O-O-Oh my god, the very end after the ending theme made me lol soooooo much. It might just be the subs, but Italy said "I sound like a fag!" SGHSLGHAAGLSGLSGH *shot*

Lala said...

Italy sounded so happy when he said he was a fag LOL ! Extremely cute >_<

Anonymous said...

I hope you know that I love the logic yougive ffor the USxUK fangirls!!! II love you for posting this up!!!!

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Anonymous 1
Thank you~ And yes, bad shinigami! T_T

@ coop
Indeed xD It's still kinda frustrating for America to ruin the moment himself though. *sigh*

@ Anonymous 2
It's not yet certain if that scene did have Alfred holding Arthur's hand. So sad the anime didn't do it that way, but the voice acting had made up for it~

@ neko_otaku09
English subs are out now. Two versions actually. I downloaded both. Ehehe.

@ fangzoffives
I think there are many other nation-tans who care for Arthur (I think Kiku and Matthew will be high on that list), but the one rushing to his side, I love it that it's Alfred xD Oh all the strips with a sick or ding Arthur has Alfred!!! xD Squeeee~
Ah, so they're already paid off. I hope my country will be able to do the same =_=

@ Brenana Nut Muffin
I laughed so hard on Rederich being so clueless about it xD

@ Anonymous 3 and Lala
I think the "fag" thing was a translation error . . .

@ Anonyous 4
Thank you and you're welcome xD

Sunflower lover said...

ehm... I think that Italy's really saying "I sound weird", not "I sound like a fag" xD but I'm not good at japanese, so maybe he was saying that...

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