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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Durarara!! - Episode 4

My blogging time is becoming lesser and lesser. Hmmm . . .better limit the stuff I want to type about I guess.

This episode gave us a nice background on our title character. One of the main characters, particularly Shinra, get featured as well. This isn't as light nor as funny as the previous episodes, but it's still very interesting.


We're now given the name of our headless rider: Selty. And for some reason, even without a head, you could tell that she's beautiful.
For a person without a head, she's complete with all the five senses. Heck, she can even use the computer (so modern for an old legend~). Though she can do what humans could normally do, she's not exactly human either. Aside from her being headless, her body organs don't really work, yet she's alive. She feels pain, and unfortunately anaesthesia doesn't work on her, and she heals very fast as well.
Shinra had made theories that explain why those became possible, but he can't confirm since Selty doesn't understand how she does things herself.
She lost her memories 20 years ago and the only things she remembered are her identity and how to use her powers. She lost her head as well, that's why she's currently searching for it. Ah well, like most people with amnesia, they'd want memories back~


The episode tells us that the headless rider is in fact the legendary Irish fairy called the Dullahan. The same as the original legend, it was shown in Selty's past that she used to carry her head with her and is present when a mortal is about to die. Those who carelessly open their doors or windows get a basin of blood thrown to them as well. There was a mention of the Dullahan's armor to be animated or something . . . . explains how Selty could easily changer her clothes.
The differences though, I haven't seen information from the original legend that the Dullahan's horse is also headless. And when a mortal is about to die, the Dullahan is supposed to call the person's name, which didn't happen in the episode. Speaking of speech, in the anime, Selty only communicates in written form; in the manga, if I recall correctly, she has a speech bubble. But in the original, the speaking ability of the Dullahan is very very limited. The same goes on the creature's sight because the originally seems to be more dependents on its head.
Moreoever, the Dullahan is supposed to be a just frightening creature (hence, it's famous in halloween themes), but DRRR!!'s Dullahan is both frightening and beautiful. Perhaps the gender difference had something to do with it? Nonetheless, if DRRR!! had followed the original loyally, I think that artist couldn't have lived to tell his story because Dullahans don't like being seen.
So it looks like DRRR!! might not be following the original legend 100% It's even more free to make more personality changes because of the memory loss. It's interesting this way~


I think Izaya had sort of helped Selty out in that particular scene because he gave her some clues on her search. But of course, he only mentioned those because he wants to confirm if she really has something to do with the Dullahan legend, though most likely he had already guessed that she's the legendary creature herself.
I was giggling when Selty asked if she's just imagining feeling eeriness from Izaya. Haha! Of course he says he's not like that, but for a supernatural being to be creeped out with Izaya is funny~ See how frightening he is, LOLz~


An episode with Shizu-chan but he's not throwing a vending machine! Haha!
Well, Shizu-chan isn't hot-tempered all the time. And there's no reason for him to be angry with Selty because she doesn't piss him off.
In this episode, he even volunteered to come along with her. (I just realized that Izaya was the one who made Selty to search for the artist while it's Shizuo who found who she was looking for. I'm sorry, I'm such a fangurl of these two. Those little connections matter. LOLz). Shizuo's reason for tagging along is for it to be easier for her to communicate with the old guy. Since it's an olg guy and she could only talk through her phone, I get his point; but when they actually met the old man, it's still Selty who did most of the talking. Oh Sizu-chan, you just want to hang out with her. Hhahahah!


The old man was an artist who was able to see a Dullahan back in Ireland with his very eyes. That Dullahan will most likely be Selty herself of course and unfortunately he couldn't give her much of the details she needs (color of her hair, etc.).
He was so awed with the Dullahan's beauty that he made a lot of drawings of her. Without the head though. I've heard of artists that can't draw or describe something too beautiful . . . so since he can't draw the head, her face is had to be that gorgeous. Hmmm . . . I'm spoiled on what Selty's head looks like . . . and hmmm . . . she's indeed very pretty . . . but I think the old man's exaggerating.


By appearance Shinra seems ordinary though in fact he's a skillful underground doctor who works for dangerous people and is even living with a mysterious supernatural being.
He may also appear to be just a normal chatty person, but he's actually very attracted to the non-human being he's living with. Perhaps even obsessed with her. Well, he soooo wants her to quit her quest and just go out somewhere together.
Oh, what's a DRRR!! bishie without some twistedness in him?


I thought they were lovers (they even live in the same house, and Shinra's considered as Selty's lover) but it looks like it's just one-sided so far. Shinra only liked one "woman" for twenty years. Strangely though, he loves her being headless. Or perhaps he's just satisfied with the way she currently is. But hhhmm . . .most likely it's both. He's so abnormal, haha!


Speaking of abnormal, Shinra's father creeps the hell out of me. He knew that the anesthesia doesn't work on the Dullahan after a while, but he still continued his autopsy. Shinra himself finds it odd for a father to tell his 4 year old son to dissect someone. Kid!Shinra is forgivable because he seems to be forced/obliged to do so. But then again, he has a twisted desire for her. I will not be surprised if he actually enjoyed it. Well, in the manga he had even added that he wants to study her body more . . . . creepy fella. I wouldn't be surprised if he's really perverted towards her either.
Father and son had been creepy. They also have this habits with their pens. Mine's the same with Shinra's. Hehe.
Lastly, I love Selty but I felt a little furious that getting rid of her horse had actually crossed her mind. (IT'S BAD TO KILL HORSIES!!! BAD!!!! *horse lover*) Ah well, fortunately she got the motorcycle idea.



Hmmm . . .might not be doing next episode previews anymore . . . . limited time is limited.


edwardy said...

i love reading your views on the durarara episodes. it's always fun to know other peoples opinions on the show, and you're also funny.

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ edwardy
I'm happy to hear that you enjoy them. Thanks~ And I find it a compliment when people think I'm funny xD Yay! Hehe

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