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Monday, December 28, 2009

Akagami no Shirayukihime - Chapter 14


My OTP . . . in color . . . looking so lovely . . . I love this chapter cover~ and the chapter itself is just as WOW!

Three days after the incident, it was time for Zen to go to the island and deal with the negotiations.
During those days, Shirayuki has been acting differently, and Zen's friendly trio, Kiki, Mitsuhide, and Obi, have of course noticed that. Haha! They know something happened . . . and Zen's responsible . . . but they couldn't figure out why.
Obi assumes that it should've started after the couple have been alone together. He remembers that Shirayuki's hand had been so hot when he gave her a ride home.

On the island, Mitsuhide speaks to the village chief about the deal. They will promise protection in exchange of using the birds for the Clarines army. The chief agrees, on the condition that he will accept an apology from the viscount and also 10 million dales. Zen says he could try getting that apology (I doubt he needs to try though. He pwned that viscount so much) but he doubts that the money will really resolve things. The chief realizes that the awesome prince had seen through his bluff and apologizes for what he said. With that, negotiation's over.

Later that day, Zen went out for a walk. Mitsuhide joined him. He asks Zen if something happened between him and Shirayuki, and Zen confesses that he kissed her. Zen also mentioned about Shirayuki's reaction and his feelings for her. Mitsuhide wanted to add something, but he changes the topic saying that he obeys Zen not because he's the prince.

Back in the castle, Shirayuki has been doing more work than she's supposed to, wanting to distract herself probably. Ryuu suggests to her to write her problems on paper. This made Shirayuki take a break finally for she has worried Ryuu.
Outside, she asks Obi if he could bring her to the forest. Obi agrees but when he has been tempted to take her hand, Zen calls them. At the sound of Zen's voice, it made Shirayuki hide behind Obi.
I assume that Obi has sensed that Shirayuki simply can't face Zen at the moment. She helps her go away (the incident seemed exagerrated and comical at the same time). Zen wonders what the hell Obi said to Shirayuki, but Obi just told him the truth (that he really didn't do anything and Zen had been such a loser for making her like that for days, LOLz). I think Obi wants Zen to deal with his problem with Shirayuki already, and he sure got what he wanted: Zen chased after Shirayuki in the forest.

The game didn't last long (thank goodness Zen had said those magic words to make her stop. Wasting pages with just him running after her would honestly suck). When Shirayuki had stopped, Zen asked her to take a walk with him.
He updates her about the birds, also tells her that he used to hang out in that place. He finds it peaceful when no one's around that place, and being alone with Shirayuki in that same place makes him happy as well.

This made Shirayuki finally tell Zen what she truly feels about him. She loves him but she doesn't know if she could hope to continue seeing him in that way.
Yeah, she's one of those leading girls who was late in realizing that she loves the leading guy. At least she admits it and doesn't avoid him for no reason. Also, she doesn't bring up the "we can't be together because of our status and this and that" crap. She's just lonely if they can't be together like that anymore. Aaaaww . . .
Anyway, it turns out that Zen is actually hoping for the same thing. He's sorry that he might not be able to protect her or give as much to her in return, but he wants to be with her. He asks to give him strength and for her to take his hand.
I love Zen for actually apologizing his weaknesses. Most princes in shoujo manga will just say that he'll protect her no matter what. But things don't always go smoothly!!! And I also love it that Zen admits that the protection and strength won't be one-sided, but mutual! They need each other's help! Not one depending on the other and will just make up for the pretty face. Shirayuki's more than that!
Anyway she did take his hand, and Zen finally found the partner he's been searching for since long ago. I find it so cute that Zen's the one who's looking for his soulmate. I dunno . . . I find it more common for the ladies to wish for something like that. OH ZEN YOU LOVER BOY!!!!!!!!

Chapter ends with a kiss~
Not a cliffhanger but I'm once again DYING to see what's going to happen next~

Okay, it's now time to make fun of Zen and co. for my favorite parts:


So cute~

Very handsome~

Damn you heartrob~

KYAAAAAAAA~ *faints*


These three should have a group name or something xD All three are freakin' loyal to Zen and are the ones who notice if there's something wrong between the two. Hahahahaha!


Zen doesn't only have a loyal trio, but it appears that he has fanboys as well!!!
Yes, I'm just teasing.


I guess from that scene it's much more obvious that Obi has feelings for Shirayuki as well (She's such an awesome woman I can't blame him!).
Fortunately, he loves Zen just as much (not in a romantic sense of course, oh you BL freaks. Haha!)
Since he loves them both, of course he also ships them. Haha. The thing he did for these two to do some action already made me go LOLz:

It was so amusing. As if Zen's gonna bite or something. Oh Obi, I love you~

I just realized (or remembered at least), that Mitsuhide doesn't call Zen with the "prince" title. He does that only with Zen, Kiki, Obi, and Shirayuki I guess. I just really like it that he treats Zen as an equal . . . . and even has the guts to tease Zen~ I love you, Mitsuhide~

Zen hasn't changed. He's still freakin' obvious. Mitsuhide easily saw through him. Haha!

