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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Durarara!! - Episode 22

This episode is actually amazing and fun like usual.... except that the parts that make me wanna scream or curse characters just doubled x_x


It looks like some recurring minor characters took part on the "rescuing Anri" thing, and interestingly they turned out to be Dollars members! I guess that comparing the three gangs, Dollars is still the most incredible. Even those who aren't capable of combat can take part in doing big missions. The members are pretty balanced, for some are ordinary while the others are so badass in their own way ^_^ When you watch how the Dollars act, it reminds you of the wonder of people working together ^_^


Amusingly, the one who finished the mission is the person who's actually so pissed with the messages he has been receiving xD Bwahahahahhaa!
Just when is a scene of Shizu-chan kicking ass isn't awesome? xD His growls and evil glares are so much fun too. Haha!


Oh Celty! I love it that she's worried about Shinra's weird pervertedness xD Come to think of it, Anri isn't an ordinary woman, like Celty.
But don't worry Celty, he's only perverted towards you! xD Bwahahahahahahahahahaha!


Anri.... I believe you could have seen the obvious that Masaomi is not doing okay. Yet you don't provide him the answers that could make him calm down and even left him with a slap.
How could he be okay after that???!! Well, he knows he wasn't being himself and he's not being very nice. BUT STILL!!!!!
Anri, at least your Saika problems have been resolved. His started because of he thought you were in danger.
And damnit Mikado, why are you not responding to Masaomi during the time he needs you the most????!!!!


But come to think of it, Mikado isn't okay either. But he could've at least set aside his problems for the time being because he hasn't been in contact with his best friend for a long time after all.
YOU BOYS!!!!!!! T_T
And about Mikado closing Dollars, I honestly didn't get his reason for it.... especially after the successful rescuing Anri mission.
Thank goodness Celty has thought of making Mikado meet Anri (and possibly make him reveal his being a founder of Dollars as well) so some matters would at least be cleared up once and for all.
You two.... please help Masaomi. He's more lost and broken than the two of you right now. Please help Masaomi. ......Masaomi *teary*.... waaaaaaahhh....


Oh crap, Masaomi is already making me so emotional and the episode just had to end with a shot Shizu-chan. DAMN YOU BASTARD HORODA!!! EVEN IZAYA-KUN DIDN'T GO THAT FAR!!!!
Come to think of it, he has something to do with Masaomi's problems as well T_T
But hhhmmm... I've realized that... putting Izaya aside, the villain that had managed to do big damages on the main characters situation is a weak and cowardly Horoda o_O He may be just Izaya's pawn, but for a big villain, he's not even a major character... nothing close to possessing any extraordinary skills either. I mean, he's the "villain of the episode" type of character.... the type that you won't see again or that won't ever be able to do that life threatening to major characters.... just an extra.... in other words, trash. I find it pretty incredible how Narita-sensei used this typical despicable extremely minor character. *applause*


(I like the hat of the dude on the left.... reminded me of Firo's hat xD Hehe)
I just hope the next episode will resolve some things between the trio.... at least with Mikado and Anri for the meantime. Together they can help out Masaomi.
But more importantly.... WHAT HAPPENED TO SHIZU-CHAN DAMNIT!!!!!


Oh I miss their happy moments....
By the way, I've updated the OP and ED Post with the ED single songs~ ON/OFF really rock~ Enjoy =D
That page is so messed up though..... *lazy to fix right now*


Heinsia said...

Actually someone said Horoda shot Shizuo because of Izaya's string and I gotta agree with that >_>

And omg finally someone agrees what that hypocrite bitch Anri did is so fucking wrong! Most of other stupid fanboys are so in love with her boobs that they justify her action -_-

DayDreamer95 said...

This episode started off kinda happy...

But by the end I also just wanted every main character to JUST GO DIE. Except Celty, Shinra, Shizuo, and Izaya. For one whole second I thought Mikado commited suicide BUT IT WAS WORSE. Innocent yet highly bipolar Shizuo DID NOT DESERVE SUCH PAIN. UGH. And when he yelled "Blame Kida" I just... t(=_=t).
Horoda deserves to have his head cut off leaving him to endlessly search the earth for it but he will never find it because it was chopped into little pieces dispersed around the world and no one likes him because he rides around on a donkey that he can only change into a girly bicycle with training wheels and-

As for Anri, she IS a parasite and all, and I think that up until now she thought she could continue to play her love-sucking role. I think that deteriorated somewhere around her appearance with Celty and the horse. Masaomi deserved that slap(harder I say), but he also deserved a "I = Slasher. Dollars = innocent. You = misguided" But then again, Masaomi might stop loving her after that(she still has Mikado(maybe), and he has the Izaya-fangirl)....

And, since Mikado did not commit suicide, I have no idea why he disbanded Dollars, unless he has now realized he does not need to have a gang to make him feel like he belongs, but the emo-ness he displayed makes this theory suspicious. Maybe he hates being different now?

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Heinsia
Ah, oh yeah, it has to be Izaya's doing. I forgot that Horoda doesn't have the brains to dare that. x_x
Since it's Izaya's doing.... I'm no longer surprised. Haha!
Anri and Masaomi are actually both in the wrong on that scene.... but since Masaomi's the more broken one, it makes Anri more wrong =_= No matter what justification's done for her, what she did was still worse T_T Poor Masaomi....
Ahahaha.... girls with boobs get strong bias to fanboys it appears ^^;

@ DayDreamer95
Eh? You want Simon to die too? x_x Even Namie and Shizuo's brother? *considers those who appeared in the OP as a main character*
You can't blame Shizuo for blaming Masaomi ^^; He doesn't.... think much. Hehe.
I agree with everything on Horoda though. Ugh, he's annoying.
I disagree on Masaomi deserving a slap.... at least not at that moment. Or maybe just a slap to wake him up and get to his senses, not the "slap then grr then leave" method =_= And hhhmmm.... I think he already approves of Mikado x Anri.
On Mikado.... teen angst has never been pleasant ^^;

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