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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Durarara!! - Episode 3: Dangerous Trio Centric (Izaya, Shizuo, & Simon)

Once again, my favorite character, Izaya, had a lot of screentime in this episode! And since he's so awesome, I have so many to tell even if I'm not just fangurling. Ohohohohoho~

(wallpaper art by AngelLeila of deviantArt)
What made this episode even more delightful is that it featured two other characters that are as dangerous as he is: Shizuo and Simon. Oh they are so badass~
The three dangerous people among the normal crowd finally interacted in this episode . . . YAY!!!



Thank goodness I did not hear the narrator from episode 2 again! Anyway, this time we get to see Ikebukuro in Simon's perspective:

=== Foreigners

I really love it when anime makes its characters speak the actual foreign languages (it's forgivable if they had too many dialogues though). I don't know Russian, so I can't tell if the Russian is accurate though . . . but Russian isn't something I commonly hear in anime (usually it's English . . .ocassionally German or French), so that was nice.
Simon had been nice enough to help thouse Russian tourists. I find it nice that aside from Kida and Mikado, we see more characters that haven't been that intimidated by Simon.

=== Poor Sushi Seller

I guess face value really matters in attracting customers . . . I don't see Simon having much luck in getting customers for the restaurant because his face and built make him look frightening. It also appears that he has a feeling that people think his sushi will kill them that from his "long time no see! sushi is good!" dialogues have later become "sushi won't kill you! you certainly won't die from eating" lines . . . really . . . poor guy.
But hhhmm . . . from this episode we get to find out that he also does delivery jobs. That's better for him than calling out customers . . .especially with those skills. But I think he'll be much better if he's just inside the kitchen . . . unless he can't cook. Oh really . . . poor guy.

=== The Righteous Super Big Guy

(Mikado and Kida's reactions were LOLz)
It's already hinted in episode 1 that Simon has incredible strength, and we get to witness that in this episode when he managed to stop a punch from who's said to be the strongest character in this series! Well, it's unfair if we only have one incredibly strong character in a show, right? Hehe. It's fun if he meets a match~
It looks like Simon doesn't use his strength to cause chaos, but to stop it rather. I love it when characters are opposite from what they really are. I mean, from Simon's appearance he's like a boss of some bullying gang, but it turns out that he's just a sushi seller who stops fights when he sees one to maintain peace in the community. He's such a nice guy.
Yes, he fought with Shizuo, but he just wants Shizuo to . . .stop throwing vending machines. Hahaha! Izaya's lucky to have a peacemaker like him or else he'll be crushed to death. Wahehehe . . . Anyway, so I think Simon doesn't see Shizuo as an enemy . . . nor was he protecting Izaya.


We only get to hear him from the first episode, and a short part of him in the next one, this time we get to see him go badass as much as he wanted! Yay!

=== Bartender Suit

He doesn't seem to be someone who has a job . . . but he keeps on wearing that bartender suit. Perhaps he worked on one before . . .or still working as one. Either that or he just likes the suit . . or there's a special reason to it. In any case, it looks good on him anyway so I don't care for a bartender . . . it's quite a mystery on how he could have a lot of money . . . he lended money to some guy in the previous episodes, right? And he also has to pay for those machines he's been throwing around. Or maybe he's actually rich . . . anyway, I don't think he lasts long in a job because of his attitude. When he and Izaya last met, he was working at some place but got fired from it now.

=== Violence

He's a very very hot-tempered and violent character . . . and this has been such a perfect description regarding his violence:
"He's almost like violence dressed up as a human. Someone who lives with only violence in their mind. No... he's simply violence itself."
He's THAT violent. His very existence is danger itself. That's so awesome~
(Ironically, I've heard from Scamp that Shizuo's name actually means "quiet man" while his surname, Hei­wajima, means "peace­ful island" . . .such an opposite on how he's been acting in the episode. Hahahaha!)
I love the action in this show~ There are no special moves (unlike Simon who seemed to ahve done some acrobatic stunt, hehe) but he was still so badass for being able to beat up those punks so easily. The part with the first guy he punched was so amusing! The dude was flying and he also got striped in the air! Hahahah! I don't know how the hell that happened and I wonder if Shizuo had stripping powers if he really does, I want him to do that to Izaya please *perverted fan shot*, but still, it had been freakin' hilarious!!!! Bwahahahahaha!!!!!

