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Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Disgraces to Feminity

I have been itching to type a post like this because I have so many to rant about when it comes to the characters that I hate in AniManga. However, for some reason I suddenly lose the mood when I try to start to do so. But recently, Aorii's post about Shoujo Heroines had triggered me to do this post already . . . so I did. Mwahahaha!

(art by Brungilda)
Behold! The Disgraces to Feminity post consists of the list of types of female characters that I despise. I separated them into twelve categories (to correspond to the letters of this blog's name) and each category contains multiple subcategories because it appears that these types of women could still be further classified.


But before I begin, let me answer the question: Why only females? Well, here are a few reasons:
1) To narrow down the stuff I'll be including in the list. In other words, to minimize the scope.
2) If I focus on the guys, I might be mistaken for an anti-guy girl. =_=
3) The manga I've been reading lately is richer in females that I find annoying.
4) Females know females better. We know what degrades our gender.
Despicable females can be found in any anime/manga demographic or genre. Ironically, though shoujo shows should supposedly make females shine, many of them do the opposite thing. They end up making the heroines as the mangaka's ideal selves, or making heroines that highly depend on the gorgeous men of their fantasies for their ideal romance. Such things make these female characters annoying and pathetic. It makes me feel sick.

Those descriptions are pretty vast/broad though. So I'll go specific. That's what this post is for after all.

But once again, before I begin with my list, there are some things to take note of....

The Scope:
- This will only cover female character types from the anime and manga universe.
- The list includes female character types from the following demographics: shounen, shoujo, seinen, josei
- They can also be found from titles that are under multiple genres. My tastes are various, so trust me to have considered many of them. However, I naturally can't say much from those I don't actually watch/read (like yuri)
- These are most likely not all the types of female characters that I hate. And my tastes may change.
- Some may indeed be applicable to males as well; but I'm focusing on those traits on females.
- This is only applicable to fictional females. I won't hate real people with those traits. Reality is a different thing.
- I will not be mentioning examples of the characters that I think fit the character type that I dislike. The purpose of this post isn't exactly to bash particular characters, but more on type of characters. Besides, characters that I think which fit the given categories will certainly differ to many others.
Let Me Make This Clear:
- These are what I hate. A personal list based on personal tastes. I'm not saying that they're the type of characters that everyone should hate. Stick to your own tastes and morals. But I admit I do encourage people to dislike such characters, bwahehehe!
- These are obviously just my opinions. I'm not telling people that they're wrong if our opinions differ so I don't like hearing people say that I'm wrong on this either (Wrong in the sense that I'm wrong for hating them).
- I'm bashing the character types, and perhaps criticizing their creators/mangaka as well; but I am not bashing fans who are fond of such characters. Everyone's opinions and tastes have to be respected.
- I don't mind if we have disagreements. Tell me your thoughts and I'll be happy to hear them. We can discuss and respect each other's point of view at the same time. And no, I won't get mad, as long as you're not rude and are not bashing me.
- Some of my presumptions/interpretations may be wrong. Sorry, I'm not omnipotent/perfect. I'm not immune to mistakes.
Other Important Stuff:
- I'm not exactly being a feminist here. A feminist would most likely be criticizing the ones creating such characters, not the actual character types. Hmmm.....
- If you are fond of the types of characters that I list here; that's fine. It's your taste and there's nothing wrong with that. I still love you.
- LOLz, no, I don't actually hate all types of females (some had thought I have mentioned almost all types, if not all). There are the exceptions of course, and I definitely have not mentioned all types of females in this post. And the ones that are listed here naturally have their counterparts/opposites.
- Those that have "It depends..." as exceptions are actually the types that I can't think considerations of unless there's really a special case on them. Like with the "Typical Bullies". I don't see them cool in any way at all x_x
- If there are typos or grammatical errors in this post, just ignore those like my any other post. I'm doing this for fun, so don't be too serious on this.
General Exemptions:
- If their undesirable (for me) traits have been to the extremes (they're not only "too much", but really super duper TOO MUCH), that's alright because they're usually done on purpose. They are intentionally made as ridiculous as possible for the sake of comedy or parodies/satires. Comedy makes the audience laugh at these traits; parodies and satires make fun of these traits and at the same time criticize them.
- Aside from comedy or parody/satire, it may also be for insanity or distortedness/twistedness. If the character has a mental or psychological disorder, then it's totally understandable~ xD
- If there's a reason why they're acting that way. For example, I may dislike useless characters but if they're being useless because of her illness, it can't be helped.
- If the character changes/develops/improves in the later parts of the series/film. But please, not more than half of it (like only the 22nd episode of a 24 episode series) or, if the series already reached more than a hundred episodes, not more than 50 of it! If the character only changed on the following season or from a timeskip . . .it depends.
- If they're . . . not human? I mean, you can't expect a robot or an alien to have what human beings consider as the "common sense".
- If I'm simply being biased (usually because they have a trait/quality that I'm fond of or adore so much). Pfft! 'Nuff said. Mwahahaha!

