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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Manga Project Suggestions: Comic Zero-Sum and Zero-Sum WARD

There are soooooooo many interesting manga out there which deserve a bigger fandom. However, since they're not available in English, people who don't understand Japanese (which is the majority) can't appreciate them ;_;

I thought of coming up with lists of titles that seem good to me at first impression and that should be scanlated/licensed to English as soon as possible in my opinion. It could be by magazine, publisher, genre, or whatever grouping I have thought of. My tastes are so varied (like I love almost any freakin' genre) so most likely a reader would encounter something in these list that may be to his/her liking; unless you're only into the explicitly perverted and disturbing types (you know what I mean), or other stuff that don't make me hyper, ahahaha. (Oneshots are not included by the way... they are too difficult to research ^^;)

(He is Prince Hector from +C: Sword and Cornett. He's my top favorite Zero-Sum character along with Archangel Michael from 07-Ghost. For some reason my top favorite characters from such excellent series don't get much exposure/role.... probably because they're just too awesome that they might take away the main character's spotlight xD Mwahahahaha!)

I'll start with titles that are serialized under the magazines Comic Zero-Sum and Zero-Sum WARD, where most of my favorites are published in. They're both under Ichijinsha, so a really huge thanks to this company for publishing the works of such awesome mangaka *_*

(UPDATE: Thanks to cheezy and Anonymous for the new info *_*)

These are like my top recommendations ;D I've seen a chapter or more of these in RAW at least.
Sometimes, you could tell if a series seems good or interesting by just looking at the artwork. And well, even if I don't know much Japanese, actions in comics can sometimes already tell what the characters are feeling, doing, or trying to say ;D

Akumazeruma - MIFUNE Asato (B-U Info)
An extremely normal boy meets a demon while looking for a missing cat. (Baka Updates)

Manga with demons will always get my attention.... much more if there are angels too (they're the ones I love more)! And the "extremely normal" boy won't be that normal anymore once he gets into a contract with that demon, and his other form is bloody awesome~

A Presto - Tomine Naruse & Takato Shiina (B-U Info)
A-presto follows the lives of two young men with the story skipping between their adulthood and childhood memories.

The series isn't just about childhood friends talking about the past. There's something interesting that had happened in their pasts (because there's teenhood and choldhood)~ It's fun and lighthearted with a mix of supernatural and horror xD I love the twist in this series~ For me this is sort of a mix of Tenkyuugi (childhood best buds), Tousei (supernatural horror), and Makai (demonology + fun). How could this be not my type??? xD

Aruosumente - Aki (B-U Info)

It had something to do with magicians/sages. Aki fans like me will certainly enjoy another fantasy series from this mangaka ;D (And I think I saw twins *_*)

Frozen Apple - AOTSUKI Yuzu (B-U Info)
Snow White, a maiden who lives in the woods with the 7 dwarfs, suddenly decides to open a “dwarf café”! She has the support from 3 of her dwarf friends, and the Prince. Amidst the busy atmosphere of the café and making nice with the Prince (and putting up with his fetish for all things miniature), Snow White has a rival, Rosé, the owner of another café - “The Red Hood.” This 4-koma manga of fairy tale parody is light-hearted, funny and too cute to boot! [6gatsu]

I CANNOT IGNORE FAIRY TALE PARODIES xD Especially enjoyable ones! And this looks very cute and funny indeed!!!! (Come to think of it, my favorite shoujo series is based on Snow White.... my favorite oneshots that's based on a fairy tale is also Snow White... so I think my favorite Fairy Tale parody would be the same xD)

Fukigen na Meitantei Division-0 - WATANABE Mizuki (B-U Info)
While taking a trip to a deserted island, Yuki, Eiji and Ryousuke were abandoned on the island. The three of them ended up in a building on the island, and got to know the mysterious people in that building. However, something seems strange about these people...(Yukihito)

I AM A HUGE SUCKER FOR DETECTIVES xD It's awesome and cute at the same time! They're no longer in an island on the chapter I've seen though, but I think form the cover alone it's already so obvious how good it seems xD Hahahaha!

Goulart Knights - Sion (B-U Info)
A team of four bishonen with the ability to use “Chalice,” the source of humanity, to defend the earth from mysterious creatures known as “Archons.” (Anime Nation?)

