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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Manga Discoveries + Blabberings: Reading Old and New + New ZeroSum Series in Spring 2010!

Yeah, I'll be talking about a lot of manga in this post (of course I didn't check them out in a day! I wish I was that superhuman though), now let me start with my not-really-new discovery:

Georgie! by IGARASHI Yumiko and MANN Izawa
Its anime series was a childhood favorite . . . but I have no memory of its story. I will only recognize the leading girl when I see her and that's it.
I'm becoming nostalgic to my childhood favorites so when I found out that this series actually has a manga adaptation, I checked it out at once!
I don't understand why I got hooked to this as a kid because it's one dramatic soap opera. And the romance is the type that goes "I'll die if you leave me" crap. The three guys that like the girl are literally CRAZY about her. Ah well, that kind of romance must have been the trend during that era.
In fairness, the story's pretty interesting. Georgie I guess is yet one of the few leading ladies that I'm not annoyed with. The one I'm annoyed is with: THE LEADING GUY! Oh gawd that is so rare. EXTREMELY rare for me to feel. But I can't help it. He's a spoiled rich kid who is overly possessive and pathetic. He's also perverted to Georgie, but lucky for him the girl likes him. Guuuuhh . . . the forbidden love her makes me go facepalm because of the irritating leading guy. Fortunately the brothers are pretty decent compare to him, but oh I really want that strangle that leading guy. Ugh.
Okay, overall, it's a nice series. Of course you should consider that it's an old one, so I think the mary sue stuff and some cliches are pretty forgiveable for me. Wow, seems that some of my tastes in shoujo (wait, I'm not sure if it's shoujo anymore because it had a sex scene x_x though not explicitly shown, but still there!) hasn't changed much. Haha!

Alrighty, now for quick thoughts on recently discovered manga:

Arago - London Shikei Tokushu Hanzai Sousakan by ARAI Takahiro

It had an interesting premise but I was pretty surprised that they've resolved their problem with their main enemy in just one chapter. Anyway, I like cop stuff. This had been cool.
But it saddens me that my twin boys aren't twin boys anymore because . . . because . . . *cries*
I was too sad, I don't know if I could continue. It's too painful for a twin boys maniac like me xD Haha! I know the other twin shows up somehow in the next chapter but it's still different from him being . . .waaaaaaaaaah *cries*

En Passant by YUZUNOKI Taro

NEW SHOUNEN FAVORITE especially if it'd go focus on the main storyline already =_= It's so promising. And I like chess stuff~ The leading boy is such a pessimist but slightly different from Zetsubou Sensei's style. Even if he's like that, he's awesome! And I actually like the leading girl! Weirdness rock! Hahaha! I ship them too~ Kyaaa~
Hopefully more characters on the chess thing show up already. I have a feeling that the best that this series can offer would start on the time they show more of the main story/adventure! Oh I'm excited~

Juggle: Ethnicle Romance by ENDOU Okito

I had been interested in this when during the time it just got released because the art is really really PRETTY! I got surprised that it had ecchi though (and yeah, you can see boobs without censor), but it looked like an Arabian tale, and I love that stuff~
So now that it's scanlated, it turned out that our leading guy's a prince and he has a genie who he orders to work without using her powers? Interesting~

Saiyuki: Reload Blast by Minekura Kazuya

I love these four but I really wonder when the hell they're gonna end their journey already x_x Anyway, no matter how episodic their saving-villagers-from-youkais are, they're still so fun and cool! And oh I especially miss Hakkai~
I hope the other characters show up soon (I want Kougaji and Yaone) and more on the main story and I want them to get to West already!

Zenbu Chodai by KURUMATANI Haruko

I've heard about this from namelissis. Since we both enjoyed Faster than a Kiss, I thought another series that she likes so much would be interesting for me as well.
Well, actually, I find this stupid. A type of typical shoujo with a "tough" and "multi-talented" leading girl but the oh-so-perfect leading guy got the better of her but she won't admit that she likes him and he won't admit yet either but he'll be showing signs. Gaaaahhh . . . .
And the girl's name is Sakura Himeko. A lot of my hated leading ladies have either of those names. I think her name's cursed. Anyway, the only thing I find fun about her is her desire to have all men kneel down to her. It reminds me of Hetalia's Prussia/Gilbert so much. Bwahahahhahaha!

