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Friday, December 11, 2009

Axis Powers Hetalia - Episode 47

I got lazy to do the preview because the actual episode was out earlier anyway (I hope it'll be like this next week, so that I'll be able to see it~ If Monday or later . . . it'll be impossible . . . )

The ending theme this time is France's ending theme~ Chibitalia also sang Italy's theme in the end . . . confused that he almost mentioned "Hetalia". Hehe.
This had Chibitalia (plus Roderich and Elizaveta), also young Arthur and Alfred, Francis is there too, and YAY TO FELIKS!!!!

Francis and Arthur had arrived at Feliks' house to negotiate an alliance against a possible German invasion

Arthur: And that's the situation, Feliks. Would you enter an alliance with us, and fight against Ludwig?
Francis: Ludwig's been getting a lot stronger lately and all... So, what do you think about it, Feliks?
This is one of the few occassions of these two rivals working together, and even in agreement with each other, by the way~

I like the carpet:

And they were served with tea~ This will make Arthur happy. Haha
Feliks: Hmm... I already heard about it from Liet (Toris/Lithuania)...

Feliks, why so fabulous?:

That's the valley girl speech? I expected somethign different. But I'm fine with it~

Feliks: But, like, if you ask me, it doesn't really matter! Say, I'm thinking of painting my house pink this time! Wouldn't it be soooo wicked cool!

I love it when Francis cries:

... and Arthur comforting him~
Francis: T-that's the 5th time... how should I talk to this boy? How?
Arthur: Don't give up! He'll understand at some point somehow.

Actually, even Arthur isn't having high expectations from Feliks either:

Arthur: Umm... so Feliks, I'm just wondering... have you made any preparations?
Feliks: Oh, about that? Like for sure, ages ago, seriously. Oh yeah. Listen guys, I just bought something totally cool too.

Francis: Really?
Arthur: So you can do it after all! Why didn't you mention it sooner?

Feliks: Yeah, I just figured horses aren't awesome enough for the times, so... oh, he's here! So~! I'm beginning to buy ponies. Aren't they like totally cute?


Arthur and Francis did WTF expressions and just left. I love it that they've been doing this simultaneously in that part xD

Arthur and Francis: Goodbye, Feliks.
Feliks: I so have no idea why you guys are leaving.

The manga had an additional part though, too bad the anime didn't include:

I just love it when these two are being violent. Haha!

And oh, this is the part with Francis doing a sexy postion on a couch:

Francis: No, we didn't run away. We just figured that we should respect the wishes of the other side, yes? Love isn't something you force on others, you see. I said we didn't run away! And we weren't terrified or anything, okay?! Connecting to your partner heart to heart. That's what I call an alliance. It's close to what we call "love", don't you think? I said we weren't terrified, didn't I?

A close-up:

Even closer:

Why do sexy people also drink so sexy? Hahahhaa!

And as if I could forget about my favorite part:

Young Arthur tells Kid!Alfred that he needs to go home soon.

Then . . .

DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWW~~~ He doesn't want Arthur to go~

He says he's scared of being alone in such a big and scary place.

Darn, I'm jealous that they live in a MANSION!!!!!!

Anywayz, Arthur tells him that he understands what it's like to be lonely so he'll be back soon. He pats Alfred on the head and the kid says okay.

That sad smile breaks my heart. Alfred, you should've been as stubborn as you are now so that you really wouldn't let him go!!! But he has been an obedient boy . . . man . . .

It was a touching moment, but I prefer how the manga did it:

In the webmanga, Alfred was like ORDERING him not to go! And we see his tears too . . . . oh those tears . . . daaaaaaawwwww *huggles Alfred*

Now, when Arthur came back, he has this happy smile on his face:

And look who has grown into a handsome young man~

It took Arthur a while to register to this brain that his adorable little boy is now a tall heartrob:

Arthur: *thoughts* They get big so quickly!

Aside from that, there's also a Chibitalia segment. It's the part where Chibitalia told Roderich the news about Holy Roman Empire, but I was too busy staring at Roderich's handsome face:


After that, he helped Elizaveta clean the dishes. Even if he's doing a household chore, he still looks like an aristocrat~

You think Hetalia is gay only? Sorry, it's not like that. See that love girl blushing at the sight of a handsome aristocrat? And they're actually canon? I LOVE HETERO PAIRINGS!!!!!

Lastly, I just want to add some of my favorite scenes of the stars of the episode....

Will always be my number one:

That's his most CUTEST look in this episode~ Oh Arthur~ *hugs*

For Francis:


For Feliks:

That look is just . . . .WICKED!!!!!!!!! So awesome~

I wish the next episode ill be early too. It's one of my favorite US/UK moments . . . oh pleeeeeeeeease . . .

- Name Legend (because using their country names could be kind of awkward for this kind of entry):
Arthur(England), Francis (France), Feliks (Poland), Roderich (Austria), Elizaveta (Hungary), Alfred (America)
- Translations from scanlations. Credit goes to their respective translators.


DayDreamer95 said...

The. Pony. Killed. Me.
Seriously, when it ...whinneyed? My mind immediatley went to Francis's voice. It sounded just like him from what I heard between giggles.
Chibitalia was the cutest thing, you can tell he was gonna grow up to be an amazing singer~♥
The AmericaxEngland bit made me smile,
Francis drinking was unexpected and dramatic, Feliks was all he should have been, and England should have choked on his tea like in the manga~
I thank you for your being awesome.

Mary Golden said...



Anonymous said...

'xcept for the rifle thing (that makes the thing more dramatic and cool) I kinda liked the anime version of the England leaving strip better...

Anonymous said...

I died of happiness.

I'm soooo disappointed they cut out the whole pony deal. D: Whyyy? D: They keep screwing us over by cutting out more Poland. >3< *RAAAGE*

Anonymous said...

Where did you download the episode? O w O

MonochromeOsity said...

Being a Poland in an APH fandub...

F@ck yeah! I, like, finally get an episode all to myself!

Anonymous said...

Hetero pairings SUCK. ._.
At least in comparison (sp?) to gay pairing. :D

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ DayDreamer95
Francis' part was supposed to look dramatic but knowing that he's Hetalia's Francis . . . I can't take it seriously xD Hahaha!
I want the Arthur choking on his tea part. Why not in anime ;_; huhu
Haha! Thanks!

@ Mary Golden
America fetishes . . .LOLz xD

@ Anonymous 1
I wanted the rifle thing *_* Made the serious scene . . .dangerous xD LOLz

@ Anonymous 4
Ah well, opinions differ~

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 4

Yeah, inorite. If we never had hetero parings there would be no baddy humans D:

Dasini said...

Ah Ms. Hyper Parfait... more US/UK you say? That is fine, but for more awesome, follow this formula:
Minus U.S.
More FrUK.
Kthnx. <33
(Not that there's anything wrong with USUK. >.<;; )
I keep on forgetting I have an account on here. =3=

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Dasini
*first time to be called Mr. Hyper Parfait*



Whichever is more awesome depends on the person ;D

I'm amused with both pairs =D I just happened to like Arthur's moments with Alfred more. Hehe.

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