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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Durarara!! - Episode 7

Oh this episode had been so much fun! There's so much more to love aside from Shizuo in this episode~


There had been so many things to say about the character spotlight in this episode that I had to make a separate entry just for Shizu-chan because there's already so much to say in just adoring him. Haha!
I love it that even if this series has different narrators (at least in its earlier episodes), the flow is still the same, and the narrating style is still in-character. I love it that the staff still aims to be creative even on parts that are often being neglected such as the narrating style.
Anywayz, back to Shizuo, he's actually a nice guy who wants peace and quiet in his life but unfortunately for him he's easy to piss off and he couldn't control it. But it doesn't seem that he doesn't stay angry at someone for too long (except for you-know-who xD) and he calms down as quickly as he gets angry. He's such a loving person . . . no wonder he also has a number of people close to him. Daaaw~ I guess only an evil psychopath such as Izaya could is capable of hating this guy. Bwahahaha!


One of the most important persons to Shizuo is none other than his younger brother: Kasuka. What happened to their parents, I dunno. But they seem to be really close that they're together so often.
Kasuka became a popular celebrity. The debut movie was crack. Haha! It's actually quite a surprise that he became an actor because he always wears an emotionless face. I don't see him showing different emotions other than the combat mode on the clip of his debut movie. It would be more belivable if he was just a famous model . . . but hhhmmm, it's still cool that this emotionless guy can actually do great acting. Hehe.
But now that Kasuka's so famous, he became so busy that he had less time with his brother. It was so cute to see Shizuo missing his brother. I think Kasuka had felt the same~


I just realized that Tom's the only guy who calls Shizuo with a "-chan" without Shizuo getting angry at him. So Tom's permitted to treat Shizuo like a kid? Hahaha! It's funny to see it that way because of their current ages.
So like Kasuka, Tom appears to be one of the most important persons to Shizuo. He goes facepalm but he doesn't seem to hate Shizuo when he does . . . damages. Hehe. And hhhmm . . . it looks like he's the type who is calm when scolding Shizuo that Shizuo apologizes instead of getting angry at him. People that can handle Shizuo sure are incredible....
It was so nice of Tom to give Shizuo a job after Izaya ruined everything. Looks like Shizuo can still act childish and immature sometimes that he needs an older brother figure. Hehe.

[ SELTY~ ]

Then I guess Selty is the older sister figure to him. I doubt she had ever made him mad. She's very very very very nice. Just talking to her calms Shizuo down. It's her aura. Wahehehe.
So how she was introduced to Shizuo was somethign casual. And Shinra had blurted out the fact that Selty was lookin for her head. Shizuo didn't seem to be the type to freak out on supernatural things.
I giggled when Selty got mad at Shinra when he teased her. She punched him when he was teasing her for meeting some guy and she squished him when he wants to say that she's gonna be his future . . . hahahahahah! Selty, you have such an amusing fanboy~


The weirdo has been interested in unnatural things. We know he's so into Selty, then I guess it's no surprise that he became interested in Shizuo as well. He was so fascinated and he had made a lot of theories . . . but Shizuo didn't give a damn. All Shizuo knew was that he's just getting stronger. Hehe.
It's amusing to watch Shinra still trying to experiment on Shizuo even until they grew up. Shizuo of course rejects him but they still hang out together. I think Shizuo considers Shinra as noisy and idiotic, but he doesn't push him away. Shizuo isn't mean to people who are fond of him =P
But hhhhmmm . . . Shinra's interest on abnormal individuals seem to have no bounderies . . . . because he had become acquainted to the evil psycho as well:


Oh gosh, high school rebel that doesn't even want to wear the school uniform? Or perhaps it's because he thinks that he looks hotter in black? Hahahaha!
Izaya didn't only dislike Shizuo . . . he did whatever he can to not only piss him off but also mess up his life. It was really really cruel of him to even thank and pay the guy who accidentally hit Shizuo with a car. He was like encouraging the dude to continue that "noble" act. No wonder Shizuo hates him. They both want to kill each other; but Izaya doesn't just want to kill him . . .but make his life miserable as well.
Of course, if he's a character in real life, he's absolutely despicable. But since he's a fictional character . . . .and twisted fictional characters are delightfully crazy . . . I still love him!!! Hahahahahha!


