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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Watashi ni xx Shinasai - Akira or Shigure?

I've been catching up on this series . . . it's one of the very few shoujo manga I actually appreciate. And oh boy it's getting more intense~

Oh I love the colored picture (even has a butterfly! Kyaaa!) on chapter 9's cover:

Anywayz, I'm very curious:
Are you an
Akira x Yukina fan
or a Shigure x Yukina fan?

Please answer the poll (I am also curious to know why you picked that choice):
Who do you want for Yukina?
Shigure free polls

[ CHOICE #1: Akira x Yukina ]

Akira and Yukina are cousins. They've been together since they were young and Akira's the only one who hangs out with Yukina, whom many people are so afraid of because of the way she stares.
Akira has been her only company, being not only her relative but also her best friend.
He's the one who has protected her when she was at breaking point. He defended her like a knight in shining armor and gave threats to the one who caused the problem.
He doesn't hide his feelings anymore and confessed his love to her. He doesn't like the way Shigure has treated her, so if Yukina needs a lover for her novel, he would happily play that role, and he'll do it for real. He desperately wants Yukina to the point that he tells her to look at him as a man and that he wants to stay at her home.

[ CHOICE #2: Shigure x Yukina ]

Shigure is the most popular guy in school but his true character is rotten to the core. Yukina knows that side of him, but she got interested in using him as her fake lover for her to write a better romance novel. Shigure doesn't want to of course but with blackmails and threats, they started cooperating. Yukina has been giving him different missions in which he has to follow, all of them deal with romantic actions.
Shigure just plays the love game because he's forced to.But even though she has his weakness, it doesn't stop him from doing cruel things to her (and vice versa).
But later he started to feel bad when he does mean things to her, and even gets worried if something bad happened to her. At times he has been doing romantic acts with her out of his own will, but will later dismiss it as a joke. He doesn't like seeing Yukina becoming romantic with Akira and he doesn't want to lose to him.

[ MY PICK: Shigure x Yukina ]
Akira x Yukina is cute . . . . BUT SHIGURE x YUKINA IS MORE INTRIGUING!

Most fan comments that I see are similar to "Kyaaaaa~ Akira's like a prince."
Errr . . . yeah, but. . . I dunno. The pairing's cute but I find it a little boring.

I prefer something different. Something crazy. Something evil.
YES! Shigure's so cruel to her; but so is she to him.
Their relationship is so twisted. They either torture each other or go lovey dovey. It's fake at first but now it's becoming REAL (or partly real. BUT THAT'S THE FUN IT IT!!!!).
Shigure's showing signs that he has really fallen for her (HIS BLUSHES CAN'T BE FAKE) and I think he's obviously jealous when he sees Akira and Yukina together.
And I think Yukina's choice is obvious especially with this part:


Oh pfft! As if Shigure's gonna start admitting anytime soon. Well, he may claim to dislike Yukina but him saying that he doesn't want to lose to Akira is his way of hiding his true intentions: I can't let Yukina be touched by other men.

Shigure's FINALLY making a move.

Ah well, my opinions are my opinions. I don't really dislike Akira x Yukina. I just find Shigure x Yukina more thrilling~ (And Shigure's such a jerk. Tsundere's overused, but a 100% jerk and he's completely aware of it is not common. That's Shigure. I love bad boys. Haha!) I'm open to other opinions, but I don't like people fighting ^^; *saw something like that on a hetalia post* And my main reason for posting this is because I'm starting to wonder if there are really other Shigure x Yukina fans out there o_O
Or wait . . . . I think some are Shigure x Akira (or vice versa) fans. Bwahahahahha!

~ RAWS scanned by Shirayuure and Nimakka


Anonymous said...

Am i the only one that had thought that Akira was a girl at first introduction ?

Anonymous said...

No,fortunately,you aren't,even I thought Akira was a girl too.

Anonymous said...

Nope! I couldn't tell because of the hair that covers his eyes :O

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Anonymous 1
Guys in shoujo manga often look girly. So I don't think you're alone.

@ Anonymous 2
In shoujo (even other demographics), characters who cover their eyes are usually males. So I didn't wonder about his gender. Hehe.

skyisthelimit said...

No no, I definitely agree with you, Shigure x Yukina all the way! I don't dislike Akira, but as you say, Shigure and Yukina are just more...charged!

Anonymous said...

i thaught so too!
i was like WTF?!
how can a girl confess to a girl in a shojo manga?!?!(its not yuri! i hate yuri ad yaoi!!!)
and then i kinda understood...
anyhow, i like shigure more :P
the relationship between akira and yukina is sick... O_o

Anonymous said...

Idk I just think Akira is so cute!! So maybe I'm just a bishie obssessed fangirl but oh well lol! I don't neccesarily think that Akirax Yukina is cute just Akira in general lol...

Anonymous said...

u kno that she'll always end up with the one she never gets along with in the first place (classic shojo plot).

Anonymous said...

shigure x yukina definantly!!!i wonder what's going to happen to mami though?i feel a little sorry for her,but only a little!!!

Anonymous said...

Ehe, Shigure and Yukina are really cute ^^

And Akira liking his cousin like that...?

Uhm, look for someone else Akira...but I don't judge you! Shigure and Yukina are just too adorable ^^;

Anonymous said...

OMG. I also totally thpught that Akira was a gurl in da begining too, cause of da name and cause of the hair covering his eyes. I luv Akira more than shigure, but i also like yukina x shigure more. ^w^

Anonymous said...

I thought Akira was a girl first as well... I'm irritated by Shigure for not being honest with his feelings. I don't know what's his reasons behind that!! But still I like Shigure x Yukina!! :)

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Latest Anonymous 3
"u kno that she'll always end up with the one she never gets along with in the first place (classic shojo plot)."
=== Haha, that's true xD I can't wait for it to happen xD

@ Latest Anonymous 6
"I also totally thpught that Akira was a gurl in da begining too, cause of da name and cause of the hair covering his eyes."
=== I seldom encounter females that cover their eyes so I am surprised that you've thought of him as such in that sense o_o

@ Latest Anonymous 7
"'m irritated by Shigure for not being honest with his feelings. I don't know what's his reasons behind that!! "
=== same here. Unfortunately he's an idiot. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

I would think that Shigure x Yukina for sure! If it's with Akira no way! LOLZ XD

Anonymous said...

Do cousins in japan get married??

Shigure is odious .. but he`s so dawn hot!!
Man she`s lucky 2 interesting guys fighting over her

Anonymous said...

friends, you can read it on

Anonymous said...

Dawn i like to see shigure and yukina together more =.= cause they are horribly cuteeeeeeeeeeee >.<

PrixxxxxxHnJ said...

It would be better if mami give up and Akira also give up to give those love birds together

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Latest Anonymous 2
I've heard that it's legal for cousins to get married in Japan ^^;

Eve said...

@Sapphire Pyro
It is... but they say that their child is going to have some mental disorder

I agree... :DD It'll be bad for the two of em if they lost someone they love. might as well let them be together.. hahaha...

Shigure X Yukina is an obviously twisted, mixed up, not-so-weird, cute couple. they make me high... XD pfft. hahaha

Killz2Winz said...

Shigure X the best couple.....kyaaaaaaaaaa >.<
i want to see Shigure X Yukina always together....OMG

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