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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Durarara!! - Episode 23

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Saki and Simon's friend knowing each other is one of the things I really don't expect. And it seems to me that Saki told about Izaya's plans and make Simon stop him? I hope that's true.... that would be romantic~
And the other person who is leaking Izaya's plans (just dunno to who) is none other than his sexy secretary: Namie. I thought she only gives a damn when it concerns Seiji.... so if it's true that she's trying to stop Izaya's plan getting worse (which appears to be because she was in panic mode when Izaya was showing signs of suspicion)... then it looks like Namie isn't as cruel as she seemed to be in the beginning. But ah well, no way Izaya's gonna fire her. (She's still under him in vilume 7 after all) and notice that Izaya actually likes company or having someone to talk with?? He loooooooves sharing his geniusly evil plans~


He's the bastard who started and is behind all the bad stuff in this mess. Other people know, and he admits it himself.
It's really really very easy to hate him. Especially if he's a real person. He enjoys other people's suffering so much that you can doubt that he might be a devil wearing a human disguise.
But in fiction, an evil character with good looks, genius brain, and great combat skills (whoever dares to combat Shizuo and made a scratch on him is great) is irresistable xD Much more is he is amusing or simply crack.... oh god he's rich of that. Haha! Yay to decorating the chessboard with my own rules!


Shinra doesn't only dare to say bad comments to Izaya right on his face (Izaya just goes "Oooh... I'm butthurt~"), but even to Shizuo as well. But he's not exempted to Shizuo's anger so he's quick in doing his self-defense against him: apologizing xD (while with Izaya he'll say that he doesn't mean it the bad way. EXCEPT if he said something bad to Izaya because Izaya said something mean about Celty).
It's also so cute when he tries to run and.... get tired xD Hahahahaha! I think this has been the second time. Non-athletic characters should stay non-athletic. You're adorable and awesome in your own way~


He goes to Shinra's place after being shot because he can. He even had a late realization on what injury he had. And Shinra must've had an easy time on treating him.... since he doesn't need to worry about his patient being in pain. It doesn't seem that anaesthesia was given.... reminds me of the dissection on Celty.... maybe if it was Shizuo he wouldn't be feeling anything.... making him even more numb than a supernatural being. Whoa.... SHIZUO ARE YOU HUMAN??? xD
Human or not.... you're badass in whatever you do and in whatever situation. w00t!
Addition to the badassness is that he STILL doesn't remember Anri's name. Pretty girl with big boobs don't mean much to him. No hott chick gets special treatment. Awesome. (He doesn't remember people while Izaya remembers everyone. How opposite these two are....)


Masaomi: Thanks for the weapon, asshole.
Aside from Shizuo, there's another youth in the series who has dyed his hair and is very very very very BADASS. It was many against one, and that battle reminded me of Gokusen... haha! The difference though, Masaomi actually gets injured. But he acts as if he doesn't feel anything. Almost so Shizuo, right? Hehe.
However, Masaomi has bigger limits compare to Shizuo. If he's badly injured, he's badly injured. Even if he's so kickass, his body knows its limits. He really shouldn't have gone there alone.... especially with that revelation that all those people were his former enemies! No wonder they aren't that obedient to him. But at least they know how to fear him~ Yay Masaomi!
But well, Masaomi's not superhuman like Shizuo... at least not yet. He needs help!


Simon tried to talk him out of it. Masaomi's compliments and other change-the-topic strategies didn't work.
It looks like Simon already knew about Masaomi being part of the Yellow Scarves..... for a peace-loving guy, he's aware of the chaos and many dark secrets of the town.
It was so sweet that he asked Celty to save him. (I assume there might be a reason why he can't help out himself.... well, he always does that during the Shizuo and Izaya quarellings, hehe)


Celty (to Mikado): There's no such thing as a normal person.
I love what she said~
Anywayz, the big events in the series doesn't always have to focus on the main character or the main character's problems. In DRRR!!, our main character is the one who connects the characters who play a big role on the big issue and solves the issue. Thank you Celty for making them get this done already once and for all! They finally meet and know everyone's secrets! =D


I don't think I'm gonna like this episode because according to spoilers, a certain character will be leaving for a while. *sigh*


abandonedfactory said...

I really wonder what's going on with Saki and Namie.

And Shizuo was awesome, except it's not polite to bleed all over people's houses.

veralya said...

So , I'm so happy that Shizuo is fine by the end. He's damned XD When he said "I thought I slipped but so I realized that I got shot" or something like that , really , I was falling off the chair ahahah XD how mad person! XD
Well, I'm worried about Kida, for one moment I thought that he was dead.
Celty is my favourite ♥
Awesome episode! but.. this anime it's near to the end y_y I'll miss it!

Mushz said...

But seriously, did /anyone/ expect Shizuo to die? It's as impossible as Izaya not going JUST AS PLANNED or the Yellow Scarves not getting taken over by the Blue Squares >_>

Though Kida's epic one-man stand was unexpected.

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ abandonedfactory
I hope the thing with Saki and Namie gets revealed/explained on the next episode.
Haha! It's not polite indeed.

@ veralya
Shizuo is awesome and hialrious at the same time xD
I'm sad about the anime ending this soon too ;_;

@ Mushz
I think Shizuo is one of those "shounen main character death immunity" but still.... it sucks to watch Shizuo abdly hurt ;_; Though he made fans forget about the worry from the previous episode with all that happene din this one. Haha!

Izaya's plan not happening as he wishes to be actually happens. I think the Blue Squares thing is quite unexpected.... because of the lack of background of that group ^^; At least for me.

With Kida though.... that stunt's supposed to be unexpected for me, but the story in the novel gaiden about Masaomi and Mikado's childhood made me less surprised on that. Hehe.

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