(art by bosh)
These females highly depend on other characters to keep them in the story but they don't do much, or none at all, to help themselves. More hate points to them if they're actually crying or moping in the face of danger. Additional hate points if they go "Please save me! Boohoo!"
==> (H1-A: Trouble Magnet a.k.a. Damsel Scrappy )
Most people would refer to her as the damsel-in-distress but I think rescue missions are actually romantic as long as it's not overdone. It's alright for a female to be in need of being rescued, however it's highly annoying if she gets into trouble for too many times and most of them are even because of her own stupidity. She's also the type who gets away even if she's already in safety zone (in other words, she still goes after trouble even when she's already secured).
~~~ Exceptions: The frequency of the kidnapping is excused if they get kidnapped so often mainly because they are of royalty or other high status (e.g. president's daughter), it's understandable because people in such a position are naturally tempting to kidnappers. Duh. That's only on the frequency of the kidnapping, but they still fall under here if they're in trouble because of their own fault.
==> (H1-B: Protected 24/7 )
These are the women with one or more bodyguards that aren't official. He/They (of course usually the male) had to always be by her side to keep watch on her, because she won't survive if he/they don't.
~~~ Exceptions: Naturally, people that are wealthy or of high status/position are excused to this since it's normal for them to be guarded that way. But hhhmm... they don't fall under here in the first place because they're official bodyguards. Then okay . . . it really depends.
==> (H1-C: The Burden )
It's the same as TV Tropes' The Load, but I want to be more specific. The Burden is someone who is of no use to the other characters AT ALL but want to be by that character's side even so. Thus, when they get into trouble, the other character has to worry for them and help them. In other words, they're the ones that would make the other character's life much easier if only they aren't around.
~~~ Exceptions: If there is a good reason why they need to keep close to that character and also why they are being weak/useless. Like a girl with a heart disease but had to stay close to her brother because they don't have anyone else to trust.
==> (H1-D: Powerless Most Powerful )
It's the same as TV Tropes' The Load as well, except that they actually have one of the strongest, if not the strongest of all, abilities/powers but aren't or can't be activated/used until the last minute or only when the writer feels like it. So aside from the final attack, she's just for display or a burden.
~~~ Exceptions: If it's out of her control? But still depends....
==> (H1-E: Strong Except When Necessary )
This female is portrayed as someone strong (physically or mentally) and tough. She may also have background on sports that have something to do with fighting or self defense (like judo, karate, etc.). But when on important/dangerous scenarios, she'll be acting as the exact opposite; and that usually happens to have her love interest or someone else do the cool act for her. This female may also be the type who doesn't exactly hurt other people, but is capable of hurting a certain (or more) character, usually her love interest, very badly.
~~~ Exceptions: Errr.... she had amnesia? Or opponent's really too tough for her? It still depends.... but usually no way.
==> (H1-F: Fragile and Vulnerable )
This is the type that is just too easy to injure physically (if it's emotional, I'm putting it in another category). So much to the point that a simple scratch will already have her body spilling quite an amount of blood! Or a simple slap makes her incapable of getting up anymore. Plus hate points if she's depending on someone to shield her or take care of her wounds for so many freakin' times. Whut.
~~~ Exceptions: Naturally, those with illnesses or are born with a really frail body are excused. Also those who are exhausted or have been treated as slaves (as in serious slaves, not crack slaves, you know what I mean). It's alright to be weak, but TOO weak is just odd.