=== Not Really a Bad Guy

For a guy that's considered officially as the strongest character in Durarara!!, I don't think he's your typical strong bad guy that beats up people because he feels like it or he wants to be recognized as powerful.
It appears that he only fights people who mess with him (Izaya does a perfect job on it~). He also seems to beat up people only if they started it and . . . have intentions to kill him! Ah . . .can't blame him for getting angry for that.
And hhhmm . . . it also looks like he's not the type to kill people. He may have beaten up those punks, but I don't think any of them are dead. Same with the guy he threw in the air in the previous episodes, hehe.
I guess what Kida said about him as really right . . . . as long as you don't piss him off, you'll be alright.


Oh god he's so crazy I love him~

=== Different Jackets

I wish in this episode, Izaya's wearing the jacket that he had on in the manga in this scene. It shows that he has more than one fluffy sexy jacket . . . Haha!

=== "Old Man"

I find it funny that I think he was somehow offended for being called an "old man" even if he's just 23 years old. Wahahahaha!!!!

=== Doesn't Harm Women

He says he doesn't bully girls (except mentally I guess, LOLz) . . . ah well, shows that he's a gentleman somehow? And bullying females is lame after all. Haha!
Come to think of it, he doesn't seem to be the type who hurts women physically. Putting aside the mental tortures he does, he actually treats girls . . .lovingly? Heck, he had even hugged one:

Okay, he drugged her though. Maybe suicidal women are an exception. Hehe

=== Anti-Bullying

Izaya may be an evil manipulator but he's against bullying. He finds it lame, and sees humans weak for it.
He admired Mikado for wanting to help in stopping the bullying. Funny that he's praising Mikado though he's the one who did the job. He didn't even asked thanks for it. I guess Izaya is also pretty humble.
In the manga, he had already met Mikado before this scene. I can see why Izaya had been interested in helping him out from that. But in the anime, they're still strangers. Shows that he's really fond of Mikado at first sight? Hahahaha!

=== Hello Mikado

So Izaya finally meets Mikado in the anime . . . I prefer how they met in the manga though. Well, it had been the same that Mikado had realized that he's talking one of the most dangerous people in the city . . . and Izaya has still thought of his name as an aircon's . . . BUT in the manga, Mikado didn't find him scary or intimidating at all. He felt so relaxed with Izaya that he even introduced himself (Kida had scolded him for it). And as for the aircon thing . . . in the anime he just mentioned it causually, but in the manga it was a bit more comical.
Seriously, I think Izaya has a creepy interest in Mikado. As in like a stalker-level. He looks at Mikado so often while talking to the kids (He didn't bother to know Anri's name). He helped Mikado out even though they're not exactly close friends. And in the last part of the episode, we see Izaya reading Mikado's profile! Here's the text in Izaya's phone thanks to stuopidget from AnimeSuki:
Name: Ryuugamine Mikado
Admitted to Raira School. Test score Rank 32 among all participated examinees.
Date of Birth: March 21st
Weight 2.982kg at birth.
Father: Ryuugamine Tatsuya
Director of Human Resources of a major Printing Press
Mother: Hitomi (Maiden Name Hishita/Hishida)
Registered Residence: Higashi-Matsuyama City, Saitama Prefecture, Minamino (?) City Block 2-6-16
Father Annual Income 4.5 Million Yen.

And in the manga, he even took a stolen shot of Mikado . . . Izaya . . . you have such hobbies??? LOLz . . .
Nah, maybe he just finds Mikado interesting because he knows Kida . . . and there's definitely something more about Kida than he appears to be. So most likely he assumes that there's something special about Mikado as well.
Ah, whatever the reason, Izaya's fondness on Mikado is creepy and funny at the same time. Bwahahahha!

