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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Durarara!! - Episode 2 (Izaya Centric)

I have a review for the second episode, but I already have A LOT to tell on my favorite character alone. And no, this won't be just fangurlings, this dude is just that interesting.

Let's start with his name: Izaya Orihara.

Mikado has considered Izaya's name as something weird, like his own. What makes it that way is that Izaya's name is not something usual; in fact, it's not something like a name at all (That, or for a name, it's really rare). There are many theories that makes his name strange, but we don't know the real reason.
But her's one idea: The "Iza" in his name is an expression like "Saa", while "Zaya" isn't a word at all. It's like saying "I-saya", but it results in rather strange combinations of kanji. The kanji of his name isn't commonly used at all, and one of the characters (臨)is rarely used in names.

His name may be strange, but if you look at him, he looks normal:

His hair and clothes aren't anything fancy. He's actually not dashingly attractive either and he's pretty skinny. Though I have to say his grins make him seem malicious . . .

And we could say that he had been malicious in a way because of what he has been doing in this episode. It looks like in the internet, Izaya uses the alias "Nakura". On his profile on the internet, he places in his description:

(Funny that he has a cat icon on his name and his messahe ends with an angel icon)
"Everything's such a pain. I just want to disappear without anyone knowing!"
In the anime, it's just in his profile. But in the manga, from what I know he actually has a website for such a topic.
Either way, the point is, he posted a statement online saying that he wants his life to end. Other people who could relate to his feelings would be interested in interacting with them to share problems . . . and they have this feeling that only those who feel the same way would understand.
By this strategy, he has been luring suicidal people to interact with him. And he had been successful, like our victim in the episode.

(Ah, damn, I want to be on that girl's place in that moment. *melts*)

The girl and Izaya had been exchanging e-mails, each saying about their misfortune.
"I too have some things I can't bring myself to tell others about."
I understand the feeling of not being comfortable to tell people I know of how I feel, but don't mind telling it to people I only get to know through the internet. Most probably the reason why it feels better to do that is because those who don't know about you but is in a similar situation you're in can understand you better.
"I'm in a similar situation as well."
Izaya has been like saying to the girl that he's experiencing problems like hers too. He even has his own story:
"I was dating someone, but she got together with my father instead. But the person I really couldn't forgive was my mother. She told me it's nothing special, and also insisted for me not to make a big deal out of it so we wouldn't look bad. She didn't say a word on how she felt about the situation. And I interpreted that as her considering her reputation to be of higher importance than myself. Or perhaps, she was taking my future into consideration. "
The big question though, is whether that was true or not. But I think he just made it all up. Either that, or he got it from his victim in the past.
Back to his "story", the more similar his "problem" will be with the girl's, the better. And it turned out he had used just that. He used an adultery case, with his dad as well. The girl had expressed anger when she hears about Nakura's thoughts about his "mother"'s reaction towards the problem. He got an intense reaction. . . he fully got his target.

He is aware that his victim wants to disappear from the world. And his main interest is actually to see her try that. What else could be a better way to do it other than to invite her to die together?
"Would you like to disappear with me?"
Of course, to make his invitation more encouraging, he adds something:
"If we were to die together, I think they'd pretty much be forced to realize what they should have really treasured."

His words gave her strength to finally do the act already.

But he wants to make events more interesting. So he informed some criminals about how to get her. He watched them as they do their job. Once she was successfully kidnapped, he calls someone to rescue her, then bring her to him.

About how the girl felt on those events, he had predicted it perfectly:

"You were thinking about dying, but you got kidnapped. And you were a little mad at yourself for being frightened. But if you happened to resist, that would mean that you'd be going against your earlier intentions to die, so you were thinking about accepting it as destiny. But now that you've been saved, you're very much relieved."
Those feelings had confirmed something that he had predicted earlier as well:
"And I knew you didn't want to die either."
I believe most suicidal youths don't really want to die, but they feel too angsty about their situation that they thought disappearing would make a good decision.
In this girl's case, feeling fear when she was kidnapped at once shows that she doesn't want to be exposed to danger that would most likely be followed her death. But her "rational" mind takes over, reminding her that it's what she had in mind in the first place. But when she was rescued, she had been relieved. It shows that since she was so happy to be saved, she didn't want to die at all.

In my opinion, in his own way, Izaya wanted to the girl to realize what she truly feels, and that is, she doesn't really want to die. He even says, though mockingly, that people who are in the same situation as hers can live life normally:
"I feel as though everyone else who has had an affair or found out about one kept living their lives as they laughed at lame jokes and ate food that was a seasoning too sweet."
In other words, even if faced in such a situation, everyone else wouldn't think of a bizarre idea like suicide like she did. You could say that he's calling her stupid for doing so.