Okay, that's it for the recent manga discoveries. Okay, now introducing new series in ZeroSum Magazine in Spring 2010!:

I don't understand the titles unfortunately. And the only mangaka I recognize is naked ape. Anyway, the one I find most interesting is Chronos Deep (the guy with black hair looks so familiar), then the one by Naked Ape (I love anything by that duo), then Planetary (I smell supernatural sci-fi~), and the last one . . . errr . . . it looks like a mushy/stupid BL series. Guh.

Now for comments on random series (scanlated and raw, but of course I didn't fully understand the raw ones): = WARNING: SPOILERS =
+C: Sword and Cornett c.21 - My OTP separated?! T_T NOOOO!!! And Eco and Kiliko meet! Kyaaa!
07-Ghost c.50+ - What is Frau doing?! O_O
Amatsuki latest - I want more Kuchiha now . . .
Bird Cage Manor c.3 & 12 - LOLz trap. I love painter dude. That kiss surprised me though . . . of all people . . .
Bloody Cross c.4 - I LOVE TSUDUKI!!!! His master-servant relationship with Hanabira's so cute as well xD Hahahaha! And whoa, so Satsuki's a fallen angel, huh.
di[e]ce c.33 - I'm lost . . .
Durarara! c.3-4 - Izaya's so crazy and awesome! I really really really LOVE HIM! Yay for twistedly evil people!
Faster than a Kiss c. 23 - Ugh, Fumiko still not satisfied in being considered "family"? She's making me want to strangle her. But damn, her uncle's pretty cool and fun. But Kazuma was love~
Karneval latest - I'm getting lost here too
Kimi ni Todoke c. 43 - Lack of Kazehaya but a lot of his fangurl . . . nah
Natsu no Zenjitsu latest - valentine's day chapter! Oh it was cute~
Sable Prince c.5 - I totally did not expect that pairing! I don't like the princess much but it's an interesting love story~
Tenkyuugi Sephirahnahtus c.8 - Finally! One of the hooded guys reveals himself and he's pretty cute! I'm not happy on that lack of Kisa, but still an interesting development! YAY!
Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge c.104 - Oh Kyouhei . . .I know you're jealous~ And LOLz to Sunako being pretty OOC. Hahahaha! It's such a fun chapter, and I love anything Kyouhei x Sunako~

Important note: If you want to read the chapter I'm talking about, just google it because it's the best internet fairy godmother ever. If it fails, then it might be something not around anymore, or something I'm not allowed to redistribute. So don't bother to ask, sorry ^^;


Yukihito said...

Oh, Zero-Sum, you never fail to be awesome :D I think I like the look of Chronos Deep and planetary.

I found a little more information about the second series in the scan, but sadly not the others.

It's called Goulart Knights and there's an official page here:

It had this summary of the plot:
The human race is facing destruction because of mysterious creatures called Alkon. The only thing able to defeat the powerful Alkon is the Holy Grail which forms the basis of humans. A force against the Alkon was created from humans that can use the Holy Grail to fight (these are the Goulart Knights mentioned in the title).

Mito said...

Eh!!! di[e]ce is already that far???? but there's no one who scnalation it!!! T.T *sobs* hiks... hiks... and i really want to read the next chapter of 07-ghost... of what frau doing anyway *ahem* *cough* and i'm gonna read all that four manga!!! but if there's someone who'll scanlation it... T.T can you explaine what happen in di[e]ce chapter anyway? just as simple as you can... (last chapter that have been read = 7)

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Yuki-chan
Ah, you already know my response to this. But I still want to thank you again for sharing this info *hugs*
I'm lazy to edit this post at the moment though x_x Hmmm . .

@ Mito
Yes, it's been out since 2007 I think so naturally that many chapters have been out~ Ah well, maybe the scanlators handling it are just busy ^^;
I don't know how I could explain to you what happened in that chapter because . . .as I've said in the post . . .I'm lost @_@
But hmm . . .from what I see in the chapter. Kazuki was in a really bad condition. Haruki was in some . . .err . . ghost state? And he saw Kazuki in an operation room. So when he woke up, he left in a hurry. Hehe. (those two are my main concern in this series. I keep on forgetting the names of the other characters x_X)
As for ZeroSum, it's so evil for keeping on introducing interesting new series xD I do hope those four will be scanlated. The naked ape one's will be coming in the upcoming issue =)

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