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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Akagami no Shirayukihime - Chapter 17

The previous chapter cover had a wonderful picture of Zen and this time it's a lovely picture of Shirayuki. Sweet~

One morning (I'm not sure if it's the following day of the previous event), Obi knocks on Shirayuki's window and wakes her up. (Oh Obi, don't you know you had sort of trespassed into a girl's room by doing that? Haha!) Since it's her day off, Obi asks her to accompany him.

She agrees then outside they spot Zen together with Mitsuhide and Kiki. Shirayuki got confused to what's going on, but later Mitsuhide explains to her that it's their day off as well, so they thought of going on a holiday somewhere far away.
As they had arrived to Eurekanna, Shirayuki wears her hood to avoid getting attention. Mitsuhide invites the girls to check out a threatical group. When they got separated from Zen, Mitsuhide tells Shirayuki that they've heard of what happened from Zen. Kiki asks her if it's what she desires and Shirayuki says yes. Mitsuhide happily pats her head, saying that it's what they wished for as well.
Zen and Obi had also a little talk. Obi wonders if something bad happened to Shirayuki because of her hair. Zen replies that he can't blame her for hiding it if that was the case, but he finds her hair beautiful.
Obi asks Zen if he has plans for a date or if he's going to buy anything for Shirayuki. Unfortunately, it hadn't crossed Zen's mind and he has no idea what things Shirayuki would like. (See that?! This is a shoujo couple that just became canon yet they didn't even think of going on a date yet. They're not the mushy type that would badly want to have a mushy moment of them together a.s.a.p. Oh I love them! Also, I'm so amused that Zen's the type who's ignorant of what girls want. Haha! I'll never get tired of those types of bishies~ They're so innocent~)

After lunch, Zen's trio check out the swordsmanship contest, leaving the couple alone. Shirayuki asks if he wants to join them, but he says he's rather be together with her. (Of course he'd rather be with Shirayuki than go out and play. But I think it might also be because he sucks in swordfights. Bwahahahaha!)
Later he asks her about the troubles she had encountered because of her hair. She says that there had been a lot, but she managed to make it thanks to her grandparents (I love her grandparents for taking good care of this girl. She had been strong, I'm so proud of her.). Zen now understands why Shirayuki has become the type who doesn't rely on others; it's because of how she was raised. But she tells him that he relies on him actually, and that made him surprised and happy. (Zen thinks that he can't keep up with Shirayuki. In other words, he thinks she's better than him and relies on her. So he's surprised to hear that Shirayuki needs him that much as well. Oh I love men who find women so superior~)
After that, Mitsuhide and Kiki return to them, but they lost Obi. But later, Kiki spots him participating in a martial arts tournament under the name "Nanaki". Obi uses that alias because he finds it cool.

He wins and shows off his prize money (Obi fiought so awesomely by the way. HE ROCKS!!!!). But he's got another trophy and puts it on Shirayuki's hair. He tells her to show it off to Zen. (He adds that it's also for Zen to see a sample of what girls like. Haha! Obi's such a darling~ And oh amusing that Zen even needed a servant to teach that to him. Haha!)
Zen's trio leaves, and Shirayuki wonders if she should hold the accessory instead. Zen takes a look at it:

Smiling, he tells her that it suits her. Shirayuki then decides to keep on wearing it. Zen is pleased with her decision, and tells her that he'll look at it again. (Oh Zen you just want an excuse to stare or touch her face. Wahahaha!)

"After this, I don't know how much longer this carefree time will last as we proceed on this path. As I go down this path, surely, I will discover happiness in walking together into the future."
Damnit . . . these lines are like foreshadowing that somthing BIG will happen in the future. And wondering what that big thing could be . . .is driving me crazy x_x

Alright, now to my usual fangurlings:

Young Shirayuki is soooo cute! I love it that she's been strong since young. From that look I believe we could tell she had a rough time but tries her best to fight her weakness and to move on from her experience. Oh it would be interesting to see more of her past~ (But hhhmm . . grandparents? Then her parents must've been dead. Poor dear.)