(art by SasuHale1125)
These are the females that don't appreciate/acknowledge those that are different from them or those that don't agree to what they believe in. Their ears are closed to your reasons and justifications. They also claim to be good and/or perfect; but they actually act worse than what they believe as wrong.
==> (Y2-A: Discriminating Supremist )
This female is judgemental and discriminates others usually by class or race. She believes that where she belongs are better or far more superior than the rest.
~~~ Exceptions: If she's brought up that way I guess. It's parents to blame. Just like in real life. But if the other characters who are raised the same way but aren't like her, she's the problem T_T
==> (Y2-B: Exceedingly Self-Righteous )
What she believes in is the only thing that's right while the others are wrong. She always has to do things her own way; and if you don't let her do so, you're the bad guy. She won't ever think of her decisions are outrageous, silly, or simply wrong; because she's always right.
~~~ Exceptions: Well, only if the people she's going against are really wrong. It's a chaotic world. Easier to find bad people that the righteous ones.
==> (Y2-C: Stubbornly Unreasonable)
She's quite the same as the Exceedingly Self-Righteous but the big difference is that sometimes she actually knows what she wants to do is wrong, but just can't accept it. And if you have done something what she thought was bad, she won't listen to your side/reason at all. Whatever she had thought of first is her final decision. (example, she caught you with her mother's expensive necklace and blamed/suspected you for stealing it, but you're actually just claiming it back because her mother borrowed it from you)
~~~ Exceptions: It depends.... but most of them are really untolerable
==> (Y2-D: Single-Minded )
It's alright to have a goal and seriously aim for it.... but if that's the only thing you think about for the rest of your life until you reach it, it can be quite annoying. Especially if they're very simple things like getting a boyfriend or giving a stuff toy to everyone in your school. I find it stupid.
~~~ Exceptions: Well, if dumbness and stupidity is part of her character trait I guess....
==> (Y2-E: Radical Fanaticism )
This female is usually part of some cult or organization and has become highly devoted to its beliefs and practices. This is usually applicable to a female follower of a religious group; she'll blindly believe her leader and willing to do what is obviously wrong to those with common sense simply because that's what her religious leader say that will bring her to salvation.
~~~ Exceptions: If she's brainwashed.


(art by thehiddensapphire)
These are the females who would literally do anything to be with the one that they love. It's creepy and pathetic at the same time because in a way it shows that she actually enjoys it to be the one who would kneel down before the guy or cling to him like glue (in other words, she thinks her beloved as the superior too much). And she doesn't know how to give up.... or if things are already obviously hopeless to her, she'll still endure it. Yeah, they're also the type who don't know how to move on.
==> (P3-A: Masochistic Slave )
She would do anything for the guy she loves even though she knows that he's just using her. If it's what he says that will make him happy, she'll do it. No question at all. She won't hate him (at least, not for long) if he would continuously hurt her. She can't help it because of love.
~~~ Exceptions: If she's really a masochist or he had been the only one nice to her (even if it's just once) or he's her relative or she's his actual servant/maid/slave (duh.)
==> (P3-B: Go Bishie For Him )
This usually applies to women who pretend as a guy in an all boys school for the chance of being able to interact to the boy she likes (or whatever reason just to get close to a particular guy). I mean, DUH, can't she wait? Why not try to approach him when he manages to go outside? I don't hate gender bender, but this lame excuse for the sake of a crossdressing girl, I'm not that pleased.
~~~ Exceptions: Naturally, those who don't do it intentionally or are just forced to do so or she has a reason for it (like she wants to become a knight but the knight school doesn't accept girls) don't count. These women don't really apply to this category in the first place because they're not doing it for him.
==> (P3-C: The Very Observant Girl )
She follows him around, asks around or researches about him, eavesdrops on conversations with him or about him, etc. Doesn't have to be an actual stalker level, but if she's minding the business of the guy she likes too much, it's annoying enough.
~~~ Exceptions: If being a stalker is actually part of their character trait or is her disorder. I also exclude those that are fans of celebrities.
==> (P3-D: Forever One-Sidedness)
She knows her love is unrequited and there is obviously someone else that's meant to be for her but she won't ever give up on the one she had set her eyes on. She doesn't know why. Just not ever. She can't do it. If she can't have him, she'll either just go emo about it or do something violent.
~~~ Exceptions: It depends... but I excuse yanderes xD
==> (P3-E: Obsessed Fool)
He is always in her thoughts. She can relate him in the daily ocurrences in her life (for example, her grandmother gives her a cake, she recalls her loved one's favorite cake or their last time to eat a cake or such). His name is almost in her every freakin' sentence. She almost always talks about him naturally. It's all about him, him, and him.
~~~ Exceptions: Maybe if she hasn't seen him for a really really long time? But it still depends.... but I don't think there are anymore. I find them really creepy.
==> (P3-F: Separation Unmanaged )
If she has to be separated from the love of her life, she couldn't bear it because not being around that person hurts her so badly. Separation would usually cause her to become too lonely or depressed. She may also have suicidal tendencies, and they're as shallow as her boyfriend suddenly wanting to break up with her.
~~~ Exceptions: If she'll be lonely or depressed that she'll never be able to see the other person ever again, much more if she knows that the place that the other person is going to is somewhere dangerous (like a wife separated from her husband because he's forced to participate in the army).


(art by DreamingPhotographer)
These are the females who don't want to change (or would stop themselves to do so because of doubt or something) for the sake of delaying the story development because the writer doesn't know how to continue the story once the main issue has been resolved or simply doesn't want the series to end anytime soon.
==> (E4-A: Pretend as the Opposite)
She is already aware that she's in love with the guy but will continue to do what she usually does because she can't make herself confess to him. Only her thoughts about him will change, but her treatment won't. Making the guy even more confused of what she really feels.
~~~ Exceptions: If she's a tsundere from the very beginning . . . but it still depends....
==> (E4-B: In Denial/Doubt )
She already knows that she's in love with the guy but she encourages herself not to believe it. Her usual reasons are because she thinks it impossible or it's because she isn't sure if her love will be requited (then it's not true love T_T), or the guy might just be nice to her for another reason aside from love (they're usually blind to the guy's obviousness that he's really doing it out of love =_=).
~~~ Exceptions: It depends....
==> (E4-C: Admitting Incapability )
She is already so obvious and everyone can see it but she still won't admit it. She'll also make up excuses no matter how obviously false they had been (like when she kisses the guy, she'll just say it was CPR but she obviously wasn't giving him any air.)
~~~ Exceptions: It depends.... but most types that are like these are intolerable =_=
==> (E4-D: PlayGirl )
She is stuck in the middle of a love triangle or has a number of guys to choose from but she still doesn't choose among them even if the one she truly likes is already freakin' obvious. Or if it's true that she really can't decide, she switches flirting times on with her admirers (or on many of them if more than 2 guys like her). Yeah, she has no sense of loyalty.
~~~ Exceptions: It depends.... but those that I know (or can remember at the moment) are really worthy to just die T_T


(art by DracheaRannak)
They're also known as the Mary Sue, but Mary Sue is applicable in fanfics. So the more appropriate term for such I guess is the Canon Sue. These females have too many positive and extraordinary qualities, and very few or no flaws. In other words, they're unbelievably perfect.
==> (R5-A: Overflowing Beauty )
She has beautiful hair, beautiful eyes, beautiful nose, beautiful lips, beautiful body, beautiful voice, beautiful clothes, beautiful accessories, beautiful house, beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful. She always walks/moves gracefully, and her presence makes the atmosphere bright. Her smile will also make you happy plainly because you find her so pretty. Plus points if she sparkles/glows or flowers appear out of nowhere!
~~~ Exceptions: If she's a goddess of love and beauty or the like, duh. Or there's something enchanting about her or she's part of a fairy tale.
==> (R5-B: Better Than Everybody )
The title is self-explanatory. And of course, it's not just one trait. And she doesn't need to have believable background to be able to possess such talents. And if she's not good at it yet, it won't take her long to manage to beat the others . . . or sometimes she doesn't need time because she's a natural or the like.
~~~ Exceptions: If she's a prodigy (though prodigies excel too much on something, they aren't usually good at TOO many things. And prodigies may be weak on something else) or a Jill-of-All-Trades (though they may be good in many things, they're a master of none. Not really applicable to this category either). It's also excusable if she's not human, or simply because the rest of the cast just suck that much.
==> (R5-C: Spotlight Owner )
It's all about her. The story's nothing without her. I know it's natural for the story to center on the main character, but their purpose is to keep the main plot going. The story can still move on without highly depending on the main character you know. There are subplots and stuff after all. But the Spotlight Owner needs to have everything centered on her. Ah, another addition would be, if something happens to her, it's a BIG ISSUE. Like when she cries or if she's sad, EVERYONE will be bothered or will at least notice it.
~~~ Exceptions: It depends....
==> (R5-D: Favorite of the Luck Goddess )
No matter how hopeless the situation is, she will always win. If she encounters danger/trouble, the perfect person to rescue her will come right on time. If she needs something or has problems, help will always come out of coincindence. She doesn't run out of luck ever.
~~~ Exceptions: If she has a genuine lucky charm, duh. Or the goddess of luck herself, or related to such a deity.
==> (R5-E: Super Duper Special )
She's either a special case or she often gets special treatment, usually for no reason at all or for very shallow reasons. An example of the former could be that during a magical examination, only she out of all her classmates gets to pass, even if some of the others are supposedly more qualified. Or she is someone immune to supernatural powers....and explanations to why she's like that won't ever be revealed. An example for the later perhaps would be that when she gets injured, majority of the cast would be worried about her condition, whether they're really close to her or not. Ah! Also, she's usually the "only girl" or the "new girl in school/town". I commonly see this in reverse harem crap. From what I see, the main excuse of her "specialness" is because she's the main character. Whut....
~~~ Exceptions: If she's not a main character? . . . It still depends....
==> (R5-F: Everyone Loves Her [except the bad guys] )
She is so wonderful that everyone would eventually adore her, if not yet. It's so difficult to dislike her because she's just too freakin' nice and angelic. What she does is always right and hurting her is the absolute sin.
~~~ Exceptions: If she's a princess or of similar high status I guess. Her people would naturally adore her. But if she's still adored even by strangers plainly because of her "aura" . . .that's too supicious.


(art by anacronico)
These females consider being involved in a romance as their ultimate goal. Forget studies, forget career, forget life, and other important matters. Being with the guy of her dreams is the most important one for her. It's her absolute happiness.
==> (P6-A: Wanna Hook-Up )
She wants to live a normal life, and the first or only thing that she considers as being "normal" is having a boyfriend.
~~~ Exceptions: It depends....
==> (P6-B: Wanna Marry )
She wants to get married with the guy she loves as soon as possible. She also dreams of becoming a housewife and have children to take care of. Only those.
~~~ Exceptions: Maybe it's okay that she wants to get married very soon if she can't stay/live long or something....
==> (P6-C: Wanna Kiss and/or F*ck )
She is disappointed if her boyfriend still hasn't kissed her even if they've been dating for a long time already. It has to be a kiss; his other signs/acts of affection don't count. She is also getting impatient when her love interest isn't making other advances on her ("touching her"), but she usually rejects or gets embarassed when he thinks or attempts of doing so. Whut.
~~~ Exceptions: Unless they're actual . . .sluts? It depends....


