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Monday, January 11, 2010

Axis Powers Hetalia - Episode 50

That one week without Hetalia was torture, but well, I'm happy it has come now. YAY!

Unlike what I expected, there hadn't been extra parts in this episode. It really did focus on the strip with Kiku(Japan) and Alfred (America). I'm not very happy with the scene repeat in the beginning though. That's like cheating! T_T

But putting aside that lil' complain, I'm happy with this episode. Those two had been so adorable~

So, Alfred is introducing Kiku a new way to do fortune telling, and it's called Table Turning. And it just so happened that divination stuff was a trend in Japan in that era. No wonder Kiku is so interested and amazed with what Alfred is going to show him.

But Alfred's a tricky bastard. I love that evil smile by the way. Haha!
He plans to just pretend that the table has moved. In other words, he's going to fool Kiku that his fortune telling device actually works.

So he asks Kiku what he wants to know about. Kiku says he's curious about his neighbor.

They did the ritual and Kiku was so amazed with what happened. (Alfred's trick was too obvious. Kiku just followed him. But ah well, they're both idiots for being obvious in his tricks and for believing easily).
Alfred was so pleased with his victory~

Alfred tells Kiku to ask for another thing. Can be about his worries of his crush. Upong hearing "worries", Kiku honestly says what worries him to Alfred....

Kiku: Well, since you arrived, Alfred, the environment and the people around me had changed so much. Right after I opened up, so many things happened in rapid succession. I feel that knowing the people and the cultures of countries I had only heard the names of before is wonderful... but I'm still a little anxious as to whether or not I'll be able to get along well with all of them from here on out. So won't you please ask whether or not I can get along with everyone in the future?
Alfred: Eh? Huh? You were thinking that? . . . .

Oh Kiku made me so teary *sniff sniff*

They did it again anyway but this time Alfred sounded a little awkward. Also, the "answer" was much quicker in this second time around.
Alfred may have tricked Kiku once again, but this time it's a lie to make his friend feel better. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw~ I think the "answer" Alfred made before was just random (for the sake of having it moved) but this time he intentionally made it a "yes". So sweet~

In the later part, we see Kiku now wearing a Western clothing. He's also hanging out with Alfred and a bunch of . . .Alfredians. Haha!

They wanted to drink and party with Kiku but Kiku declined the offer. They were so loud and I was amused that they were muted when Kiku spoke. Haha! Shows that they're THAT loud that the audience wouldn't be able to hear Kiku if you don't silence them. Haha!

Kiku goes home and goes back to his traditional wear. He's still nostalgic to his old customs~ (He's so like an old man . . .)

But it doesn't mean that he didn't enjoy the Western stuff that has been introduced to him. And his favorite happened to be:

The new trend pets: rabbit and guinea pigs.
Oh~ That scene of Kiku with those little darlings look so cute as well~

Before I end this post, some Alfred spamming because he's my favorite idiot in this episode:

Any Alfred smile is love~

I've noticed that it's Alfred who often has the "XD" expressions. Haha!

This is my favorite~

Alrighty . . . next episode will be in several weeks . . .
. . . . .. . .


Erina said...

Yeah, scene repeats are annoying especially when the episode is only like 4:30 minutes long, plus now we have to wait for the next one for like a month (don't remember). Waah!

America and England have alot of screen time I've noticed, so I actually wasn't too keen of seeing mata ku aitsu, especially when I'm losing my patience of introducing the Nordics. But anyways, Alfred's still pretty darn cute to watch. ;)

Oh dear, but in my book the character who stole this episode was Kiku :) I mean come on, you also have Pochi-kun and two kawaii animals by your side! *melts*

NOTE: England is the most popular character according to the recent survey, and USxUK seems to be the most popular pairing so yeah. And also, pretty big part in the wars and all. XD

Anonymous said...

Aaw this episode was cute xD
But ;___; until February 26th *dies*
Well, at least 3rd season is coming soon after that

Mito said...

Ma ma ma ma~ the guinea pig is just as cute as kiku!!! love this epi!!! XDDDD

whaii said...

Pffft, the "xD" expressions xDD!!

Cute episode is cuuuute, aaaaaand, that last image, I love it wah <3


Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Erina
It can't be helped that the minor characters don't get featured much or aren't featured at all. But let's hope season 3 will show them already xD

I don't care if those two allies get so much screentime. I love them so much xD Haha!

It's mainly a Kiku episode and he's oh so cute. But I'm more into evil!cute than innocent!cute so . . . Alfred!!! *glomps*

Ah, I'm not surprised with that. The majority loves the tsundere xD Haha!

@ whaii
"Pffft, the "xD" expressions xDD!!"
---> It's so fun to imitate Alfred xD Haha!

Erina said...

:) Though I have to say (which I also mentioned in my Hidekaz's fanmail) that I haven't met a series which every character I like! I like Al and Arthur very much actually, but aren't in my top 5. (I know I'm pretty rare species ;) But I like EVERYBODY in Hetalia. There is always some or dozen characters I personally don't like but Hetalia is for me an unique exception. Every character is very lovable, atleast in overall cuteness even though they won't appear much (like Belgium, Egypt etc.).

I also have to say it's actually pretty often this happens that the main characters of different series aren't my favorites or which fans prefer. You could say (theoretically, not literally) that I have hots on the basist or the drummer, not singer or guitarist ;)

Sorry my English today. I'm pretty sick.

Erina said...

And when looking the over 40 characters of Hetalia, it's pretty darn impressive to think everybody is so damn kawaii or awesome.

.. Though I'm jealous of Ukraine's.. uhm... figure (yeah crazy) and... Hungary for having both Austria and Prussia for gosh darn it! Oh yeah and Prussia isn't on my tops either for some reason... ^^'

*hears Prussia in the bushes, ready for the attack AWESOMENESS on poor Eli-chan* :D I know, I love the underlings!!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see MORE Prussia in the episodes!!!! (better if with his brother...And also Gilbird!!!X3)
The next episode is February 26th.... ç____ç
I can't wait until that day!!!! >.<

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Erina
I also love everybody in Hetalia =D They have been so great and cute in their own way =) The only other series that has been like that for me is Akagami no Shirayukihime xD
I guess you already know that my top favorites are England and Prussia xD Hehe. Sometimes I'm also the type who favors the characters that aren't popular to the majority, but hhhmm . . . in hetalia, it so happened that I also loved the popular ones xD Hehe

@ Latest Anonymous
I would also love to see more of Prussia too. I don't remember gilbird appearing in a strip though, but it would be cute if the anime will show it xD Haha.

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