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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Unicorns! edited by Jack Dann and Gardner Dozois

I love almost all kinds of animals, and that includes magical and mythical beasts. One of my favorites is the unicorn, and I love reading literature that involve such a wonderful creature. It's not that often for me to encounter books that focus on them, so I was very happy when an online friend lent me her copy of Unicorns!
It consists of more than 10 tales related to unicorns written by different authors. Unicorns aren't portrayed the same way. Settings of the stories and even the ethnicity of the characters there differ as well. Each narrative in this book have been good and bad in a way.
To be honest, the stories here weren't as impressive as I expected them to be. My greatest disappointment was the first one which seems to be an essay. It almost made me give up on the book if I didn't continue and had enjoyed the succeeding stories.
If I have to mention specific stories, my favorites include The Silken Swift by Theodore Sturgeon, which is a sad but wonderful love story, and Mythological Beast by Stephen R. Donaldson, which is about a man transforming into a unicorn in a futuristic utopia. I also like The Unicorn by Frank Owen, because it's very similar to Chinese tales I've heard or read about in the past. The Women the Unicorn Loved by Gene Wolfe was pretty nice. I like the idea of the leading character being part of some Mythic Conversationists group in modern times. I find that really cool! Hehe.
Overall, this anthology wasn't as great as expected it to be, but it had been pretty good. I had enjoyed reading it, at least most of it. Even without my bias to unicorns, I believe I would still have liked this book.