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Friday, January 1, 2010

Akagami no Shirayukihime - Chapter 15

Kuroneko003 is too awesome that a christmas present wasn't enough, SHE GAVE A NEW YEAR PRESENT AS WELL:

This chapter is sort of a break from the intense events in the main plot. Chapter 15 shows us a flashback on how Zen and Mitsuhide first met~ I LOVE THOSE TWO!!!!!!

Zen and Shirayuki had been in the forest for quite a while. Obi thinks that they might already be eloping (which I hope wouldn't happen, at least not in this normal situation).
But later Zen returns and told them the news. Yes, only Zen. Shirayuki was ecorted back by another soldier. This is a couple that can bear to be apart even after such an event, unlike others who suddenly become inseparable like there's some glue between them. Ugh . . . in other words, they have control. Why does my list of reasons why I love the pairing keep on getting longer?! Haha!
Anywayz, it made Mitsuhide so happy that he gives him a hug~ I told you Zen is so glompable/huggable~
Zen has more to tell Mitsuhide but first he gave tasks to Kiki and Obi. Princely duties first before chitchat with best friend~

As Zen invites Mitsuhide to go with him, we're shown a flashback of how these two have met:
Six years ago, at the Selig Templar base, Prince Izana watches 17 year old Mitsuhide easily defeat his opponent. MITSUHIDE'S SO GOOD WITH SWORDS AT SUCH A YOUNG AGE!!!! HE'S THAT AWESOME!!!!!
After the fight, Izana offers Mitsuhide a job at the castle: to serve his little brother. IZANA, YOU HAVE TASTE!!! I KNEW IT!!!
However, Mitsuhide thinks he's still inexperienced and what he really wants is to serve Izana eventually. I honestly didn't expect Mitsuhide to be a Izana fanboy before. I thought he's been to Zen from the very beginning. I like this surprise~
Anywayz, that's the reason why Izana chose him for that job, to Mitsuhide's surprise. I guess Izana thinks that those who are loyal to him will definitely do a good job in protecting his baby brother~ See, Izana loves hi baby brother~ He went all the way to that place to pick a bodyguard for Zen~ Heeheeeheeeheee

So they go to the palace for Izana wants to introduce to Mitsuhide his little brother. I shall keep on referring Zen as the "little" or "baby" brother because he's still so young in this arc (13 years old). But hhhmm . . . come to think of it, Zen is still like a kiddie until now. Hahahaha! (blame Mitsuhide for acting so much like an older brother to him~)
And they see Zen above, leaping from a window. Zen was ordered to go down and Izana introduces the two to each other.

Inside the palace, Zen and Mitsuhide have a short conversation. From that talk, Zen has easily figured out that Mitsuhide's doing his job for Izana. As Mitsuhide contemplates, Zen escapes~
Unfortunately for Zen, Mitsuhide is quick and excellent following skills. Haha! That got Zen surprised. Perhaps other servants hadn't bothered to run after him because he's too stubborn . . . or they just can't follow him since he escapes so well.
However, Zen is also good in counterattacking. When he spots Lido Mikaze (friend of Izana's?), he greets the guy and happily introduces his new retainer. He also asks the guy to please escort Mitsuhide around the palace since he's new to the place. And with that, Zen has successfully escaped.
The reason why Zen has been in such a hurry is because he's late in meeting his friend Atori. Atori has heard about Zen's new assistant, but Zen doesn't want to talk about it.
They spent their time ranting, playing around, teasing each other . .. oh boys~

Meanwhile with Lido and Mitsuhide, Lido tells Mitsuhide not to worry. Izana has told him that Zen is just in a rebellious age.
After that, Mistuhide came looking for Zen. Atori and Zen saw him from the tree. Zen apologizes to Atori that he can't be seen together with him, then he goes down from the tree to show up to Mitsuhide.
Before they left, Mitsuhide has sensed that there's still someone at the tree. Atori has realized that his presence was noticed, and he acknowledges that Zen has a capable retainer. I have a feeling that Atori has ill intentions . . . .

Back at the castle, Mitsuhide asks Zen about Atori. Zen denies that Atori's his friend, and he tells Zen that friends are things that he can't have. Lastly, he adds that there are always limits for him.
Mitsuhide tells him that he shouldn't say such cold and painful things. This took Zen by surprise then apologizes afterwards.
Chapter ends with a cliffhanger, and it hints that Mitsuhide will discover something and that something big will happen.

Alright, since this chapter focuses on Zen and Mitsuhide's relationship, let's talk about them:

I knew that Mitsuhide's older than Zen (HIS BABY BROTHER TREATMENT TO ZEN IS OBVIOUS!) but I didn't know they're actually 4 years apart. Ooh~
And I've only realized here that Mitsuhide's indeed pretty young to be the prince's bodyguard (same with Kiki). Shows that Mitsuhide's a prodigy. You think only the main characters are awesome??? xD haha!

