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Monday, February 8, 2010

Bloody Monday Season 2 - Chapters 7 to 12

I finally get to blog my favorite shounen series again. As planned, I'm doing by 6 chapters again, now onto the second batch:

I'm honestly getting disappointed with the overused style in making twists . . . but nevertheless, it still manages to impress me~


What I love with this series is that it doesn't run out of twists but the "traitor" thing is becoming a little overused I think . . .
There's a spy in the enemy territory and most likely there's yet another one in Third-I as well (Was it Minami?) I'm the type who gets tired of seeing the same thing often . . .gguuuhh . . . and now even Hibiki seems to be a "traitor".


Ever since it has been revealed to the audience that Takagi's just pretending to be allied with the enemies, he has become MORE OBVIOUS. His worries, hesitations, etc. are freakin' obvious that I wonder why Alexei still hasn't figured it out. Unless my hunch that Alexei just lets Takagi go along even though he knows the spy's identity already is right.
And there's a group or person that doesn't like this new terrorist group either, right? I have a feeling they have a spy in the terrorist group as well. That's most likely the reason why Maya knows things . . .


Yes, she was a bitch. But she was an awesome bitch and she is like that until now. Haha! So he could either be an enemy or an ally as long as there's money. She had been a fun enemy but I'm liking her as an ally . . . well, she's an ally for now at least.
I wonder who she's working for. It's making me really curious. This new terrorist group seems so powerful that Fujimaru and the Third-I's skills really aren't enough. Especially with the hacker that can match Fujimaru is on the enemy side. Damn, where the heck is J . . . . yes, I'm a biased J fangurl but I really think J would make a really strong ally even if he's not a hacker.
Oh yeah . . .back to Maya. Her surname's Orihara . . . damn, instantly reminded me of Orihara Izaya of Durarara!! (my current addiction). Oh my god . . .both are evil yet freakin' awesome (not to mention sexy! Hahaha!)

I am still sad that J is still not back, but I am pleased with the Otoya screentime:

A bishie carrying a hammer to get ready to destroy a computer . . . it made me laugh so hard. Hahahaha!
Fujimaru has an excellent back up . . . he could act as a bodyguard (shoots arrows and . . . can use a hammer, LOLz), he can explain things that Fujimaru won't get (he can even translate), and he knows what to do at once in emergency cases (like with Fujimaru screwing up). *still doesn't run out of praises to Otoya*
Hmmm . . .but it appears that he still hates his grandpa. And there was something mentioned of his grandpa willing to surrender anything for his political position. It might have something to do with what happened during the hostage incident. Hhhmmm . . . .


Things didn't go as smoothly as Fujimaru usually does . . . . I love that!
And those cyber battle scenes . . . I wish to see this part animated. I think it would look really cool!

I got myself spoiled on the latest chapters . . . didn't expect the first season to still be connected to this one. Wow . . .

Random: There's a Hansel and a Gretel! Oh boy, I'm pretty sure this means there's sibling love~ Last season has a Cain and Abel~ Oh this series really knows my type of fanservice, hehe.
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