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Monday, June 21, 2010

Hetalia World Series - Episode 13 (New Nation-tans, etc.)

Who says Hetalia is just about the bishies?

I won't understand you if you still say that after seeing this episode. HETALIA WOMEN ROCK! NATION-TAN OR HISTORICAL FIGURE!
My top favorite characters in one episode.... my goddess kicking ass.... focused on one mains strip with good animation.... no way am I not gonna love this episode. It's almost too awesome to be true xD

I'll start with one of my top favorite:

HOW DO YOUR EYEBROWS KEEP ON MULTIPLYING??!! Him and his evil smirk.... him bragging about how much he had kicked Francis' ass..... he's no different to a naughty little punk showing off to his quiet friend. Hehe.

It's war and they had time to have a peaceful picnic like that.....LOLz

Arthur gets a taste of Roderich's sandwich (OH HIS HAPPY FACES ARE SUCH TREASURABLE MOMENTS) and it had been so delicious for him that he figured that Roderich took the trouble of bringing a first class chef along even at such times.

That's just something ordinary to Roderich though. It made Arthur realize the difference on their quality of food xD Haha. Cheer up Arthur, you just don't know that Roderich is just elegant in anything he does.... so top class food is something ordinary to this young master. Hehe.
But then again.... even if it's not Roderich, Arthur's cooking is still worse... hahahaha!

Roderich lost on the first battle. The scene was so wonderfully drawn that someone not familiar to this series wouldn't have thought of this as a gag show *_*
And I really really like it when Gilbo is being villaneous xD

He's one of those types that loves to see others suffer (you sadist xD) and he even asked for a painter to have a remembrance of Roderich's face in that moment. If it were in modern times, he would have asked for a camera.
I remember a drawing/doodle of him even doing a peace sign pose (or something similar) while holding a beaten up Roderich. Oh this evil brat xD

However, Roderich isn't supposed to be alone in that battle.....

Unfortunately for him, his comrade ran away happily after defeating Francis. Arthur had been such a jerk that even Gilbo symphatized with Roderich ^^;
But damn.... instead of feeling sorry for Roderich or being pissed at Arthur for abandoning him.... those eyebrows, his laugh, and that GIGANTIC bow.... are so distracting xD Hahahahhahahaha!

So Roderich reports to his boss back home:

It's so awesome that she didn't scold him nor fell into despair. She actually prepared in case things don't go well.
If M.T. has been like a mother to Roderich, that makes Elizaveta her daughter-in-law (contrary to popular belief, there's a canon hetero pairing in Hetalia, and it's Roderich x Elizaveta)? xD Haha! It's cool when in-laws get along~

She brought thousands of her men to support Roderich. Things might've been better for him if he had just allied with her from the beginning instead of Arthur.
But then again..... hubby's don't like their wives becoming involved in somethign dangerous, right? xD

Oh his reactions upon seeing Elizaveta ready for battle~ He wants her to stay out of it.... of course he's concerned about her xD

But it appears that he shouldn't be worried about her.... but to the one she's so ready to kill instead xD

Her killer aura is already enough to make him bothered. His freaked out tone upon seeing her like that xD Hahahahaha!


I love these types of couples.... where the women does most of the action xD Hehehehehehe.... stop the stereotypical pairings wherein only men play the role of winning fights and protecting his loved one. You don't have to be one to be an awesome and lovable guy.
Oh I love Roderich x Elizaveta =3

Ahahahahahahahaha, the reaction of the one who bullies Roderich:

It's so fun to watch him being intimidated xD He's so obviously chickened out but covers it by saying that that's enough invasion for him for the day. Hahahahahahha!
I love it that even after many years, Gilbo is still afraid of Elizaveta xD

He hopes for a good night sleep (your blanket's blue? I was hoping you have blankets like Arthur... tze flag~) especially that he sorta won since he got Silesia anyway.

But it appears that Elizaveta won't be satisfied until everything gets returned back to Roderich. For her Roderich. It's all for Roderich. You think Natasha's love is frightening? This is another Hetalia female who can be really frightening when it comes to love xD Haha, it appears that women like those in this series happen to be the most awesome and dangerous ones ;D Hahahahaha!

Gilbo's freaked out face.... I can't stop laughing.... Bwahahhahahahahahahahahahhahaha xD
This is my top favorite pairing in the series though (And I love the Gilbo x Elizaveta x Roderich love triangle). How Elizaveta terrorizes Gilbo are so.... epic xD
Gilbo may have been the villainous one in this episode.... but in the end it's the "pretty girl" who's the most frightening one xD Hahahahahhaha!

