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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Akagami no Shirayukihime - Chapter 18

Pink is one of my least favorite colors but the cover of the latest Lala DX issue is just absolutely lovely:

Of course it should be! We finally get to see Akagami characters in the cover!!! Kyaaaa!! Zen and Shirayuki look so wonderful~
Oh yeah, my favorite colors by the way are Blue and Silver. Now see the dominant colors in Zen on that image. SEE? Do you still need to wonder why Zen is my favorite . . . .ohohohohoho . . ..

One day, a young man requested to speak with the second prince of Clarines.
He got what he asked for, but as soon as His Highness Zen had seen the young man...
The prince told his most trusted retainer, "THROW HIM OUT!".
It is not very usual for this prince to be openly hostile.
But the reason for the rudeness was because the prince had recognized the young man.
He's none other than the bandit who had once kidnapped the prince's love.
But the criminal insists on seeing Shirayuki, promising information that even Zen would be concerned with.
Upon knowing this request, naturally Shirayuki felt uneasy to see the face she doesn't want to see.
But the guy even went through Zen to speak to her... there must be more to this.
So Shirayuki showed up the the young man.
Obi is on his guard, after acknowledging that this stranger must be an enemy.
Zen is naturally on his guard as well . . . on really close guard.
The guy introduces himself as Mihaya, and he begins the conversation by asking if Shirayuki remembers a pretty boy from the past.
She does, but it wasn't the same person as Mihaya had in mind.
Mihaya says that there's a pretty guy looking for a redhaired girl.
Mihaya had confirmed that the pretty guy is talking about Shirayuki.
Mihaya told him Shirayuki's whereabouts; and the pretty guy shared some information as well.
Before Mihaya disclosed this, he asked for money or employment from Zen for the information exchange.
When they had an agreement, Mihaya reveals that the pretty guy is looking for a redhaired princess.
The chapter ends with Izana reading a letter from Tanburn... that is addressed to Shirayuki.
Okay . . .first I want to say: I KNEW IT!!!!

The title is already hinting that Shirayuki is indeed a princess. That's why I'm surprised why she isn't when I've read the story. I'm not sure if I should call this a twist because the title has been screaming the obviousness. Haha!
Okay, "princess" doesn't always have to be literal. When I read the manga, I figured that Shirayuki's a princess but not in a literal way. But it turns out that she is and now I don't have to worry about the drama of Zen not being able to marry Shirayuki because of social status issues. I knew it! This manga isn't gonna disappoint me! Most love stories involving princes that I know have a prince fall in love with a poor/ordinary girl or with another royalty. It's not that often do I see a COMBO of it. Hehehehe . . . . Awesome . . . awesome~

Oh yeah, I also love it that this series makes comebacks of characters from previous arcs. So I'm happy to see this dude again even though he had been such a jerk:

This series has some sort of magic wherein it can make characters that are despicable in the beginning so lovable in later chapters. There's Obi and Raji already to name a few. Then now we have Mihaya, the bandit who kidnapped Shirayuki for money. I'm happy that Shirayuki didn't have some annoying trauma with him (like most kidnapped shoujo females would have had). It's naturally for her to become uneasy on the idea of seeing him again, but she had already gotten over it. I think she has even forgiven him already. She can be in good terms with him like with Obi . . . though I doubt Mihaya would be the loyal servant type. He might make a good ally or friend, but I can't imagine him being as loyal as Obi yet. . . but please Zen, employ him too! Hehehehe....

So, about the bishie who is looking for Shirayuki:

I thought he was a girl at first . . .
and when I found out that he was a guy . . . he reminded me of Eco from +C: Sword and Cornett!!! (whome I had mistaken as a girl at first as well, wahehehe).
There are many possibilities of what his relationship with Shirayuki could be. He could've been her childhood friend, relative . . . or fiance!!! My bet is on the last choice . . . he seems so desperate to find her (and he didn't deny when the sailor teased him about liking her). . . I'm having theories that Shirayuki got separated from her real family when she was young . . . and her "grandparents" raised her when they found her. Waaahh . . . I think I'm just having delusions.

So Shirayuki is being wanted . . . and look who's happy:

WHY IZANA WHY??? Is it because Shirayuki could finally be separated from your dear brother???
Whatever your reason may be, I'm pretty sure it's something Zen won't like.
But if that has something to do with twisted brother complex, I will not complain. Wahehehe . . .

Oh yeah . . . speaking of Zen . . . gawd, loverboy's on the move:

The pervert's half asleep so when he sees Shirayuki he took her hand and . . . I don't know what the pervert is thinking. Hahahahha!!!!
He was trying to say something: "Shirayuki, there's something I want to tell you. From now on..."

Anywayz, loverboy made Shirayuki blush so much with what he's doing. When Mitsuhide noticed that Shirayuki was still blushing, he asked Zen if he had done something. AND YOU ARE SO RIGHT, MITSUHIDE AS USUAL!!! ZEN IS ALWAYS THE SUSPECT!!! HAHAHAHHA!!!!
But loverboy doesn't remember what he did. So Mitsuhide made a joke on asking if Shirayuki's the one who did somethign instead. Loverboy's reaction:

I'll never get tired of Zen's blushing face. Wahehehehe . . .I miss it loads. Blushing used to be more of his role but Shirayuki's doing that more often recently because of the things he has been doing. That's his job (the blushing). . . .bwaheheheh . . ..

But damn . . . how could one not blush on seeing this heartrob's smile?:


He doesn't run out of crack/comedy faces either:

This is the chapter with the most angry Zen scenes!!!
He was so hialrious. See why I love this guy so much? He's crack . . . he makes the violent/wild reactions. Hahahahha!!!!