Medieval fantasy references are always my thing.... but the character design really turns me off =_= (THEY'RE SO GHEY) But, the story has potential (there's something inside our shota main character. And it's even going to be having its anime adaptation soon~ Oh yeah, the characters are based on actual seiyuus.... not the super popular ones though, but still, signign seiyuus are cool~

Inferno - RINO Miki (B-U Info)
After causing the destruction of his parents, the protagonist only lives for the sake of his younger sister and avoids other people. However a mysterious stranger appears that calls him his master and life changed forever from this point. (Baka Updates)

It seems good and I really really like the title but it didn't turn out to be the way I expected it to be.... not that it's a bad thing. If you read Undertaker Riddle, they're sorta similar.... just less the BL, more the seriousness, same angsty stuff and meeting with a supernatural stranger stuff. It seems really serious.... almost boring, but I can't hate characters who loves his sister and friends xD It may appear cliche, but seems to have potential~

Inorihime wa Sora ni Warau - KAEDE Tooru & MIZUTANI Yuzu (B-U Info)
Inorihime, Maritza, the noble existence who inherits the “Inori no Uta” [Prayer Song]. At a single chance encounter, she is captivated by Prince Azurite, despite their meeting being forbidden. The two of them are exposed to cruel fate… Now, the love that dwells in their hearts, an unseen door opens! (Baka Updates)

I want to dismiss this as "Bah! Another reverse harem crap!" but.... there are bishies!!!! xD the story seems interesting.... and the song thing reminded me of Utahime. And as if I could ignore stories with princes, fufufufu.

Kingin Sunako - Akanatsu (B-U Info)

I had been informed that the characters seemed to be based on real life people, Bashou (a poet) and Kasane (a girl who inspired one of Bashou's poems). We don't get much manga that are based on poets or poems ;D Poetry and I aren't exactly friends, but I love literature~ And the events there seem really interesting (there are magic, swordfights, and blood xD Nice nice)

Majyo Rin - YONEYAMA Setsuko (B-U Info)
“Kouichi, Marry Me!” That is the wish of Rinko, the descendant of a pure blooded witch family. The customs of her family forbids the matrimony between a witch and a human, however Rinko refuses to abide by that tradition since she fears witchcraft. Instead of resorting to violent measures, the elder of the family agrees to let the “cupid” do its work. The cupid, Rui, informs Rinko that in order for both sides of this conflict to come to an agreement, Rinko must meet the groom candidates that the elder prepared for her, or else she will lose everything, including her beloved, Kouichi. For Kouichi’s sake, Rinko agrees to this and begins to face a long line of groom candidates that await her! [Mamo]

IT'S SO CRACK FUNNY I AM AMUSED xD There are like... magical girl transformations that are so WTF xD Hahahahahaha! And at least this is reverse harem with a leading girl who has firmly decided on who she likes~ I've aso heard that despite its silliness, recent events had been doing good! Waaaa! I'm so curious about this xD

M, comicer - MIZUHARA Kenta (B-U Info)

Apparently, "M" seems to stand for "Millionaire". It's a 4koma comedy and... from the chapter I've seen, it looks like it consists of rich looking young people on a party. It looks very funny xD I'm very curios about it~

Ogamiya Yokochou Tenmatsuki - MIYAMOTO Fukusuke (B-U Info)
Shoutaro left his house and now stays at his uncle's house. His new neighborhood is known as "Ogamiya Yokochou" and lots of different exorcists lives in that area. Shoutaro, however, can't feel nor see them at all. One day, a spirit gets attached to Shoutaro and his uncle has no choice but to drive it away. And to complicate things further, the spirit was a product of an experiment by the 3 old exorcists in the neighborhood... [dareka]

Oh just when could I ignore interesting looking series that deal with spirits and exoscists xD I don't think it'll get that popular though because its art style is not what the majority considers as "pretty" but it looks good.... funny even! Oh I wish it'll be given some attention.

Planetary* - SAKURA Maro (B-U Info)
The Planet Group is formed of powerful families that represent each planet in our solar system and the central Sun Family. Midori is the eldest son of the Earth Family, who is just now entering his high school life in the Planetary Academy. Other than his family name, however, Midori has little going for him. He doesn't get good grades and is shy and socially awkward.
His low self-esteem isn't helped by the general disdain his father and younger brother openly show towards him. All they want is for him to not further "dirty" the family name, by staying silent and not standing out in public. But at his new high school, Midori is surprised by the kindness of the other Planet children, particularly Yuudai Jupiter, who takes Midori under his wing on the first day. Will attending the Planetary Academy mark the beginning of a change in Midori's life, or is there no hope for him after all? (Baka Updates)

The premise is actually very very very interesting but the main character turned me off too much for being such a pathetic loser. You suck, I get it, but don't angst/sulk or lower yourself about it in almost every single panel you appear =_= But anyway, if I ignore him, the story has potential and the other characters seem nice enough. Its oneshot in one of the Arcana Anthologies was entertaining anyway, so I think this could be really enjoyable too =D