=== Hello Kida

Both the anime and the manga have shown that Kida and Izaya actually know each other. But, the manga had shown that Kida's actually afraid of him:

While the anime didn't show much sign of that. . . . Kida was just . . .hhhmm . . . not as hyper as usual. In other words, so behaved . . . I wish the anime showed that Kida reaction . . . to imply that even without super strength, Izaya's still frightening~

=== Happy Stomping

Back to Izaya, the scene from the trailer that I've been looking forward to very much was finally shown! Izaya happily stomps a pink cellphone! Bwahahahaha! He was more of crazy in the anime but in the manga he seemed more devilish:

It had been like his substitute from hitting women. He says he made it his hobby until he got tired of it. Honestly, I didn't see its connection to bullying . . . .but since he's crazy, it doesn't need to make sense. Hahahahha!
(By the way, I got addicted to his laugh that I made it my message alert tone. Now I will be laughing everytime I receive a message. Hahahaha!)

=== "I'm Scared"

Oh I love it how he makes fun of idiots. Instead of beating up the guy he prefered to show the dude's embarassing side then goes "I'm scared~" and "I surrender~". Hahaha! I think he's the type that bullies bullies in a playful and mocking way~ Hehe. That's so cool~

=== Cute

This is the cutest Izaya look for me in this episode by the way. So glompable~

=== Hyperkinetic

What do you call a person that just keeps on moving a lot? I don't think Izaya has a disorder (and I don't think he has something like ADHD or hyperkinetic disorder either) . . . but he really moves a lot. Even in just walking at the end of the episode . . . he was skipping like a kid while looking at his mobile phone. Haha!

=== Knife Skills

We don't know how Izaya is exactly like in combat . . . but he seems to think that his widdle knife is a match against Shizuo's super strength. Oh boy this is making me wish for them to have an uninterrupted fight soon! I wanna see how cunning Izaya could be in battle. It's like brains VS brawns. He may not have super strength, but he's clever and . . . he's fast (so fast that at time you don't get the see how the hell he managed to slice things . . .and even from quite a distance). He even compared himself to a Japanese youkai, kamaitachi. Only realized its connection to what Izaya did when I've read Shinmaru's post. Waaahh . . . I want a real fight between Izaya and Shizuo now . . .

=== Epic Fall

Bwahahaahahha!!!! I'm so evil, I know. But seeing my favorite being beaten up that way was still so hilarious. Hahahahha!!!
In the manga, Mikado (an Anri)actually ran to him and called out "Orihara-san" though. It's like Mikado has become concerned on Izaya's wellbeing especially after he helped out in rescuing Anri from bullies. Aaawww . . .

Anyway, haha! I don't know how Izaya had managed to stand up after being hit by that thing. But come to think of it, Shizuo's still alive after being hit on the head. Hhhhmmm . . .. maybe Shizuo's just not hit on a vital spot . . . and Izaya was just hit by a trash can and not a vending machine . . .that's why they're still alive.


The most popular DRRR!! duo have finally interacted with each other in the series~ No wonder they're popular . . .they're so crazy! Hahaha!

=== First Name Basis

Usually, in animanga, those that call each other by their first name are either family members or relatives, lovers, or close friends. I guess it's safe to say that Izaya and Shizuo had been CLOSE FRIENDS?! It's "IZAYA-KUN" and "SHIZU-CHAN". Oh gawd, Izaya even calls him like how he would call cute individuals. Of course he's most likely teasing him, and Shizuo hates being called that way . . . but still, IT'S FIRST NAME BASIS!! KYAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!
Okay, I think enemies/rivals may call each other by first name as well . . . for insult maybe . . . . BUT STILL!!! IT'S CUUUUTE!!!! Hahahahaha!!!!!!!!
And you just gotta love how they say each other's names~
Shizuo: Iiiiiiiiizaaaaayaaaaaaaaaa-kuuuuuuuuun...
Izaya: Shizu-chan...

=== The Hate

Shizuo may say that he's not mad about it in this episode, but his hatred for Izaya had definitely triggered when Izaya blamed him for a crime in the past. Damn, I wanna know what exactly happened back then. I want Izaya and Shizuo background now~
As for why Izaya did such a thing . . . . ah well, he's crazy. I don't think I need to think further. LOLz.

=== Fandom

(fanart by zaphylla of deviantArt)
I love this duo but oh my god I think it's becoming more popular to BL/yaoi fangurls. Twisted duos are really so shippable, huh?
But haha, this is shounen. That's so unlikely. I'm no yaoi fangirl, but I'm amused with the BL jokes. This line by istrill about Shizuo throwing the trash can cracked me up so much: "throwing a soda machine is the manry equivalent of giving flowers."
BWAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! So it was love, Shizu-chan? hahahaha!

