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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Manga Discoveries - M.E.R.R.Y.C.H.R.I.S.T.M.A.S.E.V.E.R.Y.B.O.D.Y.!

I have been reading a LOT of new titles but haven't been featuring them recently. It's impossible for me to do impressions post on each of them, even the quick style. So I thought of featuring them in this kind of batch instead. The one featured with a picture would be the recommendation for the upcoming holiday, while the next other titles would represent a specific letter (it could be a new manga that I have either liked or disliked) and together they form a particular message (if you still don't get it from the title, I am not sure what your problem is ^^; Hahahahah!). Alright, here goes:

Yoroshiku Master by TSUKUBA Sakura
One day when 17-year-old Sagara Kurumi accidently bumps into a guy on the streets, reins suddenly appear and binds them both! What is this?! Things get even more confusing when the boy, Kaito, clasps her hands and calls her his master! When Kaito transforms into a reindeer it just becomes too much for poor Kurumi who's out as a light. But it does indeed seem like Kurumi's a santa and Kaito's her reindeer and that they've got an important job to do on Christmas Eve~ ^^
The idea has been interesting but how the story went hasn't been near great at all, in my opinion. I mean, oh come on, so many Christmases has passed, yet they don't seem to be getting older?! And why is the season on the chapters often either christmas time or summer time? If we just focus on the main plot, it's better as being just a oneshot or just one volume, not as a series. And I have a lot more to complain on character and character interactions, but I'm lazy to specify.
However, despite those disappointments, I like this manga a lot! The chapters have been cute and sweet~ Those characters that sort of evaluate the santas are interesting~ Most importantly, Kaito and his older brother are love~ Hahahaha! I find this so enjoyable~ I don't really care about the romance (though I admit the romance is pretty cute . . . but well, the leading girl's not my type), just gimme Kaito. Haha! Looking forward to more~

=== M ===
[zion] - KAYASE Shiki
Art is very pretty and main plot seems very very interesting. However, the events confuse me on what exactly's going on. Character's are introduced like POOF! But maybe it's just me . . .
I'll continue reading because I love Kayase Shiki's oneshots in the Arcana Anthology~

=== E ===
Chu-bra!! - NAKATA Yumi
I find it too stupidly fanservicey to have a leading girl who is addicted to underwear and examines her friend's boobs by groping her but still didn't expect her act to be something disturbing to be done inside an unlocked classroom. The hell . .
I just read this because an anime adaptation's coming. No way I'll read more.

=== R ===
Esogaroto - usi
I fell in love with this already when I saw it raw. Nothing much had happened for 2 chapters, but I find stories involving different worlds or something like dimension crossing interesting. Hope it doesn't disappoint. The colored pages would be a waste.
I'll be reading more of this of course.

=== R ===
Hanamaru Kindergarten - Yuto
It's cute and pretty funny . . . I also like the adults in this series. But oh gawd, I am not comfortable with the idea of such young children wanting to seduce a much older guy in such ways. Oh I wish real children won't follow such an example.
I don't like lolis anyway. Not reading more of this.

=== Y ===
Heroman - LEE Stan, BONES and OODA Tamon
As I've expected, it's typical shounen wherein the loser leading guy gets to pilot a giant mecha very well, even if it was his first time, and saved the world. I expected better from Stan Lee and BONES.
I've had enough of typical shounen. Gimme something different.

=== C ===
Hokenshitsu no Shinigami - AIMOTO Shou
I find it odd that this isn't gaining popularity . . or maybe it's because of the art style? But it's really good and interesting. And I just love freaky doctors who handle supernatural cases. And the main kids here hadn't been the annoying typical ones. I'm so impressed with this.
I wish there'll be more of this. Scanlations are too behind sadly . . .

=== H ===
Jio to Ogun to Kinjirareta Mahou - KIRIHATA Ayumi
The raw got me bored. The beginning of the scanlation was so dull it got me bored as well. It was the typical story of a boy wanting to be a great magician and blah blah blah. However, things got interesting in the later half. And the boy has grown up! Finally got me interested~
Ah well, stories with magic will always be something interesting for me. Hehe~

=== R ===
Kaiyorihito Kaiyorishiki - KAZU Aki
It's not the first time I see a manga with a main character who has a great power and many are after him but he has a bodyguard protecting him. Fortunately, he's not really weak even when he's not using THAT power. Story's interesting so far~ But I have to admit what I liked most in this is the mutual sister-brother complex and the relationship of the two leading guys. Haha! Yay for crack!
It was entertaining. Besides, art's so pretty. Wanna read more of this~

=== I ===
Keep Out - HICHIWA Yuka and KISARAGI Hirotaka
Someone recommended this to me when she learned that I could read shounen-ai as long as it doesn't go to . . .a higher level. Haha! Well, the story in this series had been okay. The romance is a little . . .err . . duh . . . but their interactions had been so amusing~ The drama's pretty nice too. I enjoyed it!
Well, I guess I can include this in my very short shounen-ai-that-I-read list.

=== S ===
Ladies versus Butlers - KOUZUKI Tsukasa and NEKOMARU Nekoyashiki
I know this is ecchi from the anime trailers, but I'm still hoping to see some butlers. Unfortunately, the females for perverted fanservice had dominated the series, and the leading guy's one of those losers that would most likely do something great later. Bah! I'm sick of that.
I might've liked this if there are more butlers. Haha! No maidos fanservice for me.