Tramp - FUJIWARA Yuu (B-U Info)

This series deals about pirates and playing cards (as in heart, diamond, spade, club). The cards are called Legendary Cards, which are famous among pirates. People who have a heart, club, spade or diamond mark on their body are said to be descendants of legendary pirates, as well as the clue to finding the treasure left by those pirates. The descendants mentioned are our main characters, and our leading guy is Alto, a "club", who irnically is a very unlucky person. The blue haired guy in the first volume cover is Gio, who is the captan of a ship that Alto boarded (and he's the "spade"). My favorite I think would be either Daria (who is "diamond") or his brother Dyna (which I hope is his twin xD) because he's a prince~ Fufufufufufufu.... Thanks to Yukihito and b1px for spoiling me about this xD But anyway, I really really wish someone would do this *_*

My top favorite from this list would be A Presto!!!!! TRAMP is a close second~ Next to those two would be Fukigen na Meitantei, Majyorin, Frozen Apple, and Akumazeruma.That's it for my top 6~

Special Note 1: I only listed those that aren't scanlated yet.... or at least according to Baka Updates. I also won't be including those that are already in the "Future Projects" list of scanlation groups, and also those that have news of being licensed. Please inform me if there's already a group planning to work on any of these (or if they're already out in English and I just didn't know) so I can remove them, ehehehe.
Special Note 2: Sai no Kami by UEDA Shinsyu and Shirogane no Ou by AOTO Takane were supposed to be included in this category/section but I spotted them being future projects of Storm in Heaven ;D So let's just wait~ Let's wish for Shirogane no Ou -fenrir craft- when the prequel gets finished at least.
Update 1: I've seen the wonderful news that Bokura no Kiseki is one of Bliss' future projects! *_* HOORAY! And then Dai Daiboshi will be taken care of by Dragon Voice xD YIPEE!
Updated Special Note 3: For those who want to scanlate A Presto and/or Inferno, I have the first chapter so please contact me if you want the scans xD

These are titles wherein I have no idea about (because I haven't seen a chapter at least, nor are there much information about them aside from the title and the mangaka) but they seem to be good either because of the mangaka, the volume covers, the title, and so on. Hopefully more stuff about these would be out soon.

(I thought this is a new ZeroSum series but turned out to be a novel (thanks cheezy!) Anyway, this one has a male and female in early western outfit fighting side by side. Strong females and swordfights.... enough to make me very curious about it~ Not to mention the art's pretty *_*)

Anime Tenchou B' Tenchou Kouhosei - MAZAKI Haruka
I'm fond of series with a group of guy friends, hehe.
Teh covers look cool~
Baku - Bikke
I love Bikke's arcana oneshots and Ame Nochi Hare *_*
Baresuta Never Give Up! - TAKAMURA Kooji & NANJOU Tsugumi
Hopefully not reverse harem but... well, there are bishies xD
Black Dust Portion - SERIKAWA Mame
I've heard there are quite a number of negative reviews on this but... Serikawa Mame's oneshots in Arcana had been enjoyable for me.
Capricious Bullet - ASADA Yasuka
I like Asada Yasuka's Arcana works~ This may be as good~
Club Crime - RINNO Miki
The title intrigued me... ehehehe
Chronos - Deep - AIKAWA Yu
I actually saw its first chapter but I only browsed it quick so I don't remember much. Since I don't remember, it might not have striked me but.... maybe I missed something.
Death Scythe - Akujin Kari - SAWADA Shou
The title is cool and the art seems awesome. Hehe
Gakuran - SHINDO Arashi
Shindo Arashi's works in Arcana had been enjoyable for me~
Gin'iro Anseriumu - MIZUHARA Kenta
I like M Comicer so possibly this is as fun~
God Animal - NANKIN Gureko
It looks really really awesome!!!! And I l'm fond of stories involving gods and stuff~ Maybe it's something like Haigakura =D
Harizuki Kagerou Enshimonogatari - TAKASATO Shiina & IWASAKI Minako
It reminded me so much of Kesshou Monogatari xD
Luwon - MINAMISAWA Hishika
The covers look really really really cool *_*
Meikai-Banashi - RINO Miki
They seem to be in a palace... so that may mean there's a prince or a king... I'm in xD
Monochrome Garden - YUMEJI Kou
Art seems nice and I like the title xD
Nejimaki no Niwa - KAYASE Shiki
I love Kayase Shiki's works~ I would most likely enjoy this one.
News Parade - KUMETA Natsuo
I looooooove Bokura no Kiseki and Kumeta Natsuo's oneshots in Arcana, so possibly this would be pretty good as well~
Nokkin - Gunjou
Gunjou's works seem promising. Too bad this mangaka isn't given much love by scanlators.
Shima Shima - Gunjou
The same with Nokkin.
Tindharia no Tane - FUJIMURA Ayumi
IT LOOKS VERY COOL that I find it strange that this mangaka's works aren't that popular yet. I looooove Fjimura Ayumi's works in mangaka, I certainly hope her actually series is as good or even better *_*
Tsuki Fushuku Shiyashiya - SHII Takako
The cover had attracted me somehow... ehehehe

