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Saturday, March 14, 2009


I am always interested in movies that are based on comic books, and Watchmen is no exception. When my friend and I bought movie tickets today, it took us a while to choose between this and The Race to Witch Mountain because we are curious on both. But since Watchmen was already in theaters weeks ago and the other one was just out recently, we decided to pick Watchmen since Race to Witch Mountain will definitely still be in theaters in later weeks. In other words, we can still watch The Race to Witch Mountain in theaters later while with Watchment we can't.
What I like best in this movie are the visual effects and the action scenes. That part with the broken glass slowly shattering in such detail was terrific! Fight scenes are so bloody awesome, haha! However, though the slow-motion fighting scenes are cool, overusing that effect is kinda lame.

I actually have several complains in this movie, and my biggest complains: romance and sex scenes. Two-timing bitches to me are whores. The romance development for me was so BLAH. And are sex scenes actually necessary in a movie? There was like 30 minutes of it and I almost thought I was watching a porn movie! It's wasting decent screentime. Can't they f*ck off screen or something instead?! It gives me headaches!

I don't consider the story excellent but I do think it's very good. What I like best about this is that it's not your typical superhero movie. The heroes aren't the ideal ones, they've got bad sides too but not exactly evil either. The villain isn't someone that one would expect to be a villain either, even that character's purpose was such a twist. So many irony in this story, mostly on The Comedian, who does things that aren't really funny but what he's been doing in his life is one big joke. So yes, I'm very impressed with the story, even if the events didn't excite me that much.

Not all characters had appealed to me, except for several. At first impression I liked Dr. Manhattan for . . . being blue and shiny. Yes, it has something to do with my favorite color bias. Haha! It amuses me. And he has a pretty cool power.
I find Ozymandias handsome. I have a thing for wealthy guys who have a mutated beast for a pet, which in his case is a beautiful white tiger with tall horns. How lovely!
I also liked Nite Owl II, simply because I also have a thing for guys that are pretty techy and much nicer compare to their allies.
But my favorite is his partner: Rorschach. They are an interesting duo, and Rorschach entertains me a lot. Haha! He seems to be the antisocial type but he's nice to his comrades. He's very mean and brutal to his enemies, but it pains him deeply when innocent people get hurt. Also, he keeps a diary! So cute~ I find this guy ADORABLE! Hahaha!

I don't think I'll be considering this as one of my favorites shows of all times but it had been good, and it had amazed and amused me. It also reminded me two of my current obsessions: Supernatural and Axis Powers Hetalia. Seeing Jeffrey Dean Morgan makes me think "I can't believe Dean and Sam's dad doing those things?!". And those events involving United States of Amerrica, and the Soviet Union, reminded me so much of Hetalia's Alfred and Ivan. Hahaha! Oh Hetalia fans sure can't think of countries the same way anymore, haha!

[ STRENGTHS ] special effects, some action scenes, some characters, story twists and uniqueness, characterization
[ WEAKNESSES ] some characters, overusing/repetition, unecessary stuff, length some story parts

Rating: 8.0 out of 10
Favoritism: 6.5 out of 10