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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Durarara!! - Episode 8

Yay for Selty focus episode~

Selty looks really cute in her nightwear~ And her knife is way cooler than the oridnary kitchen knife. Haha!


Yeah, the fan favorite did not appear in this episode even with just one brief scene like the first one. However, he got REPRESENTATIVES. His sisters made a cameo appearance (I've mistaken them for the maids though . . .assuming one of them just removed her braids and glasses. Stupid moi. Thanks Kagura for the correction ^^;)
I hope Mairu and Kururi get a proper introduction soon =D If Izaya himself is freakin' twisted, his siblings are not different xD Though they might be creepier than him because Izaya himself couldn't handle them, haha!


It feels like that's the theme of the episode because many of the main cast had lost something. Selty lost her head, Shinra lost his day off, Mika lost her memories, Erika lost Walker, Walker lost Erika (and his phone), Anri lost her shoes, then Mikado lost his tie.
Not all the lost items have been found; some didn't bother to look for it anymore while some didn't give up.
There's a foreigner that sort of acts as a "Lost and Found" section. She doesn't seem to be asking to be paid, or maybe the payment part was just not shown. I wonder if there is or had been really people working that way in Ikebukuro. It's . . . an unusual job.
Mikado also wrote on the pad. It could be just his tie . . . but I have a feeling that it's something bigger.... (why not show it to the audience >.<)

Anri lost her shoes. I dunno if she was just being bullied or she's just careless. But she did mention that she often loses things since she was a child, so it might be the later (of all places for it to be lost though. Or maybe there's a meaning why it's there~). She didn't find it that important to look for it that badly but Mikado still continued the search. And when he found it, he went through the trouble of going to Anri's place to deliver the pair of shoes. Anri just thanked him and closed the door.
Like many others, I find what Anri did really rude. Perhaps she has a reason to be with people as less as possible starting late afternoon . . . but still, Mikado's being underappreciated T_T

[ KIDA.... ]

Fortunately there's still best friend who also helps Mikado out even in school troubles. He also checked up on Mikado when Mikado's left in school still searching for Anri's shoes/
What I didn't get that Kida insists that he knows the culprit behind these stuff and ran to search for him/her. I doubt he's just letting Mikado and Anri have time alone together since he's part of the love triangle. Maybe Kida's upto something else. Guh . . . you mysterious boy you...


(GIF by francismeunier of MAL)
They were together (pfft! it seems that they're inseparable. most likely they're canon already) but lost each other. They desperately looked for each other but fortunately there's a "lost and found" girl and they were able to communicate and see each other again. Now they're together again, they have the guts to dance in public. Oh they're so adorable~


I honestly didn't get the part with them figuring out what used to be in that vacant lot....
But oh their symmetrical reactions had really been cute xD
Hmmm . . . . even though it was Shinra who connected these two, Shizuo hangs out more with Selty than with Shinra. Or eprhaps he got tired of Shinra from their school days. Hahaha! Or it's simply because Shinra's too weird for him. Hahaha!
Anywayz, it's cute that these two are really really close that they often help each other out. Shizuo even treats Selty like a dude (slapping her back like that). Haha.


Shinra absolutely sees Selty as a woman though. Interestingly, he's the only one who can "see" Selty's facial expressions. He has analyzed her enough that he could understand her feelings and moods but just looking at the smoke coming out of her body? Whoa...
The episode seems to be centered on the two of them~ Kyaaaaa~ Shinra and Selty seem like a set. On the Shinra episode, he talked about himself but he gave us a lot of information abotu Selty as well. Then this time it's a Selty episode, but we learn a lot about Shinra as well! They come together! It's gotta be Shinra AND Selty if one of them happens to be the focus of the episode. Wheee~
Selty had a day off and Shinra had actually calculated the number of days since she had her last day off. Because Selty's free, Shinra made a "forced" day off for him as well but turning off his phone and even removing the lan for his internet connection. Haha! It's Selty>>>>>>Work for Shinra. Daaaaaw~
It's also very cute that Selty wanted to cook for Shinra for her day off. It's SO SWEET and that makes Shinra so overjoyed that he cried while he was eating his food. Unfortunately, Selty interpreted his crying as "he's just forcing himself to eat my bad cooking for me not to feel bad". Oh poor Shinra . . . delicious meal of love went bye bye because of a misunderstanding.


It looks like Shinra's job seems to be something really dangerous and secretive that even Selty has no idea of what he exactly does. Dangerous people demand him . . . and though he does illegal stuff he doesn't seem to like his job very much. Though he's forced to do whatever his clients tell him to do . . . because they seem to know about Selty and will plan to harm her if Shinra doesn't do what they please. Must be hard for Shinra. He's not really a bad guy but he's still Selty>>>>>>>>Everyone-Else. Eheheh.


That fortune cookie . . . NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Unrequited Love is too sad for Shinra. GAH! DRRR!! Please show that not all "fortune tellings" really come true!!!!
There's a chance, Shinra. Selty herself is saying that she thinks her feelings for you are love.
BAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWW . . . . I don't want Shinra to be lonely. Fan love isn't enough. He needs Selty. Only Selty will make him absolutely happy. Waaaah, Selty! Selty! Please don't ever leave him. Baaaaaawwwwww~


(Most beautiful face in the series xD)
Anyway, Selty got lucky on the fortune cookie thing though. I guess it's already foreshadowing that she'll be seeing her head soon with the revelation of what her face is and the dreams she has been having about it.
So it's shown that the mysterious girl has her head and she's also being called Selty. From spoilers it has been confirmed that it's actually the stalker girl (she's wearing the wardrobe after all). Her memories seems to have been erased . . . ah well, that's no problem to Seiji.


Seiji's so in love with Selty's face that it's kinda creepy. Hahaha! Well, this series had the "distorted love story" description after all, haha.
I wonder how they knew the name of the head. Perhaps we'll find that out next episode.


And I think Namie's the character focus next time? OH PLEASE MORE NAMIE SCREENTIME!!!
Izaya . . . Namie . . . I want them to interact as soon as possible . . . my OTP . . .please please please~


Kagura89 said...

Umm about the twins:
That's the scene they appear :)
I support WalkerxErika,they are so adorable~
Celty with pink nightwear=moe

Kencana said...

"Izaya . . . Namie . . . I want them to interact as soon as possible . . . my OTP . . .please please please~ "

Wow, I don't know that you like IzayaxNamie

Mimiko ♥ said...

Izaya . . . Namie . . . I want them to interact as soon as possible . . . my OTP . . .please please please~ <--- (used the voice of 07-Ghost's "Oh yeah"!)

And sure Izaya without his trademark jacket = even hotter *dies* xD

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Kagura89
Thanks for the correction ^^;
There should be more Walker x Erika.... and Celty in pink nightwear xD

@ Kencana
Now you know ;D Hahaha!

@ Mimiko ♥
Ah~ He's hott whatever he wears xD Haha!

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