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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Durarara!! - Episode 7 (Shizuo Centric)

I know this is a Shizuo episode and it's obviously centered on him already but it's still not absolutely about him and those parts happen to be long enough to have its own post. So I'll separate that.


Many bad things start with something stupid, and it's the same with Shizuo's case. He is aware that it was indeed stupid. It's a little cute though because he's just a kid for being angry for a stupid reason. It appears that he was pissed that his brother didn't let him eat/drink something. Haha! But to hit your brother with a refrigerator . . . whoa! If that's already surprising, what's more surprising is his brother's reaction: still emotionless, like he doesn't see the danger of being hit with such a large appliance. Either he's immune to fear or he's confident that his dear brother wouldn't ever hurt him. Shizuo managed to stop himself luckily. But he was the one who got hurt instead.
Shizuo's doesn't seem to be from a rich family. I wonder how the heck those proeprties he damages get paid. Maybe I could understand the current Shizuo is if brother pays for him . . . but from before . . must've been tough financially. Not to mention the hospital bills.


(Oh, the steps before Shizuo starts throwing people/objects: 1) break something 2) throw it on the floor and stomp on it. Seems to be a habit since childhood. Oh Izaya, did you get the stomping idea from Shizuo? Hahah!)
I wonder if Shizuo ever tried undergoing anger management *remembers the film*. Haha! Anyway, it seems that he had really tried his best to do something about his temper, but always failed. Because of that, he doesn't hold back anymore. He doesn't see hope in ever stopping it fully, why bother.
It's funny that Simon and Tom just think it's an adolescene thing. Like Shizuo is just in a rebellious stage. But he's already in his 20's . . .what the . . .haha. You guys still see Shizuo as a baby/kid? That cute but . . .oh LOLz~
It makes me worry about his health though. There are countless illnesses caused by such a temper. Shizuo seems to be an ordinary human aside from his strength so I can't imagine him living that long because of the possible diseases he could get.


Yes, even though he has super strength, he has his limits. Like when he was a kid, his little body couldn't hold those big objects. He can be injured, have fractured bones, etc.
Even though his grown-up body can handle the big stuff that he carries now, he can still get hurt. Like when he got hit by a car.
Though I admit that it's pretty surprising that he could recover to what he was before despite those numerous accidents. His body sure is something.


As long as he's not angry, he's actually a quiet guy that you can walk around with like normal. He might've been just an ordinary guy, no one special and won't get any attention, if only he doesn't have that temper and strength.


I like it that even with that strength, he doesn't abuse it. He doesn't do it for evil intentions either. He just becomes violent when he gets annoyed or when he wants to stop something that he hates: which is none other than violence.
Ironic that the guy who is popular for his violent actions is actually against violence, huh? Sadly he isn't capable of fighting violence aside from using violence.
But you know . . . the people that he hurt actually deserve them . . . in a way. Like the part when a bunch of guys were threatening the lady that was nice to him. And those gang members that attack him are just asking for it. The guy that claims to have money but has time for women . . . and kids not caring about anything else but videogames . . . .can't blame Shizuo on being annoyed with such people. And Izaya . . . do I need to elaborate on that? Hahahaha! If Shizuo is violence itself; Izaya's evil itself. Haha!


Believe it or not, the person labeled as the strongest character in Durarara actually wants to become stronger. But no, he doesn't mean becoming physically invincible. He wants to be strong enough to stop himself from doing bad things. It's pretty frustrating when you can't help yourself from doing something you actually don't like.


(Lil' Shizuo . . .I wanna cuddle him~)
Oh more to Shizuo's adorable side. Because of his strength, he's more used to people being scared of him, or hating him. It must've mean a lot to him when people are being nice and unafraid of him.
The part of him and his brother with the nice lady was really sweet. I believe it makes him joyful that there's someone who's concerned about his health. Oh that darling.


I think Shizuo has been saying that he wanted to be alone because people close to him might get hurt or something like that. But since no man's an island and Shizuo's such a nice guy that it's difficult not to be drawn to him, he realizes that it can't be helped. Right now he's attached to certain special people, especially his senpai and his younger brother.