(art by redundant1)
These females are highly sensitive and emotional. They also don't use their brains that they do actions that are completely unecessary.
==> (A7-A: ButtHurt Feelings)
She is sensitive enough to have her feelings hurt even on very shallow things like being called "ugly" or her boyfriend wasn't able to go to their date like he had promised (even if he has good reasons).
~~~ Exceptions: It depends....
==> (A7-B: Cry/Emo About Her Weaknesses )
She realizes that she hasn't been helpful/useful and cries about it. She feels depressed that she's been good for nothing but she wastes screentime with her tears or angst moments instead of actually doing something about it. Usually by doing this she even makes the other character even further worried about her. It's okay once in a while, but doing it too long and too often is irritating.
~~~ Exceptions: It depends....
==> (A7-C: Sacrifice Done Wrong )
Similar to what is also known as the Martyr Without a Cause. If the one important for her will be harmed and she has to be kidnapped for the other character to be safe, she'll do it. She won't think of other options because she isn't capable of doing so and she thinks it's her way to repay her savior because everything's her fault.
~~~ Exceptions: I actually like selfless people . . . it's pretty complicated to differentiate the annoying types and those that are actually admirable. Depends.


(art by gilad)
These females are too innocent or dumb that they are not capable of seeing/determining what's obvious. For some reason they don't have common sense either. TO put it simply, they're idiots. I don't hate the ditz though...
==> (R8-A: Absolute Trust )
It doesn't matter if she was fooled by the same person more than once; doesn't matter if it's the same strategy either. She'll believe anything. Anything.
~~~ Exceptions: It depends. There are special cases like with Nao from Liar Game, wherein she's been trusting people because she forces herself to trust them for her belief that it's the right thing to do. And well, trust begins in oneself.
==> (R8-B: Innocence and Purity Overload )
So pure and innocent that she doesn't know cruelty, greed, and other forms of evil exist (not wanting to see them is different from not knowing about them. I'm refering to the later). I'll understand if she was brought up in a very loving environment or something, but if her background and environment is same as everyone else, that's just odd.
~~~ Exceptions: If she's just a child I guess
==> (R8-C: Eyes are Blind to the Obvious )
Her admirer is showing all the obvious signs that he's in love with her, and everyone already sees it except for her! She'll get it if it's with other people, but not if she's part of the subjects. Sometimes she still won't get it when shown to her so directly.
~~~ Exceptions: It depends.... but usually I don't understand them. They could be counted under the "Forced Complications" category actually...
==> (R8-D: Completely Dumb or Common Sense Lost )
I guess it's also called as someone who is Too Dumb to Live.. I wonder how such characters manage to survive long.... oh yeah, maybe they depend on other characters that aren't as dumb as they are.
~~~ Exceptions: It depends....


(art by zylair)
These females exist to please the perverted audiences. That's all they're there for.
==> (F9-A: Adorableness Power )
They exist for the sake of pleasing the eyes of lolicons and they can get away with anything for being cute.
~~~ Exceptions: It depends....
==> (F9-B: Accident Prone )
She's also known as the Cute Clumsy Girl. She always get involves into tripping accidents, but she will never be badly injured. And her clumsiness is often an excuse for moe or pantyshot fanservice. WTF.
~~~ Exceptions: It depends....
==> (F9-C: Unintentional Sluts )
Females that aren't exactly seducing or is actually unwilling but still wear very sexy and revealing outfits. They usually have the gigantic boobs . . . because a lot of men like big boobs. It doesn't matter if they're unrealistically BIG (as in, reaching below their waists already). I don't care if they get harassed; they're indirectly asking for it! T_T
~~~ Exceptions: It's alright if it's for gag and stuff, or if they're really seductresses (but if that's the case, it doesn't make them "unintentional", thus not part of this category in the first place o_O).


