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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Durarara!! - Episode 21

I think I should've watched this before reading the Hetalia movie and Nurarihyon 109 spoilers x_x It's actually a good episode, as always, but the former two were just so distracting that this one didn't make me that hyper (except for the part with Izaya because he's just so LOLz).... maybe it's because of all the seriousness..... but anywayz:

I wish my job is just to move chess pieces.... and still earn a lot of money. Working under Izaya, provided that you could tolerate his evilness, must've been very convenient. Ahehehe....


We haven't been seeing Shizuo and Shinra for a while~ Too bad the punks "behaved" so Shizuo didn't do anything kickass. As for Shinra, his mug distracted me too much. It was so cute. Haha!


He's soooooooooo enjoying himself. Such a naughty boy for sharing an already troubled girl. Such a pathetic loner for being so happy talking alone in the chatroom.
The serious events were mostly his fault and he's delighted with the chaos. Watching people troubled is pleasing him.
He's a very very very very very bad person.
But he's funny, damnit.... squeeling like a girl in the chatroom. Oh my stock still hurt from too much laughing. Wahahaha!


People recognize her with 3 simple descriptions: 1) Raira uniform 2) glasses 3) big boobs
LOLz.... the boobs
And it's like she's the only girl in the academy with such features...... hhhhhmmm.... Slim girl with big breasts (that aren't humongous like gazillions of anime do to their female characters for some reason) must've been something rare then.
But still.... the third description's so WTF.... hahaha!


It's an anime classic for tze evil glare of a main character will frighten or intimidate the other characters. I think it's cooler when it's done by characters who aren't usually like that.
We get to see how strong Masaomi is in this episode! His attacks don't make people fly like Shizuo's do, but they're bloody enough.


(LOLz to their clones xD But Masaomi looks sexier them him, Anri looks hotter than her, while Mikado's gazillion times more adorable than that dude =P)
Anri finally made a move.... by making her children under the Yellow Scarves stop their comrades.
However, it resulted distrust within the Yellow Scarves.... causing Masaomi yet another problem.
But thanks to that, he figures out that Anri is involved on the "hypnotisms" and she's the girl with a katana.
It would be troublesome if he reveals to his minions that the Slasher and the Dollars Leader are his close friends..... and knowing that makes him distance himself from those two as well..... sadly it only brought negative results to all three sides: 1) best friend trio not together like usual anymore 2) Yellow Scarves not behaving and are most likely becoming suspiscious of mr. shogun already 3) shogun himself is being so angsty on the issue
Interesting that it's Masaomi who discovers the secrets of both of his friends first..... but as for his clueless best friend.....


He finally realizes how clueless he is thanks to people we least expect to do something awesome in this situation: Seiji and Mika (I find it very nice that she's genuinely concerned about Anri despite her scary obsession with Seiji. So she may be obsessed, but she still looks out for her friends. So she's not exactly a bad person for a stalker). He also gets cheered up on the Dollars issue thanks to the nice people who remembered his encouraging words at their website.
However, this time, he learns about Anri being attacked again! This would be annoying if Anri is defenseless.... but since we know she isn't, to the audience there's nothing to worry. Mikado and Masaomi however.... *sigh*

It looks like Masaomi had helped Anri (And I wish she explains to him already!) and that won't be a nice sign if his subordinates would start to think he had betrayed them.

Looks like next episode is more intense and badass~ I'm very excited for that one. And oh please Mikado do something badass already. Your "self-realization" stage is now over, so do something do something x_x


The cover of the first OST is cool~ And ah, the OP and ED page has been updated with downloads of the single of the second opening song together with lyrics~ Enjoy! =D


Mimiko ♥ said...

I was happy to see Shizuo's and Shinra's appearance again and Shizuo never fail to make me laugh whenever he shows up. The dead glare was just too win. Can't wait for next week since that preview totally made an eye opening for me.

I am surprised how those 3 description on Anri pointed out for both Mikado and Kida to know it's her. I laughed pretty much when one of the yellow gang mention they noticed her breast during her escape scene. It's show how guys really can notices these things even how things is turning bad for them, it's too realistic lol.

And last Izaya's fangirlling on the chatroom was win, also his way of stalking job is show ♥

Oh as for the cover OST, I love it! I actually have the 4th DVD, got it two days ago. I made a post of it along with scan sharing on my LJ =v=

Hyper said...

Shinra's cup was cute. *O*

DayDreamer95 said...

Yay, I am not alone with soliloquizing~
I laughed way hard when Mikado/Masaomi ONLY relized it was Anri when the guy said "big knockers"

SRSLY? That is all she means to you guys?! xD

I did not notice that cup... or the clones... .

OhMyGosh I was so like O_O when I saw Shizuo. Don't you dare die/get hurt/go sane/lose your powers >:I

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Mimiko ♥
Agree to many things you've said xD
Lucky of you to have the DVD. Thanks for sharing =D

@ Hyper
I wish I have Shinra's mug *_*

@ DayDreamer95
I can't stop laughing on the fact that the boobs are one of Anri's main and striking physical descriptions xD
I don't think that's all they mean to her.... I think even the females would've thought of Anri with just those descriptions. It just so happened that only the guys hear and mention about it. Haha!
The mug's sooooo cute xD
The originals are better than the clones for me =3

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