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Monday, June 14, 2010

Akagami no Shirayukihime - Chapter 19


And we are even given a very very wonderful colored spread with the main cast! Absolutely wonderful!

And pfft! Just when did an AnS chapter disappoint me? xD

The second prince and his loyal servant are suspicious of the mysterious boy's intentions.
There's a possibility that the boy might attempt to kidnap the redhaired beauty.
Zen tells her not to worry about it all by herself.

Afterwards the first prince called for the couple.
He informs them that Shirayuki was invited to stay at her hometown's castle for 14 days.
He orders her to prepare for the party and be ready to leave after a week.
Zen approves of letting Shirayuki leave under one condition: an escort that he trusts should accompany her.
Izana approve under Shirayuki's consent.

Zen reports the talk to his subordinates.
He assigns Mitsuhide has Shirayuki's escort.

Shirayuki practices dancing for the party.
Obi dropped by, informing her of his task, which is to look for the boy together with Mihaya.
He tells her to let him and his master handle the matters related to Mihaya and the boy.

One night, his subordinates fetched Zen when he was practicing.
Obi challenged him to a duel: whoever wins shall be Shirayuki's escort.
Zen had snapped Obi's sword into two; but Obi had managed to make Zen lose his sword with just a kick.
Zen accepts defeat and assigns him as Shirayuki's escort.

Zen visits Shirayuki's room afterwards.
They had a short chit chat, updating each other on the activities they've done recently.
They separated after Zen gave her a tight embrace and when they bid each other "See you, tomorrow."

So instead of focusing on the issue presented beforehand, a new problem arises! Thanks for nothing Izana for making their situation more complicated:

Izana may not be saying in that directly but he's hinting the obvious that he doesn't want his brother and Shirayuki together. Our main characters aren't stupid enough not to see through that. But as if Izana's objection can stop them... and as if they'll be the type to rebel against Izana to that extent. If this was typical shoujo, by now either Zen or Shirayuki would be angsting with something like this "Prince Izana doesn't want us together. Maybe it might be better if we separate for good even if it will pain me so much. It's for his/her sake. I might not be worth of him/her. Boohoo"

Oh thank goodness this isn't typical shoujo....

Back to Izana, his reasons of not being supportive of the couple are not yet clear/revealed. But I firmly believe that whatever it is, it's for Zen's sake. It might not be something like a twisted brotherly complex as I had hoped for, but elder siblings express their love, care, and protection in different ways xD *an older sibling herself*

I also think it's safe to assume that he doesn't particularly dislike Shirayuki either. Few chapters back he has even acknowledged that she is a pretty impressive women. I think he could have even be fond of her if she wasn't Zen's lover. Hehe.
Because of Izana's actions lately and his bring a Raji x Shirayuki shipper, it makes him so villain-like.... but though he obviously wants Zen and Shirayuki to break up and be separated for good, he doesn't do drastic actions such as punishing Zen, or imprisoning/exiling Shirayuki, or any other cruel way to make them in a situation of star crossed lovers. All he did was just have Shirayuki return to her hometown for just two weeks and even gave her a week to prepare instead of making her leave as soon as possible. Characters who are against the relationship of the main couple aren't usually that considerate. I love how untypical villainish!Izana is~


This scene made me more convinced that Izana doesn't like Zen being sad. He is aware of how much of a worry freak Zen is when it comes to stuff dealing with Shirayuki do he didn't hide that topic from him. He isn't really the type to torture his brother just because of a relationship he doesn't approve of. He'll discourage them greatly, but he won't force them. It's a smarter move actually, to either test the strength of their relationship or to make them separate for good. It's easier to make separate for good if they had done so willingly and are happy to.

As expected of Zen's brother, he's also an awesome character xD I think there are also a lot of Izana fans out there. Heck, Nari Kusakawa, mangaka of Recipe for Gertrude and Two Flowers for the Dragon, even made a fanart of him:

(More AnS fanarts please, Kusakawa-sensei xD)

Alright, we have the anti Zen x Shirayuki did, now let's talk about the Zen x Shirayuki shipper.... who is none other than Obi!!! xD

What he acually said:
"If you interfere with those two, I'll send you back p that mountain choking on that scarf of yours."
Bottomline is the same xD

I think that line points it out so much that he loves BOTH his master and his master's girl. He absolutely supports their relationship that he will go against anyone who will get in the couple's way. He may have romantic feelings for Shirayuki, and whether he would be able to realize it or not, Zen is equally important to him that I can't imagine him forcing his feelings to Shirayuki. Besides, if he does that, it would make both of them hurt, and since he loves both of them, he wouldn't let that happen, would he? xD

But let me make this clear, I'm not against Obi x Shirayuki. It's so cute after all~ I trust Sorata-sensei to handle that kind of love triangle, if ever there'll be such.

And Pfft! No! I'm not exactly shipping Obi x Zen either though I admit it's fun to joke about that. Bwahahaha! They're simply in a deep master + servant relationship. Obi has given Zen his devotion while Zen has given him his trust. He trusts Obi enough that jealousy didn't get in the way that made him decide to make Obi Shirayuki's escort.

About their little duel, I don't think it's simply a "whoever wins becomes Shirayuki's escort" thing. It's more of "whoever wins is more capable of protecting Shirayuki". Zen, like other boyfriends, would prefer to be his lover's number one bodyguard xD However, he's a prince, and he has princely duties to take care of. Moreover, can he? Is he the most suitable bodyguard who can watch over his girl 24/7?