Tom might claim that his reasons for hiring Shizuo is just because he makes a good bodyguard and his name makes people pay up and stuff . . . but for certain Shizuo brings more trouble than in helping n the debt collecting, or at least . . . even when if he becomes successful, he still gets to destroy a lot of properties. So I think Tom does care for Shizuo and wants to help him out no matter what. He can't be just using Shizuo; he's really helping the guy. I think Tom has seen the nice side of Shizuo . . . and he's even capable of tolerating Shizuo's temper. And hhhmm . . . it also seems that he's one of those people that doesn't make Shizuo angry.


Selty: You really love your brother.
(Pfft! As if I will miss my brotherly love fanservice~)
I am so DELIGHTED that Shizuo and his younger brother, Kasuka, actually have a good relationship *a sucker for brotherly love*. Yeah, they had petty fights, but they still hang out together. With Shizuo's violent behavior, it must've been really difficult for him to gain friends. So he only has his brother for company, and his brother had always been there. I find it sweet that his brother was by his side whenever Shizuo gets hospitalized. Kasuka may wear an emotionless face, but he did many things for his brother, shows that he cares for Shizuo a lot.


So now we get an explanation why Shizuo always wears that bartender suit even though he ain't a bartender anymore: it's his brother's present. Kasuka gave him loads of bartender suits in hopes that Shizuo can stay in the bartending job. Kasuka was already a popular celebrity by that time . . . he went all the way to his brother's workplace to give him those (Kasuka's a busy person but he managed to buy stuff for his brother). I think it worried Kasuka that Shizuo kept on switching jobs. I think giving those suits is Kasuka's way of cheering on Shizuo that there's hope for him to stay long in one job. So sweet.
So those clothes aren't just uniform (or character costume, haha). So the bartender suit is actually special to Shizuo . . . nice that it actually suits him~ Hehe. Oh it was so cute when he got pissed off with a bunch of teenagers when they ruined the clothes that his precious brother had given him. Daaaw~


Oh yeah, though it's easy to make Shizuo angry; it's also easy to make him calm down. People that are close to him manage to do that easily.
Kasuka seems to be the expert on that. Their eyes just met and it already made Shizuo feel better. And when Shizuo was so annoyed like hell, Kasuka just gave him a drink then Shizuo has finally become quiet. Haha!
The company of nice people makes him feel better as well it seems. We see Tom and Selty being able to do that for him.


Oh Shinra~ Instead of being afraid of the violent little Shizuo, he was amazed instead that he kept on following the boy. Haha! I think Shinra's being your typical weirdo who is interested on anything extraordinary; and in this case, Shizuo has been physically extraordinary. And if I remember correctly, Shinra even wants to take blood samples and stuff from Shizuo, haha!
But still, thanks to Shinra, Shizuo has company even at school. His brother can't be with him 24/7 after all. Shinra's kinda noisy though . . . he's not an exemption to Shizuo's violence. Haha! (Well, his brother hadn't been an exception either after all). But Shinra's not a bad kid so it's no surprise that he and Shizuo got along.
I think Shinra isn't just interested in Shizuo. He had geniunely become Shizuo's friend. At first it was only Kasuka who is at Shizuo's side when Shizuo gets hospitalized. But when Shinra got to know Shizuo, he had visited Shizuo at the hospital as well. Shows that Shinra really cares. So sweet~


Shizuo met Selty through Shinra. I don't think it'll be a surprise if Shizuo didn't have trouble in accepting the reality that Selty isn't human. He seems to be the type who accepts people (or beings) for what they are. He doesn't discriminate. What a nice guy.
And it looks like he's acquianted to Kyohei as well. It could be because they are friends or there's the Dollars connection or both.
It's nice that he's actually in good terms with Simon as well, though we saw them fight in a previous episode. I'm so happy that these strong people can get along despite their disagreements. They make up easily. It's so nice.