Oh boy. I can't help myself from laughing at the height difference. No, it's not because I'm teasing Zen's height. It's only that his shortness when seen beside Zen makes him more like a baby!!! Bwahahahhaha!!!

I am amused that Zen is tsundere to Mitsuhide since the very beginning~

I am more amused watching Mitsuhide chasing after the little brat~

And I was very very VERY amused that the idea of Mitsuhide chasing him around is something Zen finds depressing. Haha!

Of course another thing to find amusing is Mitsuhide still thinks of Zen being capable of getting lost inside his own home. Hahahah!!! I knew it, he really sees Zen as a little kiddie~

And I I really REALLY love it that Mitsuhide is the type who has the guts to scold Zen even though they're not close yet~ And Zen's reaction is so . . .kyaaaaaa~

He was even able to make Zen apologize~ Well, he didn't really do anything wrong. He just got scolded for saying something that he thinks he can't do anything about. But well, dear prince may be a brat but he isn't prideful. Oh that face. Daaaaaaaaaaw~

Oh, the part when Zen exposes Mitsuhide's Izana fanboyness, I know he doesn't like the idea of people serving him because they're loyal to his brother. He wants people on his side, not his brother's. Oh Zen, he's right infront of you~ We just have to wait for chapter 16 to see that to happen . . . . . *remembers killer cliffhanger* AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!

*calms down*

When I see Zen and Mitsuhide, they're like best friends or brothers. But if Kiki's around, Mitsuhide and Kiki seem more like Zen's parents! Hahahahaha!!!!!!!!
*Sapphire is once again having delusions that as she sees that scene, Daddy!Mitsuhide is being proud of his Baby!Zen while Mommy!Kiki watches the two and being happy deep inside*
Oh me and my fantasies . . .


"Hey Zen, you've already placed trust in Shirayuki. Go to her side and tell her."
Oh fellow Zen x Shirayuki shippers, we owe Mitsuhide big time~

Oh yeah, this part is so sweet:

GO GO ZEN SUPPORTERS!!!!! xD Hahahhaha!

Mitsuhide has been comparing Zen's back from before and the present time. Younger Zen had so many to carry on his shoulder, while current Zen's shoulder has become broader . . . shows that he's being able to handle all those responsibilities and burdens now~
ZEN HAS GROWN UP AND IS STILL AS GORGEOUS AS EVER!!!!!!! *was shot for being so Zen obsessed*


Unlike now, it seems that Zen wasn't allowed to have friends from the outside.

His moments with his playment had to be kept secret. (Those two are funny when they argue~)

It saddens him greatly. Poor boy not having any friends . . . (don't worry! best friend has finally come! Mitsuhide rescue him damnit!)

Gah, enough sad parts. By the way, this is the most hilarious part in the chapter for me:

It's Zen being out-of-character!!!! Hahahahahah!!!!!!!!
He is a natural actor since childhood~
Mitsuhide has discovered that talent really early. LOLz~
Yes, Zen's fake smile is so cute. However, it makes me laugh so hard instead because: HE SPARKLES.

[ Most Gorgeous Bishies in this Chapter Because I Say So LOLz ]

He won't run out of gorgeous scenes. NOT EVER!

Of course his brother is gorgeous as well~

And we shouldn't forget about the star of the chapter!!!! MITSUHIDE'S ALSO FREAKIN' CUTE YA KNOW!!!!!!! KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~

[ Total Randomness ]

To make up for the lack of Shirayuki in this chapter~ Hahahah! Oh she's so pretty~


namelissis said...

;_; Why isn't the link working anymore ;_;
I wanna read

Anonymous said...

omg, i love you...i've beene dying to get more Akagami no Shirayuki Hime're my hero...!!!=)

and i finally got to know how old is Zen, i cant believe he's 19...!!! and Mitsuhide's 23...!!!^^

i hope Sorata-sama will reveal Shirayuki, Izana and Kiki's age's too...!!!whoaaa...i lvoe this chap...^^

but i wonder what's gonna happen in 16th one...? whoa, i'm so curious about what exactly happened back then...;)^^

thank you for this wonderful chap...=)

...chya, Rouzmary...^^

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ namelissis
I think you've read it by now. Hehe

@ Rouzmary
I'm happy you enjoyed~

Yes, Zen's 19 while Mitsuhide's 23. This is not your typical shoujo wherein the age of the main characters range from 15 to 17. I'm so relieved.

I think Izana's age has been mentioned before. Ah well, perhaps he's around Mitsuhide's age. And I think Kiki's around that age too. While with Shirayuki, can't imagine her older than Zen.

On chapter 16, I was told that . . . it's not gonna be as jolly as this one ^^; Still, I'm excited *_*

Ducky said...

Fantastic review, I have to read it now.

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Ducky
Thank you. Enjoy reading ^^

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