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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

It is often recommended by my friends on the internet. They say that it's a very awesome book. I did a little research on it and I often see high ratings and many positive remarks and reviews. Of course that got me very interested! Even if the book wasn't that popular, it would still have gotten my attention. Stories set during the world war and talk about nontypical stuff (like in this case, it's about a book thief) are my kind of thing. I had been looking for it with an online friend, and she had found it for me. I was so happy to have bought the book in a cheaper (even if it was just a little cheaper compare to National Bookstore, it's still cheaper) price. I read it as soon as I can when the Filipinos Group at GoodReads have selected this novel for a Book Discussion this month.
Many people say that it was fantastic, and they are right! For me, one of its greatest qualities is its narration style. It was a wise choice of a narrator. He or It wasn't exactly interacting with the characters directly, but he/it was very much involved alright. This novel had a wonderful set of characters! They are so dynamic and have been great and lovable in their own way. I am so happy that the leading character didn't just steal all the spotlight. Other main and supporting characters had the chance to shine and they were given importance. I like it that the leading girl did not annoy me (because most leading ladies no matter what media piss the hell out of me for being irritating damsels in distress), I actually admire and love her even.

I have loved so many characters in this story, but my favorite has to be Death. These are my favorite lines of his:
"By the way -- I like this human idea of the grim reaper. I like the scythe. It amuses me.
. . . . .
Forget the scythe, Goddamnit, I need a broom or a mop. And I needed a vacation.
pages 75 and 307 of The Book Thief
Wahaha! He never fails to delight and entertain me! I totally love this character! (I just noticed that I usually like characters that signify/symbolize/represent Death, like Death from the Sandman series. Haha!)

Speaking of entertainment, this book certainly entertained me a lot. People often caught me laughing by myself while reading the book. Rudy and, of course, Death, made me chuckle the most. I often exclaim "Aaaaww" too, especially during Liesel's moments with her loved ones, especially with Hans and Max. I'm a shipper, and I think Rudy's a darling. His love was so cute. This novel made me cry by myself too, especially those sad events in the end. I admire books that had affected me this much.

I consider this one of the best young adult historical novels I have ever read. It didn't only make me amused and impressed, but it had also educated me as well. Those German words/phrases/sentences encouraged me to learn more of the German language. It also made me do a little research on the wars when the story took place. Wow! I love this book! I recommend it to everyone who likes history and reading, and doesn't mind some swearing, haha!

Rating: 9.5 out of 10
Favoritism: 10 out of 10