(art by frozenkiss)
These females are so jealous that they do very immature and undesirable actions. They also don't know how to accept defeat.
==> (A10-A: Typical Bullies )
If someone she likes is flirting with another girl, whether it's true or not, she'll do the typical bullying to the girl he likes out of jealousy. She does that to scare her and not go near to her crush anymore. How immature.
~~~ Exceptions: It depends.... I don't think there is. It's just so stupid.
==> (A10-B: Boyfriend Attacker )
Her love interest is being flirted by some other girl, and the one she attacks is her love interest but doesn't say/do anything to the other girl. Even if it's obvious that he's not laying his eyes on other girls and the other girls are the ones making the move, jealous girlfriend will still see it as him cheating on her. (Tsundere Type B of TV tropes apply to this as well I think)
~~~ Exceptions: It depends....
==> (A10-C: Other's Happy Ending Hater )
If she acknowledges the the person she likes is already in love with someone else, she'll do anything to make them break up. She may also think of killing the guy she likes with her thinking "If I can't have him; no one else can!"
~~~ Exceptions: It depends.... (yanderes don't fall in this category okay! )

[ (I11) - PESKY LOLIS ]

(art by juzjoy123; I like tinker bell though)
Little girls that simply annoy the hell out of me.
==> (I11-A: Spoiled Brats)
They are usually those little girls that have been able to get everything that she wanted and was treated like a princess. So if she encounters something different, she complains and whines or other bratty acts.
~~~ Exceptions: It depends....
==> (I11-B: Out of Control )
They're too naughty or wild to handle. Troublesome to make her behave. 'nuff said.
~~~ Exceptions: It depends....
==> (I11-C: Deafiningly Loud )
She's just too noisy. Whether she cries out loud, talks too much, has a habit of making some annoying sound effects, whatever. Those who say a particular line too often count here too. (example: "Shut up!")
~~~ Exceptions: It depends....