I laughed so hard when Mitsuhide thinks that Zen might've just dreamed it all! Wahahahaha! (He had been right that Zen dreams of such though, hahaha xD). I'm so amused on the fact that Mitsuhide think that Zen just had some hallucination. Wahahahha!

It was also so hilarious that he thought the same on Shirayuki's reaction xD Hahahahahhaa!!!!

Aaaaaaaaawwww . . . Mitsuhide patting Zen's hair like that and putting his shoulder around xD Oh Zen is really glompable xD
As expected, Zen complains about Mitsuhide being heavy. He's tsundere on Mitsuhide xD Wahahahahaha!!!

And OMG, Zen talks about his love life wishes to Mitsuhide as well:

Aaaawww . . . . Zen having this feeling that an ideal partner will come to him. Daaaawww . . .
Wait, he said "too", right? Is he referring to Mitsuhide and Kiki??? About having found the one he's destined with? Ah, maybe he's just saying something general. But I really hope that it was the case (Mitsuhide x Kiki also act so canon!!! xD)

I find it so romantic when the guy kneels before his girl. Him putting his sword infront is also very knightly. Kyaaaa~

"Shirayuki, My royal title is probably not something that can protect you. And I don't know if I can return as much as you give to me. But still, I want to be with you."


"I want to be beside you. For that, I will protect our mutual desire. It may sound strange, but for this reason, I want to borrow your power. Because without a doubt, you give me strength. So, won't you please take this hand?"

Saying that he wants to protect but he needs her help. Saying that she gives him strength. Pleading her to take his hand.

Oh Shirayuki, I know he doesn't need to kneel before you for you to do that~

Oh my god . . .Zen is so happy that he can finally hug and kiss her anytime as much as he want. He's like about to cry tears of joy. HE'S THAT HAPPY!!!! He finally found THE ONE. The person who he will need a lot. Aaaaaaaaawwww~ I find it so adorable that this lover boy believes in souldmates stuff~
And Shirayuki's smile is just so lovely~ Aaaaaaaawwwwwwww~

But well, with their social status, some trials and problems are to be expected. I trust that these two can face those, but I'm still worried of what they might face.
Oh I'm sooooooooooooooooooooo excited to see the later chapters xD Kyaaaaaaa~


namelissis said...

I feel it~
You are all cheesy and melting now...
goes and DL 14 >:3

LunarWolf915 said...

When you replied to my last comment, I literally froze when you said "I think you've seen chapter 14 already". It took a few seconds for me to process it to my brain, and then I quickly googled for the newest chapter xD

Yay, now they're "really" official!
But Zen....stop making me keep falling for you even more than I already do >////< The cute and handsome look, the kneeling, the offering of the hand. It's too much!!! Dx

On a side note, Obi looked so hilarious when Zen caught them both. He acted like he was guilty of something and was about to be arrested xD (though I suppose he was lol)

Great review and can't wait for the next chapter x3

SUi said...

You gotta love Zen's thoughtbubble xD
great chapter

sophiria said...

this chapter is the best!!! is so sweet!!
I dont understand the Obi feeling but somehow I pity him
almost die when I saw this chapter!! >_<
I want see more and more TT_TT
I was searching for the raw but I found nothing >_<
I loved your comment
I feel the same way ^^
cya o/

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ namelissis
Ah yes~ I was so melthing in this chapter~

@ LunarWolf915
Haha! So I guess by this time you have certainly seen chapter 14 already . . . maybe chapter 15 as well? Yes, it's out now xD

Zen is so handsome that even though he already has a girlfriend now, you'll still fall in love with him~ Kyaaaa~

Haha! Yes! Obi's reaction was funny! IT IS NOT NICE TO BE CAUGHT BY ZEN ON THAT xD Haha! Oh it's making me wish to see a jealous Zen . . . .

Thank you!

@ SUi
I wish the manga shows Zen's dreams. I might be brought to the hospital from laughing so much though. Hahahha!!!!

@ sophiria
Guys with the one-sided love in love triangles are always pitiable. But fortunately, he loves Zen as well. So even if he likes Shirayuki, he'll also ship Zen x Shirayuki. Hahahahha!

I'm happy you feel the same. And thanks! =D

Anonymous said...

OMGGGGGGGGGGGG!! I love Zen and Shirayuki!! KAWAII~

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