During his talk with his brother, it was quick for him to realize that he can't go all the way to another kingdom just to accompany his girlfriend to a party because he has matters to deal with in his own as his country's prince. As for the second question, the match between the two had answered it. Zen may be skillful, but real danger and combat doesn't always fight fair. Just making your enemy lose his weapon doesn't conclude that it's your victory. Since Obi's more exposed to danger and it's his main job to be Shirayuki's protector anyway, why not let the more suitable guy do the bodyguard work? xD

I LOVE the idea of the leading guy accepting defeat on who will be doing the protecting job to other guys. He's not possessive. He has faith in his subordinates. He knows his responsibilities. He's aware of his limitations and weaknesses. And more importantly, HE CAN LIVE WITHOUT BEING CLOSE TO HIS MOST BELOVED IN JUST TWO WEEKS!

It's just two weeks after all. Not like they're gonna die from that. That's what other shoujo couples feel however =_=

But of course, he will be missing her very very very very very much that he would at least want to have a moment alone with her and do a huggle:


DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWW........ It's so romantic~ They even smiled to each other before they separated.... no angsty crying about them being separated for time time being, nor would they want to spend the whole night together like there's no tomorrow. And pfft, as if that could happen anyway.... Zen couldn't even enter her room:

I don't know how that lame joke came to my head xD

Oh gosh, even with boyfriend authority, he still blushes like mad with just the idea of being in his girl's bedroom. Loverboy's still pretty innocent and conservative~ And he respects his girl's private territory, even he could just barge in with just his royal status. Oh I'm so happy that he's unlike some guy from a certain novel who is stalking his girl inside her room like every night =_=

Now let's go back to our favorite canon shipper xD It appears that he might not only be a Zen x Shirayuki fan because....

I didn't edit the dialogues because the original lines are amusing enough xD We know what Obi's "OH!" was about xD Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

And oh, more amusing Obi scenes:

He had that expression for three panels upon seeing Shirayuki wearing a pretty dress. No, it wasn't a blush. More of shock or disbelief. He's like a dude who is so shocked upong learning that his best friend's a girl xD I can't stop laughing at him xD

And oh Shirayuki, I can understand your difficulty in learning how to do those dances x_x But at least she learned after a week.... while my illness has never been cured. It feels like a curse. Dancing hates me....

Anyway, more fun stuff with Obi! Mihaya wanted to be paid for his info or at least be employed by Zen, right? I had mentioned in the previous chapter impressions post that I want Zen to employ him. This shows why he should be:


Alright, I look forward Obi's and Shirayuki's adventures xD I prefer more Zen screentime (it would've been more fun if he had come along) but I know Raji's gonna entertain me. And Obi's awesome and fun in whatever he does and says xD *sigh* now when is August going to arrive x_x

Ah, before ending this post, I just have to add my favorite Zen scene:


Lastly, I knew it that I wasn't hallucinating on this:

The other guy is Prussia from Axis Powers Hetalia. Seriously, Zen's just like a younger and less retarded/naughty version of him xD It's much easier to see the similarity (in terms of looks) of these two when they're wearing a similar costume xD KYAAAAAA!!!!!! I LOVE THESE TWO =3


Aorii said...

AT LONG LAST!!! What made them take several months of break in the first place?

But w/e, I'm just happy Shirayukihime is back~<3

Anonymous said...

yaaaaaaaaaaay, its here, AnS 19th chap...!!!*nearly dies from happiness* ^^

haha, you know, it's really fun to read your posts, they're so fun...=) i'm almost looking forward to your posts about AnS chaps as the chaps themselves...^^


Luna said...

Omg, it's finally here!!!!! *o*
I thought I was gonna die from my withdrawal!

Obi and Zen sure made me smile during this chapter ^^ Obi for being his protective shipping self and Zen with his cute innocence even though he's 19 xD

Oh but this is why I love this manga. It's never too predictable and is able to carry out the romance with just simple gestures such as a hug but you can certainly feel the happiness ^^

Aha but I guess we're gonna be missing some Zen in the next 2 months (noo . . .) but at least our stupid Raji can be somewhat be a substitute xD I'm gonna be looking forward to it =3

Sapphire Pyro said...

*rereads a little*


..... *lazy to edit* xD

@ Aorii
From what I remember it might be because Sorata-sensei is busy with Seishun, her other series. Hehe.

@ Rouzmary
*blushes* That's so flattering. Thank you =D

@ Luna

Fufuf.... I knew it that Zen's still a baby in this kind of thing xD

"It's never too predictable and is able to carry out the romance with just simple gestures such as a hug but you can certainly feel the happiness ^^"
=== INDEED!!!!

Lack of Zen would be sad.... but I don't complain on Raji as substitute xD Heck, AnS characters are all so cool xD It doesn't matter if the main ones don't get much paneltime xD

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH!!! finally its been 7 long months!!!!haha awesome summary!!! really funny ...the pictures are really eye catching...this manga is like my favorite one!! its so cool how they make this story seem so romantic without getting too inappropriate and over 18...unlike a number of mangas i know of! im such a big Zen fan...although it would be interesting to see a bit more of obixshiraiyuki scenes, its so cute when they get along...but i have to say im gonna miss him(zen) in the upcoming chapters ...but still im looking forward to the next chapter

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Anonymous
Thank you =D
I'm not sure if Shirayuki is over 18 though.... or at least can't remember x_x

Anonymous said...

i think they've never actually stated Shirayuki's age...;)

the only ages that have been told for certain are: Zen's = 19, Mitsuhide's = 23 and Izana's = 24...;) as for others = no clue...^^

we can only guess how old they, but when they told that Zen's 19 i was shocked, i'd never would have thought he's 19, more like 17 or something...^^


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