(spotted at Google; and yeah, I hate Bella Swan. Twilight might've been better without her)
The types that I think don't fall under any of the categories above.
==> (T12-A: Shallow Display )
She's so plain and boring. Nothing different or interesting about her. She's just part of the background. She may also be the type that won't have any personality if she doesn't have a love interest. TV Tropes calls that a Shallow Love Interest
~~~ Exceptions: It depends....
==> (T12-B: Beauty Overappreciator )
She admires the beauty of every bishounen or bishoujo she meets. Of course she won't miss anyone from the main cast, except for her love interest in some series. Oh just shut up T_T
~~~ Exceptions: It depends.... like with Sunako from Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge . . .it's hilarious xD
==> (T12-C: Can't Keep Her Mouth Shut )
She is incapable of keeping secrets. She easily spills information that will bring trouble to her comrades. She's that careless and stupid.
~~~ Exceptions: Errr . . . if she was drugged or enchanted or threatened or something. And of course it doesn't fall under here if it only happened once or twice.
==> (T12-D: Third Person Referral )
She refers to herself with her name instead with a simple "I". To some it seems cute and makes her feel younger. But for me she's being too childish and considers her name as one of the best names ever that it has to be part of her every freakin' sentence. The hell...
~~~ Exceptions: It depends.... and hhhmm... it's okay with me if it's not that often I guess.
==> (T12-E: Tomboy Wannabe )
Wearing shorts or pants doesn't make a girl a tomboy; tomboys wear actual boys clothes. Being good in sports that are generally believed to be in the boy's domain doesn't automatically classify her as a tomboy either, especially if girls teams exists on such a sport (like basketball) or if she also plays girlie sports. And if she's into boys stuff (video games, etc.), it's just taste. Also, not all lesbians are tomboys.
~~~ Exceptions: It depends....
==> (T12-F: Too Shy )
She's very very shy and doesn't make the effort to speak up at all (or think of doing so at least).
~~~ Exceptions: It depends....
==> (T12-G: Just Food )
She's usually good for nothing but her only use is to become the other character's energy supply. Yeah, like those girls who offer their blood to vampires they like because that's the only thing they could be useful for.
~~~ Exceptions: Unless, errr . . . it's her job? Like the woman in Hana to Akuma.
==> (T12-H: Stupid Idea of Love )
They consider it love if the one they like is stalking them. It's also okay to be happy if the love interest is jealous, but to be so thrilled about it when the love interest is being so possessive is abnormal.
~~~ Exceptions: It depends....

I already made this as short as possible but it's still freakin' long x_x Anywayz, I still feel like I have missed some character types.

How about you guys? Something to add? Something to object about? I might have ben misunderstood by not being that clear .... Hmmm..

(EDIT A FEW HOURS LATER: I knew I missed something or forgot to mention stuff. Made minor corrections. I'm lazy to recheck again)

(EDIT A FEW DAYS LATER: Made clarifications; added some stuff; did corrections; etc.)


Heinsia said...

nice post :D
must say I'd love to see examples though, it's easier to understand in some cases and I want to know about your taste too ^^
and it's really freaking long lol, I cant remember most of stuff above but there are somes I strongly agree like H1-E, Y2-B/C, E4-A/B, R5-E/F, A7, R8 and T12-E, guess that's a lot xD

Kencana said...

LOl. Interesting post. Your R-8 resembles Kobato (CLAMP)so much. She's so moe and clumsy, but strangely I don't her that much.

For myself, I like cool/emoitonless girl type, ex : Echo (Pandora Hearts), Kiri (Beauty Pop), Hotaru (Gakuen Alice), Yumi (stroke Material). Too bad, girl like them are rare.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that every female archetype is already in this list. Are you sure you even like any female characters at all? Seems like you'd like a Mary Sue character more than anything but since you hate Mary sues too... This is confusing.

Baka-Raptor said...

So, to sum it up, you might hate everyone, but it depends. I'm the same way.