Though he may seem to find some human acts/feelings as something foolish, he's fond of them:
"I like humans. Humans are so appealing and interesting. I just can't help myself."
He's saying that as if he's not human himself. Haha! How he expressed that had been a little different in the manga though. He had expressed his love for humans like a madman in the manga, which I like better because it was more entertaining, haha! But in any case, the main point is that he finds humans interesting. To be particular:
"What I'm really interested in is the ecology of your worrying, not your actual worries."
He doesn't care about what humans are concerned about, but how they feel and express it. He loves looking at people's faces when going through such thoughts and emotions:
"I just wanted to see your face which holds all of those thoughts and emotions. Basically, I wanted to see your face when you're at a loss for words after you realized that I saw right through you..........I'm glad... I was able to see your unsightly feelings today."
There's certainly malice in him, for what he enjoys looking at are the negative facial expressions: anger, confusion, shock, fear, helplessness, the like. He loves to see them messed-up:
After pretending in letting her go from that height*"Want me to help you up?"
He scares her of killing her then puts her to safety awards. He's like playing around. And it appears he doesn't think that he's mentally/emotionally hurting someone innocent either. He doesn't believe anyone could be totally good, and he likes to point out her negative thoughts:
"There's not a single person on earth who can live an honest life.......Ever thought about why your parents are so good-for-nothing compared to you? "
He knows that he's not a good person, but he doesn't think she's any different either.
"Do you think of yourself as someone special? That's not true, by the way. We're all the same."
Back to the suicide thing, he sees that nothing really different happens when one commits suicide:
"Look. No matter what worries they had, they're all just bloodstains on concrete now. No matter who they were, everyone went back to their divine creator as equals. "
In the manga, he says he's an atheist though. So I think he doesn't really believe on the "people returning to creator" thing, but just stating what the majority belives about the afterlife.

I find it hard to tell if Izaya actually wants to discourage or encourage suicide among others. From what he had done for the girl, he wanted to show her that death isn't the solution to her problem. But at the same time, he had been taunting her. He had exposed how much she had failed in what she wanted to do and had been bragging on how right he had been on many things.
"Would she be able to hurt him by killing herself now?"
Yeah, it was just to prove him wrong. Just to hurt him. So in the end he had really given her the guts to commit suicide already.

In the manga he clearly said that he doesn't like killing himself. But for others, he doesn't care if they want to kill themselves:
"I'm also not kind enough to stop someone who wants to die."
He doesn't murder people, but he's pretty good in manipulating people into doing so.

It's equally hard to tell if Izaya is a good or bad person. But here's what he says about himself:
"Izaya Orihara, the informant, isn't that bad of a guy. "
So he doesn't deny about being a bad person. Haha! Though he doesn't like the idea of himself being considered totally evil either.

But one thing's for sure: He's smart. He was able to figure out what the girl truly felt from their online interactions, and he had been right on what she would do on the things he had set up. (He even knew when she'll be spanking him, LOLz) But because she had been to predictable and easy for him, he didn't find her exciting:
"You were awfully boring because all your actions were according to my plan. "
I guess I have to agree that things are boring if they turn out to be the way you expected it. It's like watching a show. If it doesn't give you surprises or twists on what will happen next, you won't be that impressed.

But there's been someone that gave him entertainment in the episode:

"It's been fun, you excellent deliverer."
I think he already knew that she does things more that what she's told to do. That's why he even called her not to do such anymore. I think the reason why he liked what she did is because the extra things she does are things he didn't expect:
"I wasn't aware you joined the Justice League (I think he more of said that she has become an ally of justice)"
I don't think he was mad or disappointed that she rescued the girl. She just kept on doing things he hadn't exactl predicted. He obviously find her interesting, and have you guys noticed that he keeps on calling her an "excellent deliverer"? He's like flattering her, hoping that he'll become close to her if he pleases her.

Other things that we could notice in Izaya's character from this episode alone I guess is that though he likes humans and finds some individuals very interesting, he has no plans of becoming personally attached to anyone:
"Oh, and just because I like humans, it doesn't mean that I like you personally. That's important to note."
I highly doubt this guy will ever get a girlfriend. Since he's quite a sadist, maybe a masochist will suit him *remembers the Ladd x Lua couple from Baccano* but a masochist would usually be the type who would do what he expects, so maybe that type of person won't be that appealing to him either . . .hhhmm . . .

It also looks like there are more things that Izaya has been hiding since he says:
"You've got a few secrets too, right? "
Damn, I want more Izaya background!

Anyway, now let's look at the fun sides of Izaya's character:

He works as an informant. He sells information. And of course he needs to gather information to sell something. And the information that he sells doesn't seem to be something totally legal. And since he's been doing illegal stuff, he has to be pretty resourceful and observant. No wonder he makes a good observant, spy, paparazzi . . . and you could say he makes an excellent stalker. Haha!

