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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Durarara!! - Episode 5

Hehe, this one took a while. The bias post was easier for me to type. But as if I could not mention my top favorite if he was in an episode~ So anyway, before anything else:

Damnit, Kida. I can't stop laughing everytime I see this scene. Hahahaha!
His speeches about love (it's the power of love!) and stuff are also as hilarious~ (Also his gestures/poses! Hahaha!) And oh your guts to ask out the girl you actually seriously like . . . but a crack genius enough to end it with something hilarious. Hahahaha!


Baccano lovers would most likely be reminded of the Rail Tracer from this character. They give off a similar freaky aura. The Rail Tracer was more like a monster though, while with this one you can tell that she's female . . . a female killing psychopath. Hope we get to know about her~ (her hair is like Haruna's though . . . )


It was so adorable of Selty to be so freaked out on what she thinks is an alien even though she's a terrifying supernatural being herself. Daaaaw~
And oh gawd, Shinra's line: "Is this the part where I'm supposed to laugh?" Hahahahahhaha!


I don't need to say much to emphasize HOW ADORABLE these two had been. Shizu-chan x doggie-chan is my new crack OTP damnit.


This is so wrong. We know how twisted Izaya is, and he can't be visiting the girl just because he's worried about her or if he cares for her and much less of him liking her. He's plotting something. And he asked if Kida had been coming I knew it, so he does prefer shota, LOLz. He's definitely plotting something. It's really hard to imagine Izaya having 100% good intentions. Hehe.


I forgot her name. Anyway, I thought she was Kida's sister at first, but then I've learned that she's actually his girlfriend. She's in the hospital, and he visits her often (and she knows) but he doesn't ahve the guts to go see her. Her smile was so sweet as she looks at him through the window . . . and when she looks at their picture through her cellphone. Oh Izaya, leave the couple alone. Give your time to your fangurls instead. Hahaha!


So these loverbirds are finally together and I still can't differentiate the mysterious girl from the stalker unless I see a picture of them together I guess. They only differ on the eyes for me (one seems dead while the other is the usual hyper chick). Anywayz, while they were walking, there were two men in suits following them. With my little background on the novel and the manga, I assume they are working for Seiji's sister, and they're ordered to follow/guard/stalk the couple.


Oh gawd trolls. It appears this anime knows how weird and freaky they could be. Haha! And of all words to repeat endlessly, why "mother"? Such weirdoes . . . but for some reason I find them fun. I feel like Izaya when I see trolls . . . they're interesting . . . and it's fun to mock and play with them.


Like what Kida-sama said, it was sexual harassment! seku harasu! so quick of that perverted teacher to make that move. Ah, he seems to know Anri and Miwa since middle school? Oh gawd how long has he been harassing poor girls . . .
I thought he was gonna be the "hilarious pervert" . . . but he had been more like the "disgusting pervert"! Come to think of it, real life perverts are actually like that . . . .
(I like Anri's reaction towards the perv. She's just indifferent. Not naive, not scared/helpless, not exactly giving in either)

[ ANRI and MIWA ]

(The scene of Mikado and the ice cream was more memorable to me)
I really didn't expect that the stalker and Anri are actually friends. They may be using each other, but they are still helping each other out. It's friendship enough for me. So even creepy people could be such nice individuals~
I wonder if the anime's gonna be showing the stalker do her thing . . . . she was really crazy. I wasn't sure if I'm just gonna laugh at her or hit her with something or be simply freaked out.


It's an official love triangle, like the way Kida sees it. I hope that Kida didn't hop in (he has a girlfriend already, jeez), but I guess this relationship is alright since it doesn't get in the way with their friendship. I think the other guy will certainly accept it if the Anri has finally chosen one of them. Romance aside, they make an interesting trio. The three of them seem normal but like Kida, they have some dark secrets~


As I've suspected, even without the novel spoilers. Kida's been through a lot. You can already see it in the way he looks at the gangs. He wasn't terrified nor amazed nor intimidated. Just: "T_T". Haha!
He's hinting that he's been in the dark side before (he knows a lot, and he just acts normal when the "Yellow Scarves" threatened him, and knowing Izaya personally would always mean something, Bwahehehehe), and he doesn't want to go back ever again and he totally won't let his best friend get dragged into it either. Oh best friends~ I love those two~


And he's DOTACHIN??? Hahahahahhaha!!!!!!
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