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Heinsia
If I mention examples I fear I'll might end up typing long because I got tempted to bash the character ^^;
Even I am overwhelmed with the length O_O;;;; But it might be too vague if I won't pt descriptions and stuff :/
Oh it's so easy to hate such types...=_=

@ Kencana
About Kobato . . . *zips her mouth*
I also like the cool and emotionless type! I don't know Kiri or Yumi thought because I haven't read/seen the series they belong to, yet.
They're not really that rare . . . .but they aren't as many as the types mentioned here though ;_;

@ Anonymous
Not all xD And yes, I'm positive that I actually like a number of female characters, though I admit they're not that many.
And I don't like "perfect" females, so I naturally don't like Mary Sues. I like imperfection but I don't like those are that have TOO MANY flaws either.
Okay, that might still be confusing. To put it simply: for me, anything that is too much sucks.

@ Baka-Raptor
Can't help having special cases/considerations~

Aorii said...

Woah you really organized your thoughts on this one, talk about a long list (:o) Although I can't really say I dislike most of the archtypes here when the writer can give a good char-background reason for it. I guess it falls with all the 'it depends...' exceptions xD

H1-E: As you can probably guess, the Strong-except-when-necessary is my most hated one lol. It's not just useless, but also like character assassination, give them some traits and then have them go complete 180 against it.

Y2: I actually haven't seen too many Closeminded Hypocrites amongst heroines that doesn't soften up through the plot, it's the male characters who tends to stay this way more I think.

P3-B: I find the "Go bishie for him" archtype quite amusing though xD.

P3-C: There's always going to be some romanticism in unrequited love (shrug)

E4-A: That's like... me >.<

R8: The whole 'naive to the core' approach seems to be a pretty common one for build shoujo-manga heroines.

TJ said...

That's a big list. Have to agree with the previous comments though: isn't this all the female archetypes? Maybe post about what type of female characters that you like.

Out of the list, I dislike the useless ones the most, especially "the burden" (the ones without good reason to be a burden). There are some characters that are just better off no existing.

Luna said...

Ahhh the list ended up being extremely long but I certainly agree with them ^^

This is primarily the reason I don't read shoujo (granted I do read some but the exceptional and unique ones).
Mainly because they follow your criteria too much xP

This was enjoyable to read. Though I would like to see an opposite of this list. Unfortunately, few female characters would actually make the "Honors?" to Feminity list ^^;

DayDreamer95 said...

Aw, what about Tamao from Shaman King? XD

But this was extreemly awesome and, like, you took all my "OMG! you disgrace us females!" feelings and put them into this post. ALL of them. And I love all those pictures, especially the not-so romantic stalker one!
*is proud of you~*

Omari's Sister said...

Hmm...I took a day to think about this and most, if not all, literary female characters types are covered in this blog entry. I guess I look more for change and growth in a character rather than dismissing by type. I think I get irritated when a character has no nuance, but rather is one particular character type taking to an extreme. But there are some exceptions for me. I don't like gratuitous "fan service," hyper-sexualized characters combined with brainlessness and/or excessive helplessness, jealous man-stealers, and murderous, crazy, or sexualized lolis.

Drachea Rannak said...

Lol thank you for the feture I guess! XD I am Drachea Rannak! Awesome note! :)

Jais said...

This actually touches on something I've been thinking about a lot lately, do you mind if I link to it in an upcoming post?

AnimeParley said...

Couldn't have posted a better link myself. I agree that most female characters are stereotyped in anime, among other forms of media, and those stereotypes tend to get annoying.

Just like Omari, I'm a huge opponent of fanservice. It does nothing for a series, in fact it usually makes me get annoyed by that female character. I'm reviewing Hand Maid May right now, talk about dealing with fanservice...

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Aorii
Took me like a week x_x Yet I STILL have revisions and updates to do. Whoa.

Same reason why I have the exceptions xD A good writer can make a character that sucks likable ;D

H1-E - character assasination indeed =_=
Y2 - there are quite a number of them, but not among leading ladies though.
P3-B - I hate the idea of them being TOO DESPERATE to be with the bishie =_=
E4-A - I won't hate you for it *hugs* You're not an animanga female xD
R8 - that's one of the major things that degrades shoujo manga =_=

@ TJ
too many types to hate, can't help it. and no, it's not all.
post types of females I like . . . I honestly find that very difficult. But my brain's having ideas, just messed up. Maybe I will do one.... maybe.

oh The Burdens . . . the sight of them already make my eyes bleed =_=

@ Luna
It's also my primary reason why I avoid shoujo . . . but I've found shoujo gems so . . . I'm hoping to find more from the mountain of crap. Gah.

Whoa, another person telling me to make the counterpost. Okay, I'll try. But it won't be exactly the "honors" the feminity though . . .hhhmm . . .you'll see.