These are titles I have seen but didn't get me that interested.... though it might be because they're the type that could be appreciated if you know exactly what they're saying and what's going on. So I can't dismiss these as trash as early as from just my first impression, ehehehe.

(I thought this is a new ZeroSum series but turned out to be a novel (thanks cheezy!) Anyway, this made me think of Narnia because of the lion xD And the art looks really really pretty *_* I wonder what this is about...)

Ai ni Toshi no Sanante - IGARASHI Ran
The premise is certainly unique (the girl is more interested in an old dude than the bishie) but.... I dunno. I didn't find it exciting...
Hakushakuke Goyoutashi - SHINOHARA Kana
It looks fun and interesting.... but it didn't make me laugh or get intrigued o_O
Kisshou 7 - MATSUMOTO Ao
I was told that the gods here got reincarnated as humans... but teenage humans??? And all in the same school? Puh-lease....
Mahou Tsukai Yousei Senmon Magic Star Gakuin Triple Star - MINAMISAWA Hishika
I don't get it....
Mahoutsukai no Neko - KIKUTA Yui
I hate cats and this looks so BL =_= But I saw twins in the first chapter.... so I think I only like that chapter... ahahaha...
Pikapika Kachiku - RINNO Miki
Even though the leading girl is the type I hate (she got kidnapped for more than 50 times o_O it's like uselessness is part of her profile), I really don't like the idea of women being chained like that and treated like animals =_=
Shuushuu Taishitsu - YONEYAMA Setsuko
I have mixed feelings on this.... it looks interesting and meh at the same time x_x I dunno.... it looks like the usual spirit hunting thing but later you see stuff that don't seem like the usual. Or maybe it's because the one I saw is the last chapter... that's why I'm so lost xD Hahaha!
Todoroki High School Book Committees - D. Kissan
It doesn't look as cool as the cover.... nor has it been as entertaining as I expected.... or maybe that's just what I think.

This section isn't exactly appropriate for this list, but my little research on checking out every single Zero-Sum title that isn't translated yet (that I could find) won't be used in full xD Haha! And besides, there aren't much of those anywayz, so might as well mention them at least:

Ada Senki - TSUTSUMI Shouko, Animal Family! - NANKIN Gureko, Gakuyaura - MAGAMI Guriko, Gemeinschaft - YASHIROU Saeki, Mato-chan - YUUKI Shinichi, Shippuu Karen Jinrai Komusume! - TACHIBANA Ayun, Sonyo Monyo - Tatsuneko, and Strange Plus - MIKAWA Verno.


cheezy said...

Ogamiya Yokochou Tenmatsuki should be scanlated or licensed. It is gold and I really really enjoyed reading this title! And the artstyle's pretty, I like the fact that the mangaka doesn't go lazy on the background, which is a plus *_*!

Daidaiboshi sounds like a really cute manga *_* Gunjou's works need to be licensed dammit! Kokuten Bakuya Yakushi no Kou's really good too. ;D Maybe I'm just a sucker for the drawing style...

Both the advertisment are actually novels, not manga published under ichijinsha ;D They have really pretty illustrations! Ugh, got conned into buying some of their light novels... ;__;

I totally agree with your list here. Maybe one day they'll either get licensed or someone will be free enough to scanlate them *_*


inktrap said...

Zero Sum and WARD are my favorite magazines ever. Everything that comes out of them is *so* good. It's such a pity that those super interesting titles don't get picked up… Even those that do aren't usually favoured by the groups (like #000000 Ultra Black). I like both magazines because of the amount of action (and pretty boys!) despite being aimed toward girls. The stories are usually also very original!

ayumikat said...

ZeroSum does carry lots of awesome titles. It's one reason I chose to subscribed to it. I'm not sure how the new ones like Chronos Deep and Goulart Knights are going to go down with me as they are pretty new. Planetary bores me somewhat. I like Tenkyuugi~Sephirahnatus and I'm glad HP is scanlating Tousei Gensou Hakubutsushi, one of the better titles from ZSum, imo.