=== T ===
LĂ©quios - IKEGAMI Eiichi and MAESHIMA Shigeki
I loved this when I saw this raw (because of the butterflies! Wheee!) and it had indeed been interesting, even if we don't know much of the story yet. The main cast is an interesting combination though (especially that hott lieutenant). This looks so cool~
I wish there'll be more of this~

=== M ===
Love Sick - MORIE Satoshi
Typical reverse harem shoujo with a leading character that wants some typical revenge and she easily gets along with unsociable bishies because she's the main character. The plot gave me so much headache. The characters haven't been interesting. The twin boys in this series hadn't appeal to me, to the surprise of others (I like twin boys, but the twins here aren't close. Bah!). It's a wannabe of popular shoujo. Ugh.
It sucks. No way I'm giving myself more headahes.

=== A ===
Million Girl - MOMOYUKI Kotori
The game thing in this series got me intrigued. And there was an eyepatch bishie and an evil goddess. I thought it might be interesting. To my disappointment, the game was so lame. It felt stupid, and the gambling game became too shoujo. Ugh. Leading girl's also too pathetic.
Headaches? No thanks.

=== S ===
Mr. Morning - TAKAYAMA Shinobu
It was interesting but . . . I find it a little boring. Perhaps it's bcause I'm not fond of train trivia? Ah well, I liked reading it but it wasn't that . . uumm . . .addicting to me as I expected I would feel for it (with the author's other work, Amatsuki, it had been the opposite. I thought I won't like it much but later I got hooked. Hehe)
Takayama Shinobu's awesome so I should read more. I've seen until the ending and the later parts seem pretyt interesting.

=== E ===
Nightmare of the Funeral March - AKI Arata
This reminded me of Yumenkui Kebun. This one just had nicer art and has more crack characters. Haha! Evil shota's awesome too~ However, I'm not that fond of the stories. It's pretty episodic with a little addition of the main plot, which is soooo vague. Character's have also been introduced so randomly except for the main one. Weh . . .
It's not really bad, but I'm not hooked. Might just read this to waste time. Art's pretty anyway.

=== V ===
Omamori Himari - MATRA Milan
WHY do supernatural ecchi manga love having a loser main character that has a childhood friend who has a crush on him and even wakes him up in the morning, then later he'll encounter this super hott and sexy non-human leading girl who would protect him? And of course, there'll be cleavage shots, panty shots, groping, and the like. Guuuh . . . at least the leading girl here isn't being innocent. She was seducing him for real. But still . . .
Typical ecchi shounen is typical . . . and stupid. But it's not that horrible, it might be okay to read if I want to waste time.

=== E ===
Rain - YOSHINO Takumi and SUMIKAWA Megumi
Fantasy series . . . best friends . . . and a military leading guy who is badass and crack??? The plot seems interesting and the art's so pretty~ I'm in!
Oh I wish to see more of this~

=== R ===
Replica - KARAKARA Kemuri
A wild dude that has very good samurai skills . . . . is being abused by a character with no expression. That's just awesome~ And they actually help each other. It turned out to be more interesting compare to when I saw it raw! Yay!
I really really like it~ I hope to see more soon!!!

=== Y ===
Seikon no Qwaser - YOSHINO Hiroyuki and SATOU Kenetsu
I'm a sucker for titles with biblical references but . . . . oh gawd, is the breastfeeding thing really that necessary? For me, it's jsut like an excuse to insert a little hentai. Guh . . . characters have been annoying to me anyway. I don't like this.
It's too disturbing for me. No way I'll read more . . . no way.

=== B ===
Shinsengumi Jingishou Asagi - YAMAMURA Tatsuya and NINAGAWA Yaeko
I love shinengumi stuff! The raw got me so interested! Unfortunately, when I read it scanlated . . . I find it pretty boring. It's interesting and some characters are fun. I like the bloody stuff but still . . . kinda boring.
Maybe it's just the first chapter. It's boring yet interesting. Now that's weird. But that makes me want to give it another try.

=== O ===
Summer Wars - SADAMOTO Yoshiyuki and SUGIMOTO Ikura
I had high expectations for this because the movie trailer seemed really cool! The art is nice and I find the new technology here interesting (reminds me of some that I've learned in college, particularly on my subjects that involve about future technology). Sadly, the story didn't captivate me as much. It's just so . . . duh. But maybe it's just the first chapter. One of my favorite mangaka liked it, so it has to be aweosme overall! Hahaha!
I shall like whatever Akizuki Sorata liked~

=== D ===
The Four Kuzumoto Siblings - KINOSHITA Satoshi
Typical shounen wherein main characters each have incredible power. Too much of a coincidence that all four siblings have a female counterpart, and seem to be the romantic interest of each. Ugh, where's the character variety? But anyway, it had been enjoyable for me to read. For some reason, even if the characters are pretty stereotypical, the're still likeable (eldest brother's awesome~).
I enjoyed reading this! Oh I'm really a sucker for supernatural shounen, huh?

=== Y ===
The Sleepy Residents of Birdcage Manor - KABEI Yukako and TAKARAI Rihito
Nude modeling? Not often do I encounter manga with that. Anyway, it has mature themes but art is really pretty and the plot's interesting. The painter leading guy's also so hott. Haha! I really liked this~
You don't get to see this type of manga often. Definitely reading more of this~

=== ! ===
Undertaker Riddle - AKAI Higasa
he only cool thing here are the butterflies and the undertaker stuff *was shot* Well, it's the typical contract with the devil-like adventure, with some shounen-ai undertones. It's nowhere near great, but it was fun to read~ Hehe.
I'm not picky with good stories if it got me entertained. Hehe. Of course I'll be reading more of this. The good stuff might come in later chapters.

PHEW! That wraps it up! There are actually more, but I'll save them for next time (those ones will be longer because I got HOOKED to those). So now you see the message? If not, here:

Hope you guys enjoyed what I enjoyed reading. And maybe some of the ones I didn't like might be your type. Opinions differ~
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