Oh what a wonderful episode, and the new scene in the ED made it even more wonderful:


Alfred's got the close-up this time~ Arthur's most likely the next one (SQUEEE) followed by Francis, Ivan, lastly Yao. It's usually that order.

Some commercial:

It's advertising the release of one of the movie CD's. It featured the cute song sang by the main cast xD THEY'RE SO ADORABLE xD
(And to those who are asking of when the movie will be out online.... wait for the DVD's release first. ^^; I don't remember if there has been an announcement of when it is.... so just be patient for now.)

And some news! Two new nation-tans have been introduced:

It's the Principality of WY (beside her is Australia) and the a href="">Principality of Seborga (beside him is South Italy I think). Hooray for new characters =D And they're not even big countries xD
(I love the strip where WY was first featured. Poor Peter..... and daaaaaaaaw to worried Raivis)


Anonymous said...

Elizaveta and Gilbo were hilarious, she is the most frightening out of eveyone!
Oh dear, I forgot the Principality of WY existed. What a bad Australian I am...

Chanler said...

Elizaveta, you crazy girl~
And Gilbo...
He hsould have an army of Gilbirds to fight her off ._ .

However... I've never heard of the new places D:
I'm a bad geographer.

Anonymous said...

Your hetalia reviews are the best!I always read them after I watched hetalia,you know!

DayDreamer95 said...

Ooooh, Gilbrt, if you continue smirking like that, your face will freeze that way! Oh, wait...

Aw, Arthur's face looks like a baby~ xD And I laughed too hard at the "So long, sucker" moment. His laugh sounded oddly familiar...
I was getting annoyed by the lack of Elizabeta being unladylike in the "present", but now I'm mostly satisfied. Also, Austria has the second cutest ahoge, and I just noticed Gilbert has sideburns~

Alfred's adorable as always, and it looks like Arthur's got that cool "glance at you from behind" thing going on.
YES dance moves~ And Japan looks cool~

On a side note, I wantonly looked up Busby's Chair images.... AND ALL OF THEM WERE OF HETALIA.
Did not see a single actual picture of the real thing~ =3=
The eyebrows spread, they spread, they spread, and apparently Italy's ahoge~!

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Anonymous 1
They were indeed! xD Though I still think Natasha's the scariest one.... hahahaha
Ah, well, everyone can be forgetful even on important thigns ^^;

@ Chanler
"He hsould have an army of Gilbirds to fight her off "
*died laughing*

I'm not familiar with the new places either. Hetalia educates me on new/unknown countries xD

@ Anonymou 2
You're such a sweetheart. Thank you =D

@ DayDreamer95
"I just noticed Gilbert has sideburns~"
He's Ludwig's brother after all ;D Even Germania and HRE has them~ No way for them to be not related

"looked up Busby's Chair images.... AND ALL OF THEM WERE OF HETALIA."
Really? I was able to see the actual chair before. It's not really frightning though.... unless you ahve the curse on your mind xD Hehe

Hal said...


Hungary's one of the best female characters of the series, and I'm glad she's getting the chance to shine in the series. Her and Roderich are such a sweet couple-and badass to boot. XD

lol, oh Arthur you're such a jerk, but I guess it's no surprise since he's a punk who does as he pleases.

Heh, Gilbo should've known better than to mess with Elizabeta's hubby like that. Though it's not like he ever learns.

I'm hoping the next episode is either the continuation of Boss Spain & Chibi-Romano adventures (Still want to see that cute rescue mission from Turkey), Prussia's discovery of Elizabeta's true sex (who the heck taught her about the human body? XDD), or the nordics (specifically sweden & finland's story).

I really hope this keeps going, and that they won't be hesitant to show more comics with other countries.

@ the new tans,

a little disappointed that it's still not actual countries, but nevertheless finding it amusing. At least Sealand and Latvia have some more little playmates. ^^

lol, the new comic with Seborga looks funny, but why's sealand punching him? o o;

Poots said...

I think the reason I love Gilbert so much is that damn perpetual smirk on his face.

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Hal
"they won't be hesitant to show more comics with other countries."
=== looks like they're showing many of the strips that focus on other countries this season xD

"Seborga looks funny, but why's sealand punching him? o o;"
=== Sealand has mistaken him for a monster. Because of the "blood", haha xD

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