Mito said...

weeeeeee~ too many goods manga~ XDDDDD but since i can read japanese i'll not try to search it but all of them are really promising~

Anonymous said...

Anything by Aki will most definitely be bagged by SiH, in case you haven't noticed. One of the translators (specifically the one who's been translating Aki's stuff) is a huge fan. ^^ They're just waiting for the tanks.

Bokura no Kiseki and Tramp. is/will be done by Bliss; Dragon Voice has Daidaiboshi listed; Nejimaki no Niwa is being worked on by SiH. Tramp. could use a translator. (Yes, I'm an insider.)

Don't worry too much. Ichijinsha's getting all the limelight.

Hmm, are you doing A Presto? Good luck, though I advise waiting for the tank.

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ cheezy
Yes, the art style's really pretty *_* I don't usually care about backgrounds, but wonderful BG's are wonderful *_*

Kokuten Bakuya Yakushi no Kou's by Gunjou? @_@

Gunjou's works will hopefully be recognized someday....

Thanks for pointing out that those two ads are actually novels ^^; So that's why I couldn't find it....

@ inktrap
I love these magazines for serializing such interesting series *_* It's sad that many of them aren't picked yet... and even those that are picked hadn't been updated much (I wish for more ultra black ;_; But I've heard the group's lacking editors so... *sigh*)

@ ayumikat
Lucky of you to be subscribed to such awesomeness ;D Chronos and Goulart seem to have potential, but it didn't strike me as much as the current HP projects did xD Hehehehehe. I'm happy that you also enjoy Tenkyuugi and Tousei =D I honestly don't get why Tousei doesn't have that much readers.... it's so good!!! *_*

@ Anonymous

Ah, I expected Aruosumente and Nejimaki to be picked up by SiH... but since it's not in the site's list (at least, at the moment), I'll assume they haven't been picked yet. The same goes for Bliss on TRAMP.

With Bokura no Kiseki though.... the picture was different so I didn't notice/remember it in Bliss's list ^^; Ahahaha! And "Daidaiboshi" didn't register to my eyes to be the same as "Dai Daiboshi" when I looked at DV's site. LOLz to my stupidity xD Hahahah!

I'm still worried though.... because that's just SOME of the manga that caught my interest xD Hahahaha!

About A Presto, I've been thinking about it more carefully and.... I've changed my mind ^^; I've decided to just focus on catching up on the current projects for now. If someone could do A Presto before the arrival of the tankoubon, the better.

riniloves said...

panu ba bumili ng comic zero-sum na manga thru walk-in payment po? pede ba yun?

kasi ala ako credit card, bata pa ako, gusto ako po sana magkaroon o kaya matuto bumili ng product?

ung parang magbayad lang ako sa lbc o kaya western union? meron po bang ganun?

saka magkano po magagstos ko po?

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I actually had my eyes on 'Ogamiya Yokochou Tenmatsuki' for quite a moment already (more than a year) but it wouldn't be reasonable to take on more projects (and a long one at that) for now-- especially when we're so low on editors. I'm waiting for a more propice time. If no group or publisher licenses it in the mean time, maybe I should tackle on it (uh, after I poke some translators ^^;)
<-- "working" for ETC

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ riniloves
Pasensya na ngunit hindi ko rin alam kung papaano eh ^^; Pero parang may alternatibong payment methods sa CD Japan.... hindi ko sigurado. Subukan mo na lang ^^;
Tungkol sa presyo.... mga lampas 300 pesos yun.

@ Latest Anonymous
OH PLEASE DO.... I really doubt it gets licensed.... especially that it's still not noticed even when it's this long already =_=
Good luck on finding staff for it *_* I really look forward to this series *_*
Thanks xD

Arendy Sinclair said...

Hi all. :D
Love this community. <3

I'm also a Comic Zero-Sum subscriber.
I started it with January 2011 Issue (which is Frau of 07-Ghost as cover!) until now.. can't stop purchasing the magazine every month... <3

Though I'm having problems understanding because I can't read some Japanese characters. So I'm so happy that there will be a project to translate some of my favorite mangas like 07-Ghost (thanks Ayumikat, Ms. Ink and all the people involve scanlating 07-Ghost) and +C: Sword and Cornett. <3

Sapphire Pyro said...

Hmm... this isn't exactly a community and I'm not a Z-Sum subscriber (though I badly wish to be)


It's cool that you follow the magazine and like the series in it =D Huge thanks to people picking up and sharing to us the awesome titles in it =)

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