Currently we have Mikado, Kida, and Anri. But the former trio seems to be Shizuo, Izaya, and Shinra. And hhhmm . . . the former trio seems to be a crazier combination compare to the current one. It's not even harmonious, hahaha!
Shinra was epic enough to get along with these two extremes, who turn out to hate each other to bits. And Shinra sure is something to manage to put this two in close quarters and even under one roof, without getting himself killed. Haha!
Shizuo sees Shinra as some idiot but I think he does consider him as a friend. Izaya, on the other hand, ....I doubt that psycho has true concerns for anybody (in other words, I doubt he has cared for anyone like a true friend). But him and Shinra had been close enough that Izaya hangs out at his place, even if he was just there to boss Shinra around (nail cleaning service, haha!). I find it amazing that Shinra dares to call Izaya an asshole . . . and Izaya just goes "butthurt", hahaha!
Whether Izaya does see Shinra as a friend or not, and even if Shizuo and Izaya are like oil and water, this trio can actually be together as long as Shinra's there in the middle. Shinra's certainly incredibly for being able to handle these two. (Though it's pretty creepy that he actually SMILES during the times when these two try to kill each other) Don't underestimate mad doctors!!!! Hehe~


Now on these two . . . they are so special. They are Romeo and Juliet in an opposite way, because instead of love at first sight, it was hate at first sight xD Haha!
These two are so like kids. One of them always running after the other. For some reason, as long as they're in the same city, there will always be chances of Shizuo spotting Izaya like he has some sort of Izaya radar. Come on, Ikebukuro can't be that small for these two to come across each other that often. All their encounters can't be just "coincidences". It's destiny. Whether it's romance or hatred or what, they're so mean tot be. Bwahahahaha!
Back to the Romeo and Juliet stuff . . . I remember Romeo calling out Juliet's name so freakin' often . . . and just how freakin' often have we been hearng Shizuo go "IIIIIIIIIZZZZZZZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!' Bwahahhaahahaha!
Oh I freakin' love these two. Their chemistry's so . . .INSANE!!! Hahahaha!


Okayz, more crack. As if I wouldn't miss this part! It's so adorable~ *loves horses* Yay for petting horsies~


This is the second time we see characters drinking milk. Hahahaha! Our main characters love 'em~ If the other episodes show main characters drinking milk as well, no doubt about it anymore! DRRR!!'s promoting the healthiness in drinking milk. Haha!


Ah, something I am so relieved to see in this series that a lot of anime tend to neglect: the Asian Natural hair color. Japanese people aren't born blonde, or redhead, or nor will they ever have blue or pink hair! Asians go either black or dark brown. If their color is something else, then there's a simple explanation for it: hair dye. Like in real life.
Shizuo's awesome in either of his hair colors. Kida dyed his hair too, and the same goes for the anime original girl. I'm so relieved that Izaya didn't think of doing the same. He really looks better in black. Black is his color. But it's amusing to see him in pink though (yay for 2nd dvd cover!)


Okayz, some serious stuff. I can't blame Shizuo for being pissed off at those he's collecting debt from. They're a bunch of buttheads. First we have this guy wasting his money on a slut yet he still claims it was for love. Oh if she loved him then he doesn't need such money to be with her. And then there are kids who care nothing about the world as they focus their time on video games. They're a bunch of rude brats too. So uesless to society.
It's sad that many people who have a lot of debts in real life are usually this miserable. Not all people who have a lot of debts just borrow money for leisure, but there are more that do . . . and it really must've been fun to kick their ass . . . or in Shizuo's case . . . just throw them in the air! Hahahaha!


It looks like many of the main cast will be in next episode, YAY!
And I love the Walker + Erika dancing~ I hope they're canon. THey're so like Baccano's Isaac and Miria (they had a poster in episode 7. I forgot which part), except that they're less stupid and more creepy. Hehe~
It looks like it's gonna be fun and serious at the same time. Angry Shinra . . . ooooo . . . first time we see him go like that in the anime!


Kencana said...

Nice review.

About hair color, (maybe) because it's an anime. Anything can happen in anime/manga. ^^

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Kencana

Ah, haha! I know. It's just that . . . character designs are becoming too bizarre =_= It's like they're running out of creative hair designs because of the limited hair colors/styles in the real world.

I'm not really complaining that animanga tends to use unnatural hair colors. It's fiction, big deal. I just feel happy when a series contains character designs that don't depend on that, hehe.

BigFire said...

I think Shizuo dye his hair after the bakery shop lady incident as a reminder that his anger could seriously injure innocent bystander. He was too ashame to show his face there after that incident.

Anonymous said...

Shinra didn't clean Izaya's nails, he treated his wounds. C:

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