Oh me and my "Mitsuhide x Kiki as Zen's parents" hallucinations. Mitsuhide had patted her like what he does to Zen and he's like saying "I have always wanted you to be my daughter-in-law" LOLz
(By the way, I almost forgot to add this: I'm pretty sure it's Mitsuhide's line. You see, he called Kiki "KIKI-CHAN". Hahahhaha! I really really wish I was right on that. I find it so funny. Haha)

There had been hints of Obi developing romantic feelings for Shirayuki in the previous chapters but as if this awesome shoujo series would end up with a stupid love triangle.
I knew it. Obi loves BOTH Zen and Shirayuki. He totally ships them. He asks Zen on when the hell they're going to have a date already and even teaches him "things-you-could-buy-for-your-girlfriend". See? Obi is even teaching Zen how to make a move! Hahahaha!
And fortunately, Zen hasn't been the type who gets the wrong conclusions or becomes unreasonably jealous when other guys touch Shirayuki. Yes, he gets a little pissed Zen is a possessive pervert after all. LOLz but he doesn't go on a rampage or anything as stupid. As much as I would love to see a jealous Zen, I'm so happy that he trusts Shirayuki and even the guys working for him.
Back to Obi . . . hhhmm . . . I think he does see Shirayuki more than a friend. But I also think he values Zen as much. So from what I see, he has already fallen for Shirayuki, wihtout realizing it, but since he cares for his master just as much (but not in a romantic sense), he prefers them to be happy. He acts like a close friend and a protector of the couple. Oh . . . how I love Obi~

But hehe, of course my numero uno in this series is still Zen. Oh how could he smile like that *melts*

And of course he often smiles that lovingly when he's around Shirayuki. Kyaaaaaaaaaa~ Oh you lover boy *hugs*

THIS ONE IS THE BEST!!!! OMG!!!! *dies*

Oh my OTP. Their moments are simple yet very sweet~ I won't ever get tired of them~

And, haha, of course I like the fun parts! Here are the most hilarious ones to me:

That's the scene of Zen torturing Obi after he found out that Obi called Shirayuki from her window xD Haha!

Obi . . . doesn't like carriages? Haha!

It would've been something romantic . . . looking at Zen saying that line as he watches Shirayuki.
But Obi just had to add: "Don't say those affectionate words to me"
Bwahahahahahha!!! It got me laughing!!!
And oh Zen~ I love your innocence~ Leading guy in a newly canon pairing that didn't even think of dating. He's also ignorant of what girls will like. But haha, don't worry Zen. Shirayuki's already happy jsut being with you. Daaaaaaw~

HIM AND FMA'S ED WILL CERTAINLY GET ALONG!!!! (Not to mention they were both short back then)
Oh Mitsuhide is like a father telling Zen's baby stories. haha!
And I really love it that Obi's the type to make fun of his master! Hahahahah!!!
It's fun to abuse Zen. IT'S SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!
Zen's also being teased for being short (I already knew Mitsuhide's much taller since early chapters, but I haven't realized that Obi's taller as well until now). Oh why are the Zen and Ed similarities increasing. Hahahaha!
I love these three dudes~ I find Kiki awesome for calling them children. Hahahaha!

Hahahahaha! It's always funny when Zen hits Obi~ And no, he didn't hit Obi for touching Shirayuki like that (unlike typical shoujo manga). He hit him for the joke. Hahaha! I love those two~

Okayz, let me end this post with a nice picture of Obi because he is love:

I've heard the next chapter's an omake with Obi and Ryuu. Kyaaa! I'm so excited!


Anonymous said...

whaaa...this really was such a nice chap...!!!^^

whhahaha...seems like Zen has to take some lessons from Obi...XD

hmm...i wonder what exactly happened with Shirayuki in her past...?;)

chya' Rouzmary...^^
anyway, thanx so muxh for chap...!!!=)

Natirein said...

Hi Pyro! This is Natirein!
And OMG you seem like a hard-core Akagami no Shirayukihime fan just like me!
I love your comments!
And I want to talk more about this amazing manga with you!
Hope to heaar from you soon!

P.S. Where did you get that picture of Obi? He looks gorgeous!!!

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Rouzmary
I really love it that it's Obi who's teaching him xD Haha!
And you're welcome~

@ Natirien
Ah, I'll send you an e-mail instead for my response and other things I want to add. Haha!

Rachel said...

Obi is my favorite character although I ship Shirayuki and Zen. He is sooooo funny.
*in the men's bath at the hotel*
Obi: Do you think Kiki and Mitsuhide will ever get married?
Zen: It doesn't matter as long as they're happy. And I plan to ensure that happiness. I plan to ensure your happiness too, Obi.
Obi: Master, from now on when I think of those words, I will picture you naked...

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