@ DayDreamer 95
I think Tamao is... *zips mouth*
Thank you xD Those images were wonderfully illustrated and fit the category so much xD I'm glad I didn't need to put samples of the actual characters . . . picking the right imae would be such a waste of time =_=

@ Omari's Sister
I'll reply through e-mail since we're already talking through that method anywayz xD Haha

@ Drachea Rannak
Your artwork was beautiful! I love your description for the character xD Made me laugh so hard xD Hahaha! You're welcome and thanks for being awesome enough to draw something as wonderful as it =D

@ Jais
Sure~ Has something to do with Nao, right?

@ AnimeParley
I like fanservice but fanservice for idiotic pervertedness just make my nerves pop =_=
Hand Maid May . . . the title already screams moe maid fanservice . . . I doubt I'll bother to watch that. Good luck!

miezen said...

It seems to me like you pretty much just plain don't like female characters. Most of them go somewhere in here, really. This lists pretty much every possible character flaw for a female character to have. Really, it sounds like, in your perfect world, all female characters would have pretty much the same personality, since there's more that they cannot be for you to be able to like them than there is that they can be.

Also, I kind of understand your reasoning on not extending these to male characters, except honestly? None of these categories are female-specific. A male character could just as easily fall into these archetypes. But it's alright because they're male, and therefore inherently better to women, so they can get away with having flawed personalities and still be likable, right?

Sorry, but this really rubs me the wrong way. I apologize in advance if I misunderstood; it is nearly 5 AM for me and I haven't slept.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what traits are characters allowed to have?

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ miezen
"It seems to me like you pretty much just plain don't like female characters."
---> It just so happened that majority of them have the traits I'm not fond of. Doesn't necessarily mean I hate female characters.

"Really, it sounds like, in your perfect world, all female characters would have pretty much the same personality"
---> nah, that's boring

"None of these categories are female-specific. "
--> I can't imagine boobs fanservice on a male character O_O

"But it's alright because they're male, and therefore inherently better to women, so they can get away with having flawed personalities and still be likable, right?"
---> No, they're just as annoying. Even worse at times. but I admit that many male versions of the "mary sue" bother me less

"Sorry, but this really rubs me the wrong way. "
---> Ah, it's okay.

"I apologize in advance if I misunderstood"
hhhmmm... read the "Let Me Make This Clear" and "Other Important Stuff" and "General Exemptions" parts of this post ... maybe you'll get less confused with those ^^

"it is nearly 5 AM for me and I haven't slept."
---> go to sleep ^^;

@ Latest Anonymous
Let me make this clear: I'm not saying that these are traits that characters aren't allowed to have. As long as the author makes a good background or whatever way to compensate for that trait, I can deal with it. I've included exceptions xD

But to answer your question.... none of the above? LOLz

People really don't believe me that there are more traits other than these o_O Hmmm.... I'm still lazy to do the counter post. Maybe I need an inspiration or something.

miezen said...

I did, in fact, read the explanatory sections, but yeah my focus was pretty shot since 5 AM is not a time one should stay up until. That said, this whole thing still reeks of double standards and borderline misogyny.

Obviously some of these were female-specific in the details. I was referring to the broad categories. While obviously tits and pantyshots aren't going to be something that a male character is going to be guilty of, there are plenty of male characters out there that primarily exist for the purpose of being eye candy to female viewers.

I'm sorry, but it really does sound like there are only a couple personality types female characters can have for you to be able to like them. This list encompasses almost every character flaw imaginable.

Anonymous said...

This is the first anon who posted on this entry. After seeing the latest comments, I just want to say THANK YOU MIEZEN FOR SAYING WHAT I COULDN'T SAY VERY WELL.

Sapphire Pyro said...

"this whole thing still reeks of double standards and borderline misogyny. "
---> waaaah, that's not the purpose x_x And I love females.

"Obviously some of these were female-specific in the details. I was referring to the broad categories. "
---> the original plan was to list just those subcategories.... but since they were so many, they got grouped. The mindset was on being female specific in the first place so the emphasis is that the complaints on these traits on this post are aimed on those types of female characters.

"This list encompasses almost every character flaw imaginable. "
---> well, this is a hate post on character types/traits, naturally most of them are flaws. of course those that I don't consider as flaws (or simply annoying) won't be included here ^^;

"I'm sorry, but it really does sound like there are only a couple personality types female characters can have for you to be able to like them."
----> *counts the items on her draft for the counter post* Hmmm.... more than 20 items as of now. Nah, not "only a couple"

I'm sorry if I had been rude or ruined your mood or something x_x

People really think I've mentioned almost everything o_O Whoa.... better get my butt to work on that other post.... I need inspiration.... where are my goddesses xD

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone on here have you all forgotten what fiction is? these charaters are fictional, anime if fictional and in fiction no type of realism is needed. Why else would they call it fiction. Where did this "we want realism in fiction" come from anyway? Isn't anime suppose to be our escape from reality?

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Latest Anonymous
Are you talking about the Mary Sues? I'm not saying that I want realism in fiction; my point was that anything that is too perfect is boring/annoying.... EVEN in fiction.

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