Why are they having the Romeo and Juliet-like scene so often. You know, Izayaliet's on the "balcony" and Shizuomeo looks up from below. Bwahahahhahaha!!!!!!!.
Shizuo may be such a nice person that it's not difficult to get long with him as long as you're a good person as well . .. however, there's just one guy that is already obviously rotten to the core by just looking at him. Hahahha! They're like destined to have a special relationship . . .it had been special in a negative way however.
Being a violence hater, I guess it's natural for Shizuo to hate Izaya. The bastard may not be doing something explicitly violent, but he has been a trigger or a mastermind on a lot of acts of violence. And he also loooooves provoking Shizuo. It's already easy to make Shizuo angry, what more if you're doing it intentionally?! Haha!
In Izaya's case though. I don't think it's necessary to think too deeply on why he hates Shizuo since he's an evil psychopath. Hahahha! But hhhmm . . . if there has to be a reason, my guess that it's because Shizuo's the person whose actions that our evil manipulator couldn't predict (my reason for that guess might be spoilery, so not mentioning here). I thought that might be the type of person whom Izaya could warm up to, but it turns out to be the opposite.
But well, if you look at the things that they do as a Shizaya fan's perspective . . . they can still be equal to love. Bwahahahha! Their love is complicated. Bwahahahha. And there's also the saying "The more you hate; the more you love" after all. Bwahahahahhaha . . . .
I wonder when Izaya started calling Shizuo with a "-chan". This episode has shown that he used to call him with a "-kun". Oh either way, how Izaya calls Shizuo still has the mocking tone. Haha!


Oh my god these two are so fun to watch. Especially when Shizuo is just chasing Izaya. They're like cat and mouse and it highly reminded me of the Tom and Jerry cartoon. Izaya fits the Jerry role so much because the mouse is often the one being chased . . . and outsmarts the cat. While the cat, Tom, like Shizuo just keeps on chasing the mouse at the sight of it. Without thinking. Oh they're classic comedy. It's more hilarious to see that type of comedy between human characters, bwahehehehehhe.


You know, even though Shizuo is the one throwing stuff at Izaya . . . .Izaya deserves it so much for the things that the bastard has done to poor Shizuo.
Shizuo wants to live in peace, but Izaya made a lot of gangs fight against Shizuo. And with Shizuo's temper, it's giving him a bad image. If only those thugs hadn't been initiated by Izaya, Shizuo won't be going out of control in such a way . . .and he won't be involved in gang fights at all.
The most cruel thing that Izaya did was framing Shizuo. Shizuo was already doing well on his bartender job, and hoping to stay on it . . . but having him framed for a crime he didn't do ruined his image worse. That's the most probable reason why he lost the bartender job. Thing would've been okay if only Izaya left Shizu-chan alone. Unfortunately, Izaya was evil enough to drag innocent Shizuo in such a mess.
And more of Izaya's cruelty . . . when Shizuo got hit by a truck . . . he's lessening the alarm . . .and even paid that truck driver who had hit Shizuo for doing a "good job". Well, it doesn't seem that Izaya had planned it, but doing that is like he's encouraging the driver to continue doing more acts like those to Shizuo. And he may also be paying the driver for beating up Shizuo for him. That was really cruel. Yeah, hilarious in a way. But still so cruel. Poor Shizu-chan. *sobs*


Need I say more? xD
Haha, he's actually a shy fellow you know. He doesn't like admiting openly when he's being so touching, hehe. But he's certainly huggable~


His and Selty's similar simultaneous reaction's just so cute~

Extra: The non-centric episode post will be done some other time. And ah, the ED single is already out! Go here if you want to see the downloads. Just updated the DRRR!! OP and ED page, hehe.


Anonymous said...

Shizu-chan~~~ <3 He really needs more hug, doesn't he?
I love the scene where Kasuka gave the suit. daaw'd at tamed Shizu-chan

Anonymous said...



there needs to be a "KYAAAAAAAA" reaction, but in the meantime, I am selecting all of them.

DayDreamer95 said...

Thank you for this background story!
He is the cutest little evil nice poor guy eva~
Is Shizuo's hair naturally blonde or did he dye it? D: Sorry if this has already been answered.

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Anonymous 1

@ Anonymous 2
LOLz, yeah, Shizuo's moe xD

Pfft! Every Shizuo scene is worth going KYAAA about xD Haha!

@ DayDreamer95
"He is the cutest little evil nice poor guy eva~" ---> wonderful description xD
He dyed it =D Sometime before high school. I dunno why. But blonde looks good on him too. So not complaining~ Hehe~

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