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Friday, January 15, 2010

Akagami no Shirayukihime - Chapter 17 Omake

I totally didn't imagine it possible for these two to become close one day, but this chapter shows up and prove to me that these two can actually have a moment together. Ryuu's so adorable and Obi's, as usual, love. Haha!

Ryuu couldn't get his papers from a tree. Obi sees him and helps him out. He also brings the boy back to the pharmacy.
Obi becomes interested in the flowers that Shirayuki's in charge of. Ryuu gives him a seed of it in return for helping him out.

That night, Obi hangs out in Zen's room. Zen sees the seed and remembers that they were the ones that Shirayuki has been collecting.
The next day, Obi returns the seed to Ryuu, saying that he can't do anything with it since he knows nothing about flowers. He adds that he won't be staying long anyway.
But Ryuu insisted on Obi to grow it, so that when it blooms, he can look at it whenever he wants when he leaves.

Shirayuki arrives later, worrying that Ryuu might be concentrating on something to much that he won't notice that a storm is approaching. She was relieved to see Obi around.
The next morning, Obi starts asking Shirayuki about the seeds. The he asks her to show him once she has collected them.
The chapter ends with Obi looking at the seed which appeared to be the only color missing in Shirayuki's collection.

It was a short chapter so of course the summary's even shorter. Hehe. But I have more thoughts on it:

[ OBI and RYUU ]

I find their first meeting very cute. I don't know how the hell Ryuu's papers ended up up there, but he was like a little kid who couldn't get his cat down from a tree. Hehe. Ryuu is indeed a homebody. He can't do strenous activities like climbing trees. But I find it so nice that he tried. It shows that he's not the type who gives up easily.
Ryuu is a child prodigy doing an adult's job. Many treat him see him as weird or mature, but a little boy is still a little boy. One of the few characters who treat him a normal kid, despite his position, is Obi (ah well, he does the same to his master anyway. Haha!). I believe Obi acknowledges that Ryuu is of a higher position and is even smarter than him, but he's not a bit intimidated. I think Ryuu just found someone whom he can treat as an older brother~

Ah well, what's a moment with Obi without the funny parts? Haha! The part when he asked if he has to carry Ryuu again because of a storm coming made me giggle~ Oh Obi, you enjoy carrying Ryuu that much? Bwahaha!


Obi and his mistress now have a new interest in common: her flowers. A servant, archer, spy, figher, is interested in flowers. It sounded kinda wrong but at the same time it's very cute~
And no, liking flowers doesn't make a guy gay.

[ OBI and ZEN ]

Of all places he chooses to hang out, he picks Zen's room. Haha! What's funnier is that he doesn't act like a servant in his master's room. He's even relaxing on Zen's couch like they're just roommates.
Of course, Zen will complain. But we know he doesn't really mind much. Haha!

Zen suggests for Obi to go to Mitsuhide's room instead. He's like saying to Obi that if Obi wants to bother someone, he should bother Mitsuhide (I think it's what Zen does if he wants to annoy someone! Bwahahaha! Oh we know that Mitsuhide's still Zen's favorite victim~).
But it seems that Obi only goes to Mitsuhide's room if he has business there. But if he just hangs out for no reason, he'd rather go to Zen's room. In other words, he's closer to Zen and Zen is more fun to bother. Bwahahahhaa!
It seems that if Obi is been thinking of things, the first person he shares it with is his master. Oh~ They're so close~ I knew it Obi! You love both your master and mistress so much (it'd be so wrong if he'll hang out at Shirayuki's place after all. So go play with Zen instead~)


Ah~ Zen. You really can't stop being so gorgeous huh?
Especially when you're thinking about your girlfriend~ Obi has even noticed how happy you had been by talking about her~
Of course Zen knows Shirayuki's hobbies. Lovery boy is happy with what his love enjoys doing. Hehe.


Zen, Shirayuki, and Obi image! Yay! I look forward to seeing the bigger version of that! And hopefully the upcoming issue this February will come soon (I don't need to hope about it being good because I know it's gonna be good for this series has yet to disappoint me. Ohohohoo~)

Because of the lack of Mitsuhide and Kiki in this chapter, let's feast our eyes on this:

It's something the author drew to fulfill fan requests. At first glance they look like a couple dancing so lovingly but the expression on their faces say otherwise. Haha! Poor dear Mitsuhide~ Don't worry, you two will be cannon someday. It has to happen! Hahahahha!


Omari's Sister said...

I think the close up of Zen looking smitten as he talks about Shirayuki is one of the few where he actually looks 19. It's a really nice and simple drawing that expresses a lot of emotion and maturity.

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Omari's Sister
He does express such with that face~
Now that you've mentioned it, Zen really doesn't look his age in many scenes xD He's easy to mistaken to be younger than his age (for some reason, gorgeous people can make themselves look as young as possible xD haha)
On the flashback though, he seemed older than his age (13) o_o or maybe I'm just not used to seeing young teens with gigantic eyes in shoujo. Haha!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what colour Obi's eyes are? I've been going through the manga for colour shots and whatnot but I really can't figure it out...

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