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Friday, June 11, 2010

+C: Sword and Cornett - Chapter 23



Belca and the Hokulea kid were on a dead end, but fortunately the gates opened and Linna had come just in time for their rescue. Eco had instructed him to do so in order to save Belca and get out of the place. Linna was quite hesitant on the idea of making Belca leave the palace at first until Eco tells him that he thinks that Belca is just doing as he was told in order to keep Linna safe and also because of the books. They've decided that once they save Belca, they'll let him decide if he stays in the palace or not.
Linna told Belca of the plan that they are to meet Eco once they get out of the waterways. Belca ordered Linna to take the kid away and bring his message to Shingetsu and co. while he stays put in the mean time to threaten Kiliko's men that he'll hurt himself if they make a move.
Unfortunately, someone discovered that the gates were opened and closed it again.... and it just so happened that it's exactly where Belca's standing! But Linna was just in time to put Belca out of danger. However, he got badly injured upon saving his prince.
Belca doesn't want to leave him but Linna kept on insisting that he should escape. They parted after Linna presents his oath of alliance.
Belca, together with the Hokulea kid, were able to catch up on Eco. Later they were able to meet up with Shingetsu and Tenrou. They had wondered where Linna is and if Belca's alright. But Belca assures them that he's fine. Linna had promised that he'll always be with him, and from now on, he can be a Prince.


Linna: ...Your highness! Sorry for making you worry...
Belca: Idiot, that's supposed to be my line!

The chapter's mainly about these two and I only had them on my mind and they're already expressed through this:
Do not redistribute this FANscanlation. Wait for IEM's release for the whole chapter
I have typos in my comments there, hahahahaha! I can't believe that I can do typos even in simple pages x_x

Even the other characters are not used to seeing Belca without Linna because these two are like ONE SET. I love their master and servant relationship. Such loyalty.... and oh so sweet!

And no, haha, I don't exactly ship them as a BL pairing. I ship Linna x Mariebelle, yes, because I see Belca and Mariebelle as different people. Fufufufufufufu xD

But it doesn't look like we'll be getting that kind of fanservice anymore (or for a long time at least) because of this.... separation.


It doesn't seem likely that Linna's gonna die from this (because if he was meant to die, he should've been gone as early as this chapter). What's worrisome though is what his situation would be like when he recovers. Hopefully Linna won't be manipulated or something, or be seriously injured that he couldn't do battle anymore. Well, whatever Tama-sensei plans to surprise us with regarding Linna's fate, I want a Linna and Belca reunion as soon as possible. Reunions between very significant main characters are usually so.... grand~

(Totally Extra: I am intentionally ignoring scenes related to... that... little... girl! T_T Stop wasting panels/pages! Guh! *biased fan*)

Great thanks to b1px for spoiling me xD Hahaha!
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