Strenous jobs are done by his contacts . . . we don't know about his strength or other physical abilities (but I remember seeing him with a knife/dagger), but we can notice that he . . has some strange kinetic movements . . . . I mean . . . he likes to move a lot:

He makes hand gestures as much as Kida does.

He moves that much just to decline something. It appears that he plays around with his jacket too.

And that's how he moves from one spot to another. He was like skipping/hopping like a kid.

He doesn't only do childish walks, but even dangerous ones. Dangerous but he does it like a kid. It's fun to pretend doing a circus act, huh?

And to just go up the stairs by the rooftop, he had done THAT MANY poses already.


And I also think he's eco friendly:

Leaving cigarettes like that is bad. It has to be stopped from burning. He's either being nice to the environment or he just likes to step on things. I wish it's the latter. It's funnier. Haha!

And let's look at his computer:

Four things:
1) HIS E-MAIL IS:!!!! Fangurls are sooooo gonna spam/troll him now. Hahahahha!
2) He uses Macintosh!!! I want to change my Operating System! LOLz . . .
3) What are those in his folder?! Especially "hands" and . . . "PENELOPE" . . . bwahahahahahha!!!!
4) He has 54 unread messages!!! Hahahaha! Looks like he's talking with so many people already~
Lastly, I can't stop laughing at this scene:


Izaya has been my favorite character ever since I saw him. I loved him even more when I discovered how twisted he is (and he's even into philosophy/psychology? Sweet~). He even has these childish gestures, and overall he's so awesome and amusing. Not to mention he just had to do hott and sexy poses:

It's his fault that many fans find him so addicting. Hahahahha!

And yes, I'll still be doing a post with my thoughts on the second episode without putting my favorite into focus. He's just too cool that he needs his own post. Haha! I'm not sure if I'll be doing the same for the next episode . . .

But it's possible. Oh he's there again! Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~

~ Ideas on Izaya's name thanks to Elkin
~ I know her name's Rio. I just don't feel her name's worth mentioning to the post abnout the awesome dude because, as Izaya says, she's boring =P
~ I used gg's translations
~ I'm not all-knowing, so I may have assumed or remembered some things wrong.


warpshadow said...

There are few shows that couldn't be better with a nihilistic xellos stand-in character and as we see Durarara isn't one of them.

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ warpshadow
xellos? *doesn't know what it is*

darkly said...

This image from the manga makes me wonder what his secrets are.

Mimiko ♥ said...

Honestly, I almost dislike Izaya and his evilness. He is indeed an interesting character but his manipulation on other people for fun is just.. make me hate him. I just wanna punch him for encouraging to make people suicide, so yeah, I had a really bad first impression of him. Though I admit I do like him in his smart and way of thinking and his badass, but his manipulation is something I just want to punch him for XD

Now, I'll take my leave (*hide from all the Izaya fangirl*)

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ darkly
Maybe he's secretly pedo. LOLz

@ Mimiko ♥
If Izaya is a real person, he's definitely not someone to be liked. That's just cruel.
But since he's fictional, I'm alright with it xD Haha!
I think Izaya's actually a pro-life guy. However, he's twisted, so he enjoys watching people wanting to die as well (but he makes fun of them at the same time). He's such a complicated character . . .
Haha, don't be afraid of me. Even I'm an Izaya fangirl, I won't hate you for a stupid reason. Any opinion on Izaya is alright with me xD Hehe~

DayDreamer95 said...

Now I know I must read/watch this. Izaya acts kinda like me, so he's now a fave character! (*is highly impressionable*) I'm gonna READ this one first, then watch the anime, cuz the manga's almost always better~♥ But I'm still gonna read these updates... :3

Oh yeah, I started reading akagami no Shirayukihime, and it is adorable. The storyline's a wee bit skippy, though. AAaand... homework's for the not so smarties! XD

farmorespel said...

You know who Izaya remindsme of? Claire Statfield, from Baccano. With some Graham sprinkled in for extra sillyness.

Must be why he's my favorite, too. XD

BTW, I really want to take that image, 2nd from the bottom, and add a caption with something along the lines of "Too sexy for my shirt!". Because. Well, DUH.

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ DayDreamer95
Actually, the anime and the manga have been awesome in their own way~ So I recommend both~ Hehe.

Izaya's like you? In what sense? Izaya has so many traits. Haha!

Akagami no Shirayukihime is a very lovely series~ I love it as much as DRRR!! =3

But of course, prioritize homework =P

@ farmorespel
I see Claire in Izaya as well =3 Claire is better in combat I think though. And haha! Izaya and Graham seem to have the same silliness . . . they have the twisted love even. Haha! (And I think they're both fond of someone younger? Graham likes Jacuzzi~)

And LOLz!!! I love that caption idea~

keisuke21 said...

Please explain...

What did Izaya write on the ground? When the girl jumped off the building, he wrote something. What does it mean?

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