=== The Seiyuus

Izaya + Shizuo is a popular combo . . . but don't you know that their seiyuus, Kamiya Hiroshi and Daisuke Ono, is a popular combo as well? Heck, they even have a manga: DearGirl -Stories- HIBIKI. Yes, the characters are the seiyuus themselves!!! I'm not yet done reading and downloading the manga, but so far it's been cute and funny! Hahaha!

Oh my god . . . I haven't even talked about the main events in the episode and the other characters yet. Ah well, as usual, they'll be on a separate post xD Yay!

~ Credits to dark_alone of LiveJournal for the MP3 Dialogues! Oh I love them~


ein said...

I loved this episode, too!
With all the differences between manga and anime, I wonder what happened in the novel nao. I like both versions, though manga is a bit more emotional, I think?
Russian was quite accurate by the way, I know since I'm russian myself ^^ The accent was bad, though, but I can't blame them for it~

Mimiko ♥ said...

I liked Kida's reaction from the anime better since it doesn't make much sense in the manga for me. I know a little of Kida's and Izaya's relationship so I liked the anime version better but that's just me since I already know much XD!

But indeed this episode both Izaya and Shizuo stole the show (and I would also like to added Kida too since whenever he appears on the screen, he would shine XD) And I am the only who noticed that Kida also used Izaya's first name ^^'

But watching this episode, Izaya got into as my favourite character list ♥ (and also Shizuo)

Sabaku no Renge said...

Hello there.
Gosh, this episode was really fantastic.
I'm loving so many characters already!
Shizuo... he's amazing. He got my attention ever since that first flying vending machine and in this episode he proved to be such a great character.

Orihara definitely is one of a kind. His crazy laugh while stomping the cell phone was so creepy. He's the awesome kind of crazy. I'd call it the "human" kind of crazy (though of that I'm not very sure), that's the feeling I get. He was so cute, skipping stalker XD

When he got hit by the trash can, I was shocked, something oh-dear-God-that-was-right-on-his-head. And then: "Izaaayaaa-kun". And: "Shizu-chan". Yeah, I HAD to download those (thanks a buch for them!). So, BL fan here, hi. I'm shipping them already. I completely agree on the flowers XD. That's my kind of pairing (USxUK much?).

I hadn't noticed Kida using Orihara's name too... interesting.

It's always fun to read this blog, I just started de-lurking. Thanks!

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ ein
From what I know, the manga is closer to the novel. Not all events in the novel get included in the manga though. But I like all three versions ;D

Ah, so the russian's accurate. Good to hear~

@ Mimiko ♥
Izaya's creepy and Kida's scared in the manga, so it implies that Kida is aware of how dangerous Izaya is. And the more dangerous Izaya appears to be, the more I like it~

Yes, the crazy duo owns the episode but Kida always shines with the hilarious stuff that he does xD hahaha!

"And I am the only who noticed that Kida also used Izaya's first name ^^'"
---> No, I noticed it as well but hhhmm . . . maybe they had been close before?

@ Sabaku no Renge
Haha! When I found out that Shizuo throws vending machines and people, I loved him instantly. haha!

On Izaya, haha! I think his insanity and creepiness is his charm =P Hahahahaha!

Ooooh, you like US and UK too!

Nice to hear that =D I'm happy~ *blushes*

Anonymous said...

Hahaha. this episode is downright entertaining. Izaya and Shizuo steal the spotlight.

Izaya DOES seems dangerous. I bet he is responsible for some death (read: suicides)and i think he treat the city merely as his 'chessboard'. I mean-- he even get in touch with the biker. And i bet, he will be able to do everything he wants.

And well, well, our Kida seems to know all of the dangerous people, ain't he? He talk to Izaya, and jokes with Simon. And he knows Shizuo too. I have feeling that he is more than meets the eye. His lame jokes, and personalities, are odd. They are entertaining, but something doesnt fit about the way he acts, the way he reacts.


Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Anonymous
I believe he really had something to do with the deaths, even though he wasn't the murderer. That sneaky fella . . .

I don't think Kida knows ALL the dangerous people, but yeah, the people that Kida knows sure are something~

And I agree to other things about Kida. There really is somethign more about him~

Anonymous said...

Wait, what anime is this? Looks interesting. :D

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