And this is the most hilarious thing he did:

Hahahahhaa . . . . he's sooo on guard. Putting his chair beside Shirayuki. His action screams: "Don't you dare touch her, got that???!!!"
I don't think Zen was really on "overprotective boyfriend" mode though. Hehehehe. That's just a joke. If he was really being overprotective, he won't let Mihaya speak with Shirayuki at all. But well, I guess he had figured that whatever Mihaya is planning to tell, it's something that Shirayuki needs to know. What's important to Shirayuki will always be his priority, not his selfishness or jealousy or protectiveness. I love him. Hehe.

Oh well, if there's humor, there's also the srs bzns:


Okay, to cheer up, I spotted the cover art of Volume 4:

It's the trio~ The servant and his masters. The shipper and his OTP. I love this picture~ Hehehehehe~

Oh man . . . thanks to this series . . .I 'm hyper on anything with the word "Snow White" (Shirayuki) now. Currently the novel I'm reading is entitled "Blood Red Snow White" by Marcus Sedgwick. It wasn't the Snow White I had expected (It wasn't referring to the fairy tale character after all) . . . but it's also a beautiful fairy tale. Also has a love story. Too bad no prince as awesome as Zen. Drats.

Random: Thanks to all who voted to have this scanlated first among the Lala DX releases at Omari's Sister because thanks to that, this chapter is gonna be out really soon! Yaaay! Yaay! Yaaay!


Luna said...

I want to read this so badly >_<
Prince Raji actually doesn't look stupid O_o
And I want to see all these Zen moments xP
And no new Shirayuki until June?!!!
How am I gonna last?!!!! T_T

Well, I'm sure this latest chapter is chock full of goodness to last that oh so huge gap. It made the cover for the issue afterall =D

Luna said...

Woops, thought that picture was of Raji, not Mihaya. My bad ^^; Though, I thought he was thrown in jail?

namelissis said...

LOLOLOL, I have to blurt this out.
Zen == Ojiro
OMG, the hair proves it
*okay, you can kill me now*

The chapter really looks exciting >:3

Can't wait for the release!

Aorii said...

I really wish Aizuki Sorata does more full-color images. She has a simple, clean, and just bright enough preference on the color palette that I really love~ it's like, an elegant beauty without the slightest hint of gaudiness from over-embellishment.

Zen holding a dagger feels sorta weird though xD

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Luna
Such a torture isn't it? Especially with a cliffhanger . . .guh . . .

Yes, it did have full of goodness xD Wait, when did it not? xD

Yepz. But in this chapter he's already out of jail. His imprisonment didn't seem to be that long though.

I wish Zen has picked on employing him instead of just paying him. Having Mihaya around may be as fun as Obi's joining in the group xD Haha!

@ namelissis
But Ojiro has darker hair!!!! They're both cute but not equal . . . even in looks . . .(besides, Ojiro's older)

Whatever, we still have the deal. Ojiro's yours while Zen's mine. Bwahehehhe xD

@ Aorii
I agree. I do wish Sorata-san does more colored pages *_* You already described its beauty well xD

Haha! I thought Zen was holding a sword. But now that I've realized that it's actually a dagger . . . . I DON'T CARE!!! WHATEVER BLADE ZEN WILL USE IS EQUALLY DANGEROUS xD

Anonymous said...

Though, I wonder?

What was the caption at the beginning talking about when it said a new arc with a prince, a servant, and a princess? I get that its talking about the newly unveiled Shirayuki, and Zen is quite obvious. Accroding to the picture, the servant is Obi, but what does it mean new "arc?"

... And why is Obi mentioned along with the pair?

(love triangle??? *is shot*)

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Anonymous
I think the caption in the cover does refer to the trio in it. And I think the new arc is referring to this chapter wherein the twist of Shirayuki being a princess has been revealed.

"And why is Obi mentioned along with the pair?"
--> I think it's because Obi will be having a huge role in this arc. Even if he's not part of the love triangle, he still works as Shirayuki's bodyguard. I can imagine him tagging along with Shirayuki if ever she has to leave and Zen can't come along.

I think Obi does have feelings for Shirayuki but he doesn't know it and besides, he admires and loves his master as well. So I can't imagine an angsty love triangle happening in this series. At least, with the things that are going on so far.

Omari's Sister said...

@Anonymous: I'd like to think Sorata heard our collective "squee!" for more Obi ;p.

I don't think there will be a love triangle with Obi either. He likes Zen and Shirayuki together. Personally, the Obi twist I want is that he's secretly been her body guard all along since he first showed up out of no where. what I think could be ugly is if Shirayuki is really someone important, and Izana thinks it would be a great political marriage for himself. But I doubt that's it...

Anonymous said...

Waah. I've been waiting for weeks since the chapter where zen and shirayuki finally confessed and now this evil evil cliffy??? the suspense is killing me!!...slowly and tortuously ToT

But then the latest chapter is so deliciously amazing I'm burning the whole thing in my mind if I can find a way how XD

DayDreamer95 said...

Ah, thanks for this update! Our compter needed to be replaced so I haven not been able to get on here. It was horrible... But i was happy to see that you have updated so much since then! :D

BTW Zen's faces ARE ridiculously amusing :3

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ DayDreamer95
Ah, nice to hear from you again xD
Haha, I often update . . . though not as often as before. Hehe~
We can always expect Zen to entertain us xD Hahahahaha!

miranda.abello said...

J-June.... June.